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Rigby's Parents (Barbera and Sherm) are minor characters that appear in the episode "The Thanksgiving Special"; Barbera also makes an appearance in "Rigby in the Sky With Burrito" and Sherm makes an appearance in "Lunch Break". They apparently live far enough away from the park to warrant taking a plane to visit their son. This is debatable, since they seem to live close enough to Mordecai and Rigby's high school, West Anderson High School, which is close to the park


Not much is known about Rigby's parents, but in the first appearance in "The Thanksgiving Special", they seemed proud of Rigby, despite his laziness and lack of accomplishments, as they were very happy to see him.

This would change in in later appearances, as Rigby's father, Sherm, and sometimes his mom Babera, are shown to be more disappointed and frustrated with Rigby, usually comparing him to his younger brother, Don. Don is the exact opposite of Rigby: he is an accomplished accountant and martial artist, drives a Corvette, has his own home, and he is taller and more friendlier than Rigby, making him more liked by his family, and seemingly everyone else. However, Rigby, unlike Don, has had more experiences involving more dangerous situations, in which he survived.

Barbara is shown to be more caring towards Rigby, as she sometimes defends him when Sherm yells at or criticizes Rigby, and she does not criticize him as much as her husband. Sherm is very strict and meaner towards Rigby, usually expressing how disappointed he is to him.

During a flashback to in "Rigby in the Sky With Burrito", Rigby, in high school, is seen getting sent to the principals office, and his mother had to come and pick him up. She was upset and says to him "You're always making so much trouble for yourself. Now Don never gets in any trouble when he's at school."

In "Lunch Break", Sherm's personality has greatly changed since his first appearance. A flashback in this episode shows 12 year old Mordecai and Rigby buying 5 boxes of cereal in order to get an RGB2 toy. But Sherm catches them, and he does not allow the two to open another box until they finish the last. This results in Mordecai and Rigby eating 4 whole boxes of cereal, which causes them to pass out and end up in the hospital, due to how unhealthy it was.

In "Just Friends", Sherm calls Rigby, who was about to go out with Mordecai, Margaret, and Eileen, and yells at him for forgetting about Don's Tai Kwon Do Ceremony. Rigby asks if that was tonight, to which Sherm says to not to pull the "was that tonight" excuse since HE was the one who taught him that. He yells at Rigby that if He has to be there, than he (Rigby) has to be there, too. Eileen tells Rigby to tell his dad she says hi. Rigby does this, and Sherm kindly says hi to her, along with the rest of Rigby's family. Rigby and Eileen are later seen at the ceremony cheering on Don with the rest of Rigby's family. At one point Sherm shouts "Now there's a son I can be proud of!"

In "Regular Show: The Movie", High School Rigby returns home and finds that he has received a letter from College University, Rigby and Mordecai's dream school, and a college that will accept literally anyone. He assumes he got in as soon as he sees the envelope, but to his dismay he didn't get in, despite that the college accepts everyone. Rigby's parents have blank stares throughout this whole scene, showing that they knew he wouldn't get in. Rigby's dad even says this to him, and tells Rigby that they found a community college in Mexico that will accept him. Rigby says he's supposed to go to college with Mordecai, to which his mother frustratedly replies that its the only college that will accept him. Rigby says then he won't go to college, and runs up to his room crying. As he does this, Sherm yells at Rigby that's he's going to college, to which Rigby screams "If I can't go to college with Mordecai than I won't go to college at all!", and he slams his bedroom door closed.

