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Ryan and girlfriend Emily Partridge playfully wrestling each other

Ryan Goudry[1] (born April 22,[2] 1984)[3] better known as Ryan Pequin,[1] is a storyboard artist for Regular Show. He is from Powell River, British Columbia.[4] Pequin developed a love for drawing, and eventually decided to make comics of his own.[5][6] He attended and graduated high school at Brooks Secondary School.[4]

From there, he attended the University of Victoria, hoping to earn a degree in Fine Arts. Eventually, he abandoned Fine Arts for English, and decided to go to Capilano University[4] to learn Graphic Design and Illustration.[6] He later graduated from Capilano.[7] Pequin also made journal comics for a couple of years before stopping, thinking he was not good at them.[5] While still attending college, he had hoped to find a design-related job after graduation and to publish a graphic novel.[8]

After college, he would make his own online comic strip, entitled Three Word Phrase; describing the comic, Gerry Mak writes: "Ryan Pequin’s Three Word Phrase web comics are completely absurd, often non-sensical, and completely juvenile like doodles passed around in a high school biology class, which is what makes them hilarious."[9] He has published two volumes worth of Three Word Phrase as books.[10][11] Pequin also worked on the comic rendition of Bravest Warriors.[12] He was hired to work on Regular Show as a storyboard artist.[13]

He resides in Los Angeles, California,[14] and is in a relationship with a fellow artist, named Emily Partridge.[4]

Boarded Episodes

Season 5

Season 6

  1. "Maxin' and Relaxin'" (with Calvin Wong)
  2. "Sad Sax"
  3. "Benson's Suit"
  4. "Lunch Break" (with Minty Lewis)
  5. "Dumped at the Altar" (with Minty Lewis)

Season 7

  1. "The Dome Experiment" (with Toby Jones, Owen Dennis, & Minty Lewis)
  2. "Terror Tales of the Park V" (WerePops)
  3. "The Return of Party Horse" (with Minty Lewis)
  4. "The Eileen Plan" (with Minty Lewis)
  5. "Donut Factory Holiday" (with Nathan Bulmer)
  6. "California King"
  7. "Favorite Shirt"
  8. "Rigby's Graduation Day Special" (with Toby Jones, Owen Dennis, & Minty Lewis)

Season 8

  1. "Lost and Found" (with Minty Lewis)
  2. "Operation: Hear No Evil" (with Minty Lewis)
  3. "Terror Tales of the Park VI" (segment "Alien Roommate, with Minty Lewis)
  4. "Christmas in Space" (with Minty Lewis, Benton Connor, and Sam Spina)
  5. "Kill 'Em with Kindness" (with Minty Lewis)
  6. "A Regular Epic Final Battle" (with Ryan Pequin, Andres Salaff, Benton Connor, Owen Dennis, Madeline Queripel and Sam Spina)