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Rose Gutsmandottir is Starla's mother, and wife of Herb. She made her debut in "Fancy Restaurant". She makes a non-speaking cameo appearance in "Last Meal".


Rose is similar in appearance to her daughter, Starla. She wears a dark blue or black jacket over a light blue shirt with a long dark, blue skirt and black shoes. Rose also wears a pearl necklace, earrings and a wedding ring.

She also has a prominent overbite; her pointy, white front teeth are very noticeable over her bright red lipstick.


  • Rose apparently enjoys fighting the same way Herb and Muscle Man do.
  • She also enjoys Wing Kingdom, which Herb, Muscle Man, and Starla also like.
  • Unlike the rest of Starla's family, she doesn't have a pig nose.


"Fancy Restaurant"

"Last Meal"

"Dumped at the Altar"

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