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"Rigby's Body" is the eleventh episode in season one of Regular Show. It first aired on November 15, 2010.


Rigby's body leaves him, becoming a bodiless consciousness, after he becomes addicted to the park snacks.


Mordecai and Rigby are working at the snack bar. Mordecai says "This sucks." Rigby thinks the job is cool, but Mordecai thinks it's lame, and they begin to fight and call each other turds. Soon after, Pops comes and tells them to stop arguing and they can all be turds. He also told them that the food is all free for whoever works there (because he has worked there before). Mordecai and Rigby start eating all of the food, but by the end of the day, they start feeling sick. Mordecai decides that he needs to eat something healthy like a salad but Rigby continues to eat much to Mordecai's disgust. Back at the house, Mordecai eats a salad and feels better in no time, but Rigby continues to eat gorge on junk food. Mordecai warns him that if he keeps on eating the way he does, his body will quit on him. Rigby ignores him and stuffs his stomach with a doughnut. A split second later, Rigby is on the floor moaning in pain, he tries to eat a donut next to him but then his hands take control and pull his face while his legs take control and make him run and crash through the kitchen, then Rigby starts to scream and his eyes turn white and the dark circles are removed from his eyes, then Rigby's body takes control and took Rigby out leaving him as a slimy green consciousness with his eyes, Rigby realizes that it is a disembodied consciousness and he asks his body to let him back in but his body pushes him away and runs, Rigby tries to reach him but falls into a trash can and decides to rest in it.

The next morning, Mordecai finds Rigby's consciousness in the bucket; Rigby is still trying to convince Mordecai that he was right the whole time, and that eating more junk food really did help. Mordecai goes to Skips for help, which Skips agrees to help (as usual), but says if they don't find Rigby's body and rejoin it before sunset, Rigby will be a bodiless consciousness forever. Skips tells Rigby to stay put. After Mordecai and Skips leave, though, Rigby attaches a roller skate to his trash bucket, as a substitute for a body.

Skips and Mordecai find Rigby's body not too far away, eating a salad on the grass. Just when they are ready to ambush it, though, Rigby's consciousness sneaks up behind them and suddenly blurts out, causing to scare his body away. Mordecai gets angry, because he had told Rigby to stay put. After Skips and Mordecai left to continue to look for the body, Rigby decided he wanted some snacks. At the snack bar, like in the beginning of the episode, Muscle Man says "This sucks." When Rigby gets to the snack bar, he sees Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost working, and demands snacks from them. Upon seeing the consciousness, Muscle Man exclaims that this creature looks like a bucket of diarrhea. The two think the creature has stolen Rigby's voice, and now wants their voices too. When Mordecai later asks an armed Muscle Man (holding a baseball bat) and Hi Five Ghost (brandishing brass knuckles) if they seen Rigby, they say that they have seen a magic garbage can. Hearing this, Mordecai tells the two that was Rigby, which shocks them. Just at that moment, Mordecai sees Rigby being thrown into a garbage truck.

In the garbage truck, Rigby meets another consciousness, using the form of a basketball. He tells Rigby that his body gave up on him for working out too hard and failed to retrieve it in time getting stuck with a basketball for a body. When Rigby tells the former bodybuilder that his body is still good, he intends to take it and runs off. Rigby tries to chase him, but trips, falls, and starts to cry. Just then, Mordecai finds Rigby. Rigby tells Mordecai that he was sorry for acting like a loser, with Mordecai being right. Mordecai agrees to help him, and assures him that even if they fail they always have the roller bucket. Mordecai contacts Skips via walkie talkie to let him know he found Rigby's consciousness. Skips says that is good, but to come back quick, because that they have a problem.

We see the former bodybuilder from before trying to lift weights in Rigby's body, proceeding to slap Rigby's body for being weak. Upon seeing him, Rigby demanded that he give him back his body, but the guy told him "finders keepers". "We tried it the nice way, now we do it, the Skips way," Skips told the bodybuilder, and the three begin to chase him. They eventually get on the golf cart with Pops; Rigby jumps on the former bodybuilder and start to fight him, but then they both fall over the cliff. Rigby's consciousness and the former bodybuilder both fight over the raccoon's body. Eventually, Rigby gets thrown onto Skips' face, and Rigby's body is hit with the golf cart. This causes the bodybuilder's consciousness to get ejected and attach itself to a slide on a nearby playground, where a fat little boy proceeds to slide over him. "Aw man, my mouth was open!" the former bodybuilder whines. Rigby is happy to have his body back, but Mordecai asks him if he still wants it (because it got hit by the cart and has a visible tire track over his back). Skips tells Rigby that it is almost sunset, and Rigby returns to his tattered body. He regains control of his body. Then when Mordecai asks him how he feels, Rigby starts screaming, as a result of his body accidentally being run over by the cart.

Rigby (now in a cast and a wheelchair from his body's injury) admits to Mordecai about being right about the snack bar being lame and decides to not eat free snacks for a bit. Mordecai tells him that the snacks weren't free (it turns out only Pops gets free snacks since he's basically the park's heir) and that they have to work for at least six months to pay off their debt (even though Rigby should be in the hospital due to injury), and Rigby groans "Turds!"


Rig's body




  • This is the first time Hi Five Ghost speaks alone, after briefly speaking alongside Muscle Man in "Just Set Up the Chairs".

Pop Culture References[]

  • Mordecai eats a hot dog in a Twinkie with cheese spray, which is a reference to the "Twinkie Wiener Sandwich" from the 1989 film UHF.
  • Rigby's slime body strongly resembles that of Bloo from another Cartoon Network show "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends".

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 1.933 million views worldwide.


  • There are soda cans when Pops arrives to see Mordecai and Rigby fight. Presently, they are shown at the start of the episode when Mordecai talks about picking jobs.
  • Also, in the first shot, there is a microwave on the left of Rigby and no soda machine, along with the sign "NO REFILLS".
  • Towards the end of the eating montage, a damaged fridge is shown on the left.
  • The donut Rigby eats disappears whilst he is stretching his face.
  • When Rigby is out of his body, a rug is shows, despite it not appearing in the kitchen in any other scene.
  • The contents of the salad Rigby ate change constantly.
  • In this episode, Muscle Man's voice is significantly different than in previous (and future) episodes. Here, he speaks with a slight southern accent.

Alternate Versions[]


  • Any use of the word "turd" is changed to "plank".
  • Since 2014, the Bodybuilder saying "I told him he was full of it!" was cut.