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Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is the article about a game played in Regular Show. Click here to see the article for the real life game.

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a real game played in Regular Show by Mordecai and Rigby. Pops claims that back in Lolliland that they played it, but by the name of "Quartz, Parchment, Shears". Benson says it's an evil game. In the pilot / "First Day", Mordecai and Rigby played a bunch of times and caused a green monster to appear.

In "Rage Against the TV", Mordecai and Rigby played it to see who has to ask Muscle Man for his TV. Mordecai loses, having rock and Rigby having paper. Rigby's streak continued in "Brain Eraser" where he throws paper against Mordecai's rock and has to deliver Pops' "Moustaches Monthly" that they found in the couch, then he wins again in "This Is My Jam", where Rigby got to wear the gloves for throwing scissors against Mordecai's paper beating him.

Rigby's seemingly endless winning streak stops at the episode "A Bunch of Baby Ducks", when Mordecai won twice, once so Rigby would start the hose, a second time so Rigby would sit at the back of the Mother Duck.

In the episode "House Rules", Benson says that it's against the rules to play it. It made an appearance in "Fortune Cookie", where, because of Rigby's good luck, he wins against Muscle Man and Mordecai.


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