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RigJuice is a juice that contained random items that Rigby found lying around the house. It appears in the episode "More Smarter". Rigby created it so he can be remembered, but in the episode, he ordered Brain Max juice so he can prove to Mordecai that he is worthy of a high school diploma. At the end of "More Smarter", the RigJuice saved Mordecai and Rigby from being too smart.


Effects of Consumption

Due to the bizarre ingredients involved, RigJuice is most likely to cause harm to the person who consumes it. Also, arsenic is allegedly believed to be concentrated in RigJuice which would likely cause arsenic poisoning if ingested.

Yet miraculously, Rigby and later Mordecai consumed the RigJuice without developing any negative effects, other than dumbing them down.


RigJuice is lime green and yellow. RigJuice is held inside a pitcher. RigJuice appears to be toxic, because it contains arsenic.

Also, despite the arsenic, RigJuice is highly concentrated in acidity.

Known ingredients

  • 1 can of RadiCola
  • Frozen Fruit Punch Concentrate
  • A Bottle of Hot Sauce (plus the bottle)
  • Sugar Frosted Sugar Bombs
  • Candy and Candy Wrappers
  • An apple
  • Sardines
  • Pickles, and pickle juice
  • An orange


  • When Mordecai and Rigby look at the contents of RigJuice under the influence of BrainMax, it is shown that RigJuice contains arsenic, which is toxic and potentially lethal when ingested.
  • Rigby adds solid matter in the drink (pickles, cereal, wrapped candy, apple, orange, sardines and even an entire bottle of hot sauce), yet they appear to dissolve into the drink instantaneously, possibly because of high acidity.
  • RigJuice was originally going to be called RigBrew according to the More Smarter storyboard, which you can find here.
  • It is likely that Rigby can drink it because he's a raccoon, and raccoons can eat and drink almost everything they see in sight.
  • Yet, it seems likely that Rigby is immune to toxins, knowing the fact that RigJuice has high concentration of arsenic levels.