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Roger is a car mechanic that appears in "Limousine Lunchtime". He helps Mordecai and Rigby get a new limousine after they ruin Mr. Maellard's old one with marinara sauce.


Mordecai and Rigby meet him when they want to get the meatball sub sauce out of Mr. Maellard's limousine. He tells them that to get to a brand new limousine, they have to go to the Demolition Derby. He then says that if they were the only ones left standing, they win a brand new limousine that's the same model as Mr. Maellard's. He kept forgetting to tell Mordecai and Rigby important things, like how the control panel in the glovebox operated and that they would eventually need to defeat a dinosaur called Limosaurus. In episode "Limousine Lunchtime" you can see he is friendly to Mordecai and Rigby but in his second appearance Benson's Carhe doesn't show that he is a friend. First he doesn't want to fix Benson's car,and then he kinda helps Jack to kill them.


He is balding on top and has light brown hair on the sides of his head. He wears his blue mechanic uniform.

Episode Appearances

Season Four

Season Five


"Limousine Lunchtime"

"Benson's Car"