In "Rigby Goes to the Prom", Rigby needs a car to take Eileen to prom, and he is turned down by everyone he asks. Don tells Rigby he could ask their Dad for his prized car, to which Rigby refuses, but the two end up going to dinner at their parent's place in order for Rigby to ask. Barbara is happy to have her sons over for dinner, unlike Sherm, who assumes Rigby is only there because he needs something. During dinner, Rigby tries to talk about how he's about to graduate high school, and he finally asks Sherm for his car. Sherm screams at him, saying that he can't borrow his car. Rigby yells at him saying that he cares more about the car than he cares about him. Sherm sends Rigby to his room, and after he leaves he tells Don to go on about his week. Barbra sighs, and she goes up to Rigby's room (which is now a walk in closet) to consult him, even bringing tissues with her. She gives him the keys to her husband's car, telling him to not scratch it or tell Sherm that she was involved. Later that night, while Rigby and Eileen are at prom, and have left with some of Rigby's school friends to go to Look Out Point, Sherm and Barbra are in bed. Sherm is trying to fix a tiny TV and has he does this he yells at it saying why it can't be like the big TV downstairs. Barbra tells him that she believes he's implying something else (the small TV represents Rigby and the big TV represents Don), but he ignores her. Sherm then discovers that Rigby took his car. Enraged, he goes to the high school, in a tank top and his underwear, and angrily asking everyone where Rigby is. He learns where they are, and when he arrives he tells Rigby and Eileen to get in the car. As he drives, he tells Rigby that he's nothing but a screwup, and that he messes up everyone's lives, and that he'll eventually find a way to ruin Eileen's life. Sherm is not paying attention to the road as he does this, and he has veered off the road, and the car is about to fall off the cliff. Rigby tries to take the wheel, but Sherm refuses. Rigby says that even if he does end up successful he’ll always care more about the car than he cares about him. Sherm lets Rigby take the wheel, and he saves them, but the car is damaged by crashing when it falls and rocks falling on it. Sherm tells Rigby he's proud of him, and that he's allowed to drive the car. Right after he says this, however the car is totaled after a huge boulder crushes it.

In "Rigby's Graduation Day Special", Rigby's parents and brother attend his high school graduation. Sherm complains about how he had to put on a suit for this, but Barbra shushes him. They all cheer for Rigby when he gives his speech, and his dad expresses that he's proud of him. As they all head to the party with everyone else, they see the park go up into space and they all appear to be very worried for Rigby.

In the finale, after the Park returns after being in space for 3 years, Rigby's parents and brother cut through the crowd and hug Rigby. Sherm looks proud of Rigby, as he points to Rigby and says something to the crowd, while Rigby looks flattered.


Rigby's parents are both racoons, but they, along with their younger son Don, are much taller than their son. Like their son, they have brown fur on their bodies, with darker brown lines on it, grey fur on their under-snouts and the front of their bodies, and black circles around their eyes.

Barbera wears a white waistcoat over a purple top, with khaki pants and white shoes. She has shoulder length brown hair. In "Regular Show The Movie", she wore a pink t-shirt and grey sweatpants.

Sherm had a strong resemblance to Ned Flanders from The Simpsons in The Thanksgiving Special, due to his voice and outfit. He wore a brown cardigan over a cream shirt with dark brown pants and glasses. He has short brown hair and a thick, bushy mustache. In Lunch Break,and all of his appearances after this, Sherm's appearance has changed. He now has a fat belly, but slightly muscular, and he wears a white tank top, white underwear and socks with blue stripes. He also stopped wearing glasses and his hair became slightly longer and shaggier. His voice is also different due to having a new voice actor.

Episode Appearances


  • In his debut, Sherm is shown to be much nicer, but in his next appearance and onwards, he is short tempered and stricter, especially towards Rigby.
  • Everyone in Rigby's family are tall except for Rigby himself, included his and Eileen's, who are also short, children. This could be because the parents had a recessive short gene that only showed up in Rigby, or that Rigby has a height problem.
  • In "Limousine Lunchtime", Rigby tried to get rid of a meatball sub stain, using what he claimed was his mom's 'special cleaning formula'. The mixture didn't work, causing Mordecai to bring up that that may just be why their house was never clean. (Could be a hint on Rigby's mom having some similar traits/flaws as her first son.)
  • Rigby's mother's name is revealed in "Rigby Goes to the Prom" to be "Barbera".
  • Rigby's father's name is revealed in "Lunch Break" to be "Sherm".
  • In Lunch Break it shows that Sherm is kind of strict with Rigby like forcing him (and Mordecai) to eat 4 boxes of cereal since the rule is not to open a new box of cereal if the other one not done.
  • In The Lunch Club it shows that Rigby and Sherm have a slight trouble relationship due to the fact that he favors Don than Rigby until in Rigby's Graduation Day Special , Sherm was very proud of Rigby and his speech after he inspired him, Barbera and Don.
  • As of "Rigby Goes to the Prom", thanks to Rigby's survival experiences on involving any dangerous situations he was in, Sherm finally acknowledges Rigby when he saved his father and Eileen from falling to a cliff, even it means had no choice to sacrifice one of their precious items to be wrecked, such as Sherm's car. It reveals Sherm owns a 1964 Luxury Sedan and watches a tiny TV in the night.
  • In Just Friends, they seem to like Eileen after she and Rigby started dating.


"The Thanksgiving Special"

"Rigby in the Sky With Burrito"

"Lunch Break"

"Rigby Goes to the Prom"

"Rigby's Graduation Day Special"