Roxy is a minor character in Regular Show. She made her debut in the Season Eight episode "Fries Night". She is an alien rock that runs a food truck called "Roxy's Famous Fries".


She is a gray space rock with eyes and eyelashes and wears a pink bow on her head. Even though she doesn't have a mouth, she can still talk. Her emotions can be read by looking at her eyes. She can also levitate stuff to hold things and move around.


She is casual, passionate and hard-working. She finds the best ingredients for her fries by going to different planets and mine them directly.



Benson was Roxy's love interest. After Roxy found Benson after a car hit, they went to mine ingredients for french fries together. When they were working, Roxy fell in love with Benson (which is shocking because according to her phone call with her friend Crystal, falling in love with an organic is the ultimate taboo) But she thought Benson rejected her after she accidentally hits Benson's head when she tried to kiss him. Benson was extremely confused but he had to get Roxy back since she ran out of the truck. At last, they managed to share their feelings with each other and Benson explained why he wanted to eat french fries, which is to forget about Pam. They cooked french fries and ate together. The relationship wasn't clearly addressed, but they might end up being friends.




  • Her secret ingredient for her french fries: Butt Salt, which was directly shredded from her rocky bottom surface, made her fries delicious.
  • She moves and uses things "telepathically", well, not technically, but since she doesn't have any hands so when she moves stuff, they "float".
  • She voiced AJ Michalka as Stevonnie and Kate Micucci as Sadie Miller in Steven Universe.
  • Russi Taylor since 1944 death birth voiced Minnie Mouse replace by Kaitlyn Robrock who began voicing the character on Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures after Taylor's passing.


"Fries Night"

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