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"Rigby Goes to the Prom" is the twenty seventh episode of Season 7 of Regular Show (and two hundred and eighth episode overall) It first aired on May 5, 2016.


Rigby must borrow his dad's car and return it unnoticed so he can drive Eileen to his school prom.


The episode starts with a group of teenage girls excitedly talking about who they are going to the upcoming prom. one of them turns to Rigby and asks him if he has asked his girlfriend to prom yet. Rigby replies with a confident yes. Aiden sitting near by asks Rigby if he has got a limo for the ride to prom Right replies by saying that he is just going to take the bus, thinking it is a joke all the people at the table explode in laughter and Aiden says that was really funny to Rigby. Rigby chuckles nervously now frighteningly aware that he needs a car for prom. First he asks Eileen to the dance and she agrees especially since she never went herself, no one asked her.

He then goes and asks everyone he knows who has a car he first tries Skips who says no then goes on to Benson who says no to Muscle Man and Mordecai who all give the same response. He then goes to ask his younger brother Don if he can borrow his car to which he says yes but then says he would but Rigby crashed it last week. Frustrated and worried Don says there's one last place he hasn't tried. Rigby quickly rejects the idea but realizing he has to he goes to his father's house. There you see his father Sherm in a stained t-shirt and underpants cleaning a picture of himself cleaning his beloved car. He immediately assumes Rigby is here to ask for something but Barbera denied this. His father then goes on listing Don's accomplishment's and asking why can't he be more like him. Even though Rigby tells him is is graduating high school Sherm still calls him a screw up and tells him he can't borrow his car to which Rigby says that Sherm cares about his car than him. Sherm has had enough and sends him to his room. Rigby goes up stairs to his room which is now a walk in closet and mopes his mother Barbra comes up to comfort him and gives him the keys to his dad's car saying that he car borrow it as long as he doesn't tell him that she helped him. Rigby thanks his mom.

Next we see Rigby at Eileen's house he rings the door bell and she answers. She has her hair in an up-do bun and has a poofy sea foam green dress on. Rigby, wearing a black tux and black bow tie, is shocked by how beautiful she is and smiles at her and he gives her a corsage which he puts on her wrist she exclaims saying that it her favorite flower. When they get to the prom they show off their best dance moves drawing a large crowd. After they stop dancing one of the jocks tells Rigby that them and their dates are going to look out point and asks him if he would like to go as well. Seeing that he is wavering Eileen says that it will be fun and they leave. Back at home, Sherm was trying to fix his tv, and he talked to himself that why could Rigby be like Don the big tv upstairs. Barbera doesn't like his ranting, but Sherm thinks she is killing him with physchobabble. When Sherm was in the garage, he noticed his car was gone and echoes Rigby's name. As they drive up there Rigby is visibly tense and Eileen takes note and asks him why. Rigby admits his dad didn't lend him the car his mom gave him the keys. He says it's his dad and how he takes more value in Don and his car then he does him and Eileen says that she understands and her mother can be the same way but that his happiness is probably more important to him than his car. Meanwhile at the high school Sherm is on a rampage asking anyone who will listen where Rigby and his car are, but they didn't (due to everyone seeing Sherm in his underwear in public) even Principal Dean (who they both say that they can't stand Rigby) which made Sherm more angrier. One student, Milton, when confronted by an angry Sherm tells him that he went to look out point. Sherm tells him to take him there to reclaim his car.

At look out point Rigby and Eileen lay on the hood of the car and one of the jocks says do you ever look up at the stars and think about how each one is like infinite possibilities to which Elieen responds all the time while the other jocks hassle him for being deep but then Sherm, along with Milton, finally arrives and angrily yells at them to get in the car. Once in the car he tells Eileen to cover her ears and he yells at Rigby about how he is all ways been a screw up and messed up the life of everyone he ever knew and then he found Eileen so he could could mess up her life too, which makes Rigby very mad. Since he hasn't focused on the road Sherm has veered off the road and Rigby tries to take the wheel but his dad doesn't let him and blames him for the whole mess. Having enough, Rigby told Sherm that even if he did get his GED and get a big fancy job he still wouldn't treat him with respect because all he cares about is his car and Don and also points out it was Sherm's fault because he wasn't watching the road. And he told Sherm to give him the wheel, but Sherm still refuses to let him because it his car and he'll crash it.

Then having it in the great struggle for the wheel Eileen holds his dad back so that Rigby can take the wheel she told him she is doing this for Sherm's own good which made Sherm panicked more. After he has the wheel Rigby does a pretty good job off keeping then alive and crashes them onto the ground after the crash happens Sherm checks to make sure everyone is okay and they get out of the car. Sherm congratulates Rigby on his driving and apologizes for always treating him like a screw up and promises to try harder and tells him that he can borrow the car when ever he wants. Rigby then asks Eileen if she had a good time and she replies it was the best and only prom she had ever been to and she jumps into his arms sharing a loving hug. Then Rigby's dad is impressed at what he did and says he is allowed to borrow the car whenever, then the car collapses behind them.


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  • This is Mordecai's third minor role after "The Lunch Club" and "Hello China". He only appears in one scene.
    • He only has a single line in this episode.
    • This is also the only episode where Mordecai doesn’t refer to Rigby as "Dude."
  • This episode reveals the name of Rigby's mother to be "Barbara".
  • It is revealed that Rigby's old room is now a walk-in-closet.
  • This is the fourth episode of the High School arc.

Episode Connections[]

  • This episode takes place one week after the events of "Gymblonski" because Don told Rigby, "You totalled my car last week."