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"Rigby's Graduation Day Special" is the half-hour season finale and thirty-sixth episode in Season Seven (and two hundred and seventeenth overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on June 30, 2016.


Rigby writes a speech for his high school graduation.


The episode begins with High Five Ghost blowing a dandelion and all the park employees being then shown as one of the seeds flies. Benson goes out to look for Pam to ask her out on a date. As the scientists pack up and Mordecai and Rigby are seen playing a video game on the roof in which Rigby loses and the dandelion seed flies into his mouth. The two are discussing about Rigby's graduation party, until Rigby gets a phone call from Principal Dean and leaves Mordecai with a clear expression of sadness

At West Anderson High, Rigby is at Dean's office and is asked if he knows the TV show "Inspire America", to which Rigby responds "You mean that cheesy show where someone gives an inspirational story where everyone cries and dances at the end?" Dean tells him that is the one and informs him that the director of the show has chosen him because not many high school dropouts come back to complete high school and he did. Rigby complains that graduation is tomorrow and Dean jokingly scares him into moving by saying he will eat his diploma if he messes up, leaving Rigby worried.

Then we see Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, and Eileen sitting in Eileen's house. All of them are watching Inspire America, in which the episode is about a woman has been baking cookies for lawyers for 37 years, which makes the director cry and dance at the end, just like Rigby said. Margaret replies by saying "That was so inspirational" and also does a small dance. Rigby becomes terrified and Eileen cheers him up by saying that it will be cool for him to do his speech live but bummed since she's also graduating college too. Rigby then shows his friends what he has so far in his speech. He turns off the lights and makes an entrance with a microphone and skating with a skateboard and saying "Teachers, students, other staff, put your hands together for RIGBONE!!! Which makes him fall off and saying Are you ready to be inspired America and asking his friends to what they think of it . Margaret and Eileen say that it needs a bit of more work while Mordecai says it's not good. Rigby then throws a smoke bomb in the room which makes everyone cough.

Back at the park, all of the park members are working on Rigby's afterparty, Mordecai apologizes for being late while Muscle Man asks where he has been all day and bringing the trampoline. Skips then says that it's not like we're going to bring his favorite belongings, Pops is about to enter the room bringing Rigby's hat from Eggscellent but backs out because of what Skips said. Muscle Man then asks Mordecai his favorite drink is since he is Rigby's best friend. Mordecai then says it's Coffini and Skips tells him to go buy some but Mordecai says it's seasonal and has to go drive all the way to the Coffini Outlet and if all of this is necessary from graduating from high school. High Five Ghost and Muscle Man explain to him that it's important to Rigby and he is Mordecai's best friend. Mordecai takes the keys from Skips and in a sarcastic voice saying that he'll be gone in a really long time. Muscle Man then asks what's his problem.

Then Benson is in the mall looking for Pam and sees a lot of women in lab coats, which makes him confusing. He looks up and sees an advertisement that says "Labcon Female Labcoat Enthusiast Convention Now In Session!!".

Then Mordecai is driving to the outlet when he gets a phone call from Rigby saying that he has been writing speeches all day long but they're not good enough and is running out of time, then notices that all of his belonging are gone in his room; needs Mordecai's help. Rigby asks Mordecai what he should do and Mordecai responds by saying "I don't know, you're so smart now, why don't you listen to a sad song and figure it out?". Rigby notices something is bothering Mordecai but Mordecai hangs up anyway. He then puts on a sad song and watches videos of Inspirational Speeches from students and trying to write one but fails every time.

Then, Benson is shown to be sad and eating wings at Wing Kingdom since he believes Pam is gone. Mordecai then is driving, until the tire breaks down and decides to walk to the Coffini Outlet for two miles and when he gets there, he gets mad and has to wait in the morning when they open 5:00am; he grabs a newspaper and decides to sleep there beside the store.

Rigby then goes to a museum where there are statues of the greatest inspirational people but it may help him as he is believes that he is one of them.

Benson drives back to the park, about to enter the house until he turns around and sees Pam. She gives him a clipboard and asks him out on a date. Benson says yes but can't since he's going to Rigby's graduation instead they will hang out at the afterparty.

Everyone is at the graduation and Principal Dean tells Rigby to come out for his speech. Rigby arrives in a banana suit and unexpectedly knocks down people including Eileen screaming in pain. Rigby messes up and everyone boos him while Dean eats his diploma and realizes that it was just a dream. Rigby notices that Mordecai still isn't back and decides to call him. Mordecai gets the van fixed and tells Rigby he has stuff to do but Rigby tells him that he already said that. Mordecai tells Rigby to do his own help and Rigby becomes shocked of what Mordecai said. Mordecai and Rigby then have an argument and hangs up. Mordecai then throws the cans of Coffini out of the van.

