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Roger L. Jackson
Roger Labon Jackson
Full name: Roger Labon Jackson
Birth date: July 13, 1956
Birth place: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Voice actor

Roger Labon Jackson[1] (born July 13, 1956)[2] is an American voice actor for Regular Show.[1] He voiced one of the Guardians of Eternal Youth in "Free Cake". Other roles he's played can be seen below.

Early life

Roger Labon Jackson was born on August 29, 1956 in Atlanta, Georgia.[3]


He is known for providing the voice of Mojo Jojo on The Powerpuff Girls, Mr. Narrator in The Book of Pooh, Abraham Lincoln(and his zombie counterpart), along with countless other roles in the Telltale Games series of Sam & Max Games, and Ghostface in the Scary Movie films.[4][1] He has provided voices in numerous video games, examples being Monkey Island and The Sims.[5]

Voice credits

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Season 1

Season 2

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