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The SWAT Team are characters that only appear in the episode "Big Winner". The group of men were seen when Muscle Man was acting violent because of his lottery ticket, and the SWAT Team had to come in and contain him, but Muscle Man fought them, killing most of the guards during the battle.

SWAT team


They are all dressed in full SWAT getup, with reinforced armor, and they have riot shields. On the shields it says "Lottery $$$, You could be a winner" (their shields look like real lottery tickets).


  • They might have worked for the Lotto Place, as they could also be known as the Lottery SWAT Team.
  • One died when Muscle Man kicked off his head, another one died when he was thrown out of the lottery place, and another one died because he was destroyed with his machine when Muscle Man threw a truck at him; the others were just unconscious.
  • However, in Exit 9B, they appeared in a flashback, but they were not revived by GBF jr.

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