Everyone is ready for the graduation. Everyone is at the graduation including: Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, Benson, High Five Ghost, Don, Rigby's parents, Margaret and Starla. Margaret then talks to Eileen on a tablet that the graduation is about to start. The college that Eileen is graduating from is just across from the high school. The crew of Inspire America has gone live and is ready. Rigby arrives at the graduation and makes his entrance by jumping out of Margaret's dad helicopter. He then gets on the podium and becomes stagefrighted that he runs offstage while Principal Dean talks about something. Mordecai then hears that Rigby is struggling and feels bad for him so he decides to go help him. Mordecai gives him a Coffini and tells him why he was mad and Rigby notice it, too. Mordecai always like it that he was doing better than Rigby and that he was unfair to Rigby. Mordecai says to Rigby that he has finally did it for graduating high school and Rigby then has an idea for his speech. He says that he's not good at a lot things, and went back to high school to impress his girlfriend Eileen. He did it by playing video games and chilling;and when he thought he was going to get his diploma, he thought life was going to be hard. He finally surprises everyone saying "Once you do the hard stuff, it becomes not that hard". He did it for himself. Eileen goes running off to somewhere and everyone cheerfully dances at the end.

Then the park crew members' dome pacers go off with a message saying that they need to go back to the park immediately. They begin to wonder why and Mordecai calls to Rigby but instead he pulls his arm while Principal Dean is giving him his diploma.

They all rush back to the park and see nothing while Benson gets a message saying that to end the experiment, they all need to push the button. Everyone from the high school graduation is walking towards the park, they push the button and immediately try to escape but become trapped in. Everyone begins wondering why and the park gets lifted up flying toward the air. Everyone looks up including: Mr. Maellard, Dr. Langer, Mordecai's parents, CJ, Doug, Mr. Ross and Thomas. The park is now in space and everyone becomes shocked at what just happened. Just then, Eileen, who has been in the park house the whole time during the launch, comes out holding a banana souffle and becomes yet shocked to where she is right now, the souffle even deflating, much to everyone's surprise. The episodes ends with the park in space and Eileen asking "what's going on" as a dandelion seed flying off into space, as it's revealed that the episode takes place at the immediate start of One Space Day at a Time, much to the viewers' surprise.


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  • The episode takes place at the start of the episode "One Space Day at a Time."
  • Rigby's High School graduation took place on the same day as Eileen's College graduation.
  • It is also the only episode of the series to be split in three parts meaning that it was followed by the next two episodes.
  • This marks the first season finale to be a half hour special.
  • This marks Thomas and CJ's final appearances in the series.
  • This episode confirms that the show is set in California, since the flag of California is seen on the stage at the graduation ceremony.
  • As of this episode, CJ works as a tour guide. It's unknown if that's really her job or it's just volunteer work.
  • Both West Anderson High School and the City College are next to each other.
  • Frank Smith is revealed to like Rigby now since his apparent dislike of him at the end of "Family BBQ."

Episode Connections[]

  • As of this episode, the main characters (in addition to Eileen) and the park have been sent to space until the next episode. Or in this case, the next season.
  • This episode ends the story arc of Rigby going back to High School.
  • Rigby mentions going to a cave, referencing him passing geology class TV: The Eileen Plan
    • He also mentions flying to china to pass a foreign language language class TV: Hello China
    • He also mentions the events of beating Jablonski at food run (TV: Gymbolski).
  • This marks Doug Shablowski and Mr. Ross' returns since their debuts (TV: Temp Check) and Movie: Regular Show: The Movie).
  • The Eggscellent Hat from is with Pops, due to a misunderstanding to look for Rigby's favorite belongings to have at his celebration party (TV: Eggscellent).

Pop Culture References[]

  • Two real-life songs play in the episode being "Here Comes A Regular" by The Replacements and "Pomp and Circumstance" by Edward Elgar.
    • "Pomp and Circumstance" is music for graduation ceremonies.
    • The song "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" by The Smiths was originally planned to be used in this episode, but was replaced by "Here Comes A Regular" due to the cost of licensing the track. [1]
  • The episode's opening scene is inspired to the intro of Forrest Gump, with a similar piano piece playing in the background and the camera following the dandelion seed (Instead of the feather at the original).
  • When Benson says "I had a date" after the dome flies into inspace, it may be a reference to the the ending scene of the movie Captain America: The First Avenger, when Steve Rogers wakes up and says the same line.

Production Notes[]

  • This is the last episode to be storyboarded by Toby Jones, who left at the end of the season. [2]
  • This is the last episode to be helped written by Michele Cavin, who first helped write in Season 3's "Fancy Restaurant."
  • CJ makes a cameo as sees the park blasting off into space. She appears to be a bit shocked, but according to Matt Price she was originally supposed to react by rolling her eyes, as if to say "Whatever, I'm glad that guy is in space."


  • When the guys return to the park after Rigby's graduation ceremony, Rigby gets out of Skips' van not wearing his graduation robe but in the next scene, he's wearing it again.
    • Also when they place their hands on the button, everyone's standing clockwise in this order: Rigby - Mordecai - Skips - Pops - Muscle Man - Hi-Five Ghost - Benson, but when we pan around the Park bros staring at the button, the order is Rigby - Benson - Mordecai - Skips - Muscle Man - Hi-Five Ghost - Pops.
  • In this episode, Benson has a beeper, oddly, in "The Button," Benson mentions that he's the only character to not have a beeper.
    • The beepers are also bigger than they originally were.
  • In the episode More Smarter Mordecai appears to have a diploma when walking up to the burger van but in this episode, he was angry at Rigby for finishing high school and getting his diploma before him.
  • During The Park's takeoff to space as the crowd of people were seeing them go to space there were two of Rigby's family.
  • Eileen should have felt the violent rumbling when she was in the kitchen, but oddly, she did not notice anything happen until she was out of the house.