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Robot Rap Battle is the thirteenth Regular Show short. It aired on December 26, 2016.


Mordecai and Rigby participate in the 10th Annual Robot Rap Battle.


The short starts with Mordecai and Rigby confronting Flobot 2000 (and his Hypebot, Randy) in the 10th Annual Robot Rap Battle. The Earthlings start the competition with a rap against Flobot, but the audience disapproves, with one robot playing "Cricket.Mp3" in response. Flobot 2000 retorts by rapping in binary, hyping up the robot crowd. Mordecai and Rigby attempt another rap, this time noting how they're flesh and blood while Flobot is just a robot. The audience still doesn't approve of the same robot repeating "Cricket.Mp3". Flobot counters by just saying "1", again to the audience's adoration and the park employee's hatred. Rigby says he figured it out, noting how Flobot was only saying "1" and "0", and so the two try once again to impress the spectators with their random binary combination and ended up saying [01110000 01101001 01100111] meaning pig in the ASCII binary translation system. In response, Flobot 2000 asks them "What did you call my Mama?" - obviously offended by what his opponents said. The short ends with Mordecai and Rigby have seen running away from a newfound mechanical mob.




  • The "random" ones and zeroes Mordecai and Rigby said means "pig" if you refer to the ASCII code
    • This is probably what they called Flobot 2000's mother.