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Roger Craig Smith (born August 11, 1975)[1] is a voice actor for Regular Show, known for providing the voices of Chris Redfield in Resident Evil, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ezio Auditore in Assassin's Creed and Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins.[2] On Regular Show, he voices mostly minor characters and occasional major characters in some episodes, but his prominent main role is playing Thomas, an intern at the park. A full list of his roles can be viewed below.

Early life

Roger Craig Smith was born in Orange County, California.[1] Growing up, he wanted to be a rock star,[3] before his first ventures into standup comedy.[4] He began attending Chapman University in 2001,[5][6] majoring in film and screenwriting, earning a degree in screenwriting in 2003,[5][6] while still doing standup in his free time.[3] In 2004, Smith's screenplay, Modesto Rules, was a semi-finalist the Nicholl Fellowships in a screenwriting competition. Out of 6,073 screenplays submitted, Smith's was one out of only 132 to make the semi-finals.[7] In his act, he claimed he did voices and characters, which attracted attention from people in the voiceover business. He started hearing less about his standup act and more about his voices and Smith decided: "Well, maybe I need to go bark up that [voice acting] tree."[4]


Gaining an interest in the profession, he attended classes[4] at SoCal to hone his skills.[3] He eventually also attended an animation class to learn more about the art and was discovered by an agency, beginning his voice acting career.[4] Describing his first video game voiceover role, Smith recounts: "My very first video game project was recorded down in Tungsten, California. And it was Castle Shikigami 2, which I'm pretty sure when released went right into the bargain bin. And it was just a god awful voiceover for a video game. That was my very first video game voiceover job. And we were literally just taking a script and that hadn't even been translated properly; it was just directly translated without interpreting what the meaning behind the words was. And everything was just way wrong and disconnected and disjointed."[4]

Voice Credits

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Season ​2

  1. "High Score" - Simon, Mikey
  2. "Rage Against the TV" - Jimmy, Dude 1
  3. "Brain Eraser" - VG
  4. "But I Have a Receipt" - Store Keeper, Dungeon Master, Guy
  5. "Temp Check" - Doug, Flunky #1, Police Officer
  6. "Jinx" - Negative Rigby, Business Man
  7. "Grave Sights" - Video Store Dave, Guy #1
  8. "Really Real Wrestling" - Referee, Detective
  9. "Over the Top" - Announcer, Doctor
  10. "The Night Owl" - Night Owl, Nick, Museum Voice
  11. "A Bunch of Baby Ducks" - Shelter Guy, Man 1, Man 2
  12. "More Smarter" - Mailman, Food Truck Driver
  13. "Go Viral" - Tony, Victim

Season 3

  1. "Bet to Be Blonde" - Blonde 1, Blonde 3
  2. "Cool Bikes" - Clive, Prosecutor, Show Computer
  3. "House Rules" - Mystery Guy, Punchies, Kevin
  4. "Cruisin'" - Chad, Tuck
  5. "Weekend at Benson's" - Chuck, Beatnik
  6. "Fortune Cookie" - Dante, Operator, Bus Driver
  7. "Eggscellent" - Commercial, Paramedic, Doctor
  8. "Video Game Wizards" - Video Game Commercial, Maximum Glove Kid, Jimmy
  9. "Yes Dude Yes" - John, Robot
  10. "Busted Cart" - Warranty Guy
  11. "Access Denied" - Lafayette, Tagger
  12. "Fancy Restaurant" - Maitre D', Waiter 1, Fancy Thug 1

Season 4

  1. "Exit 9B" - Thomas, The Urge, Mystery Guy, Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr.
  2. "Starter Pack" - Thomas, Keith
  3. "Terror Tales of the Park II" - Thomas, Uncle Steve
  4. "150 Piece Kit" - Thomas, Oggy Oggstrom, Bored Music Fan
  5. "Guy's Night" - Thomas, Pizza Guy, Guy 4
  6. "The Christmas Special" - Thomas, Egg Nog Ranger, Computer Minion
  7. "TGI Tuesday" - Jesse, Jahni Rmp'R'R
  8. "The Longest Weekend" - Thomas, French Actor, Announcer
  9. "Sandwich of Death" - Announcer, Bamboo Guy #1, Bamboo Guy #3
  10. "Ace Balthazar Lives" - Knight Ace, Ricky Grant, John Moore
  11. "Limousine Lunchtime" - TV Host, Ref, Jeep Driver
  12. "Carter and Briggs" - Thomas, Briggs, Fan 1
  13. "Cool Cubed" - Thomas (abbreviated as "Goat Thomas" in the credits), Clerk
  14. "Trailer Trashed" - Thomas, Francois, Ches
  15. "Family BBQ" - Frank, John, Darrell, Doctor
  16. "World's Best Boss" - Thomas, Kiosk Attendant, Customer Steve
  17. "Sleep Fighter" - Thomas, TV Announcer
  18. "Party Re-Pete" - Thomas, Vince
  19. "Steak Me Amadeus" - Thomas, Amadeus Martinez, Murelli

