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The web version's title screen.

Ride 'Em Rigby is the ninth Regular Show game released on the Cartoon Network website. The game is also available for iOS. This game is based on Muscle Mentor.


In the game, the player controls Rigby, who is riding on Muscle Man during his rampage through the park. The player's job is to make Rigby avoid obstacles. Clicking the mouse (tapping the right side of the screen on iOS) will make Rigby jump. To avoid tall obstacles, double-clicking (double-tapping the right side of the screen on iOS) will make Rigby double-jump. Going through tubes will require holding the space bar (tapping the left side of the screen on iOS), which will make Rigby slide to the side. The player can collect cans throughout the level to earn points. There are also special power-up cans that can help the player when collected (see the Power Ups section). Crashing into obstacles will decrease Rigby's energy. The game goes on until Rigby loses all his energy.

In the iOS version, