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This page is the image gallery for Rigby.


Season One

"The Power"

"Just Set Up the Chairs"

"Caffeinated Concert Tickets"

"Death Punchies"

"Free Cake"

"Meat Your Maker"

"Grilled Cheese Deluxe"

"The Unicorns Have Got to Go"

"Prank Callers"


"Rigby's Body"

"Mordecai and the Rigbys"

Season Two

"Ello Gov'nor"

"It's Time"

"Appreciation Day"



"My Mom"

"High Score"

"Rage Against the TV"

"Party Pete"

"Brain Eraser"

"Benson Be Gone"

"But I Have a Receipt"

"This Is My Jam"

"Temp Check"


"See You There"

"Do Me a Solid"

"Over the Top"

"The Night Owl"

"First Day"

"Go Viral"


"Karaoke Video"

Season Three

"Stick Hockey"

"Bet to Be Blonde"

"Skips Strikes"

"Terror Tales of the Park"

"Camping Can Be Cool"

"Slam Dunk"

"Cool Bikes"

"House Rules"

"Rap It Up"


"Under the Hood"

"Weekend at Benson's"

"Fortune Cookie"

"Think Positive"

"Skips vs. Technology"

"Butt Dial"


"Gut Model"

"Video Game Wizards"