Season 5

  1. "Laundry Woes" - Protestor, Freshman, Student Guy
  2. "Every Meat Burritos" - Low Five Ghost, Jimmy, Main Fighter
  3. "Wall Buddy" - Thomas, TV Announcer, Boy (named "Bobby" in the credits)
  4. "Survival Skills" - Thomas, Possum
  5. "Terror Tales of the Park III" - Thomas, Simon, News Reporter, Brother Willis
  6. "Tants" - Thomas, Henchman #1, Tantsco President
  7. "Power Tower" - Dom Denunzio, 70's Guy #2
  8. "The Thanksgiving Special" - Thomas, Frank Smith, TV Announcer, Billy, Guy 1, Guy 2
  9. "The Heart of a Stuntman" - Timmy, Baby, Children
  10. "New Year's Kiss" - Thomas, Customer, M.C.
  11. "Dodge This" - Thomas, Blond Dude
  12. "The Postcard" - Thomas, Low Five Ghost, Wes
  13. "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit" - Thomas, Carlock #1, Carlock #2
  14. "Saving Time" - Thomas, Garbage Guy
  15. "Guitar of Rock" - Bruce Rock, Rocker, Newscaster
  16. "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys" - Thomas, Guy
  17. "Bad Portrait" - Mr Sengley, Clerk, Hedgehog
  18. "I Like You Hi" - Thomas, Announcer, Kid Krunchy Z
  19. "Expert or Liar" - Thomas, Cody, Announcer
  20. "Catching the Wave" - Thomas, Duke, Hurl
  21. "Gold Watch" - Thomas
  22. "Paint Job" - Briggs, Announcer 2, Pilot
  23. "Take the Cake" - Thomas, Street Man, Salesman
  24. "Thomas Fights Back" - Thomas, Jeff
  25. "Bachelor Party! Zingo!!" - Wing Kingdom Guy, Guy 3
  26. "Tent Trouble" - Thomas, Salesman

Season 6

  1. "Maxin' and Relaxin'" - Uncle Steve
  2. "New Bro on Campus" - Low Five Ghost, Student #1, Guy 1
  3. "Terror Tales of the Park IV" - Thomas, Hole, Kid 1, Calvin, Wyatt
  4. "Lift With Your Back" - Murray, Rorshach
  5. "Eileen Flat Screen" - Emcee, Anchor, Ghost Lawyer
  6. "The Real Thomas" - Thomas, Loud Speaker, PU (Computer Voice)
  7. "Sad Sax" - Telegram Guy, The Party's Over Guy 1
  8. "Park Managers Lunch" - Park Manager 1, Goon
  9. "Married and Broke" - Body Bag Guy 1, Commercial C, Tony
  10. "I See Turtles" - Security Guy, Infomercial, Frank
  11. "Format Wars II" - Internet, Universal Remote, Clerk
  12. "Happy Birthday Song Contest" - Cubicle Man, Kid Judge, Axelrod
  13. "1000th Chopper Flight Party" - Frank Smith, Darrell, News Guy
  14. "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special" - Briggs, Baby Duck 3, Announcer
  15. "Lunch Break" - Delivery Guy, Announcer, Rep 1

Season 7

  1. "The Parkie Awards" - Mr. Sengley, John Silverman
  2. "Local News Legend" - Frank Smith, Camera Man, Cheezers Guy
  3. "The Dome Experiment" - Dr. Dome, Scientist 2, Fake Rigby
  4. "Struck by Lightning" - Low Five Ghost
  5. "Terror Tales of the Park V" - Salad King, Prosecutor, Demo Guy
  6. "Sleep Cycle" - MacCreedy, TV V.O., Koko
  7. "Just Friends" - Briggs, Announcer, Aggressive Rapper
  8. "Benson's Pig" - Low Five Ghost, Bad Cop
  9. "Crazy Fake Plan" - VO Guy, Biker 3, Ace
  10. "Win That Prize" - Briggs, Simon Lamprey, Paramedic
  11. "Donut Factory Holiday" - Billy, Clerk, Nerd
  12. "Gymblonski" - Francis Jablonski, Cheezers Guy
  13. "Guys Night 2" - Thomas, Glass Guy 2
  14. "California King" - Gary, Lion
  15. "Cube Bros" - Randy, Andy, Gil

Season 8

  1. "One Space Day at a Time" - Justin Brink, Newscaster 4
  2. "Cool Bro Bots" - Bro Bot Leader, Bro Bot 3
  3. "The Dream Warrior" - Alfie, Funkie Wunky, Mud Pigeon 1
  4. "Operation: Hear No Evil" - Brick Lefever, Angelo, Kid 2
  5. "Terror Tales of the Park VI" - Briggs
  6. "Christmas in Space" - Rocker, Snow Munchkins, Snow Monsters
  7. "A Regular Epic Final Battle" - Briggs

Personal life

He resides in Orange, California with his two dogs and cat.[5] Smith is also dating a woman.[8]

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