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"Rigby in the Sky with Burrito" is the eighteenth episode in Season 5 (and one hundredth-thirty fourth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on February 24, 2014.


Before his high school reunion, Rigby hopes to accomplish something in the giant list of many things he said he would do.


The episode opens with Mordecai and Rigby pretending to be ninjas (or Samurais according to Rigby when the game ends) in the living room while using mail envelopes as shurikens and swords. The game ends when Rigby pretends to commit seppuku, he checks the piece of mail he used to 'disembowel' himself with and realizes it is an invitation to a high school reunion in two days. They both get excited and reminisce over their high school days over an old year book. As they reminisce, Rigby finds his senior page and during a flashback, a teenage Rigby brags to his classmates how he's going to more cool stuff after high school. After the flashback ended, Rigby realizes he has never done what he had told his peers he would do once he dropped out and they went to college (such as get a slam-dunk in the Olympics). Mordecai suggested to Rigby he shouldn't go to the reunion, but Rigby said he have to go because if he doesn't show up then all the students would realize Rigby lied over the years and they will make fun of him of just being a groundskeeper.

Unable to commit any of the actions he listed due to time constraints, he realizes the only thing that is possible is to eat a burrito while skydiving. Mordecai and Rigby go to a sky diving academy that was owned by a sky diving instructor, Jumpin' Jim for Rigby to train. During training preparation, the instructor demonstrates Rigby in the tandem straps on the fan. Selfishly, Rigby attempts to eat the burrito he brought despite the instructor's order not to do that in the middle of the practice, but accidentally drops it in the fan and its filling splatters on them both, leading to Rigby and Mordecai promptly kicked out and told to never return by Jumpin' Jim. Frustrated and moping on the couch with Muscle Man, they both try to think of what they can do when Muscle Man says he can bring them to a friend of his the next day after having relations with Starla (which prompts them to try and tune him out), Johnny Skydiver, who owns a plane and a favor to him. The next day, they meet Johnny who says he is flying a banner over the reunion anyways. However, he first must fix his plane which is in dire condition. 20 minutes before the reunion, Johnny says the plane is fixed and gives Rigby a crash course in the basics of Skydiving. Looking at the still decrepit state of the plane, Mordecai tries to talk him out of it but Rigby said that he has to, and admits it was Mordecai who was the cool one in high school. Mordecai tries to tell him that no one will know if Rigby lies but Rigby then climbs aboard and claims that he'll know and that is why he must do this.

Up in the air, Rigby is given last second tips about the jump by Johnny who has abandoned the cockpit. Quickly after realizing this, the plane begins to pitch which forces Johnny to quickly correct and jerks the plane in such a way that Rigby is tossed out. Rigby finds he is falling right on top of the place of the reunion and completes his photo with the burrito. However, as he opens the main chute, several beer cans come flying out which impedes the chute, forcing it to get bungled. Rigby then cuts the chute loose and deploys the back up, which though deploys, has a rip. Thinking quickly, Rigby takes the flour tortilla of the Burrito and aims it to cover the hole of the chute. This works and decelerates him but comes a tad too late as he is already feet away from the glass ceiling which he crashes through.

Mordecai and Muscle Man look over Rigby just as he comes to and Mordecai explains that they are at the reunion. However, after looking around, they see they are surrounded by the elderly which look remarkably like Pops. Who then appears from the crowd to explain that this reunion was his and that the mail was given to them by mistake. The episode ends with Rigby exclaiming that he at least has time to try for a slam-dunk in the Olympics.




  • Mordecai is said to have played the saxophone in a jazz band.
    • He seemingly also played dodgeball, and took part in an art club.
  • The name of the high school Mordecai and Rigby attended was West Anderson High.
  • Rigby dropped out of high school during his senior year.

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Pop Culture References[]

  • The title is a pun on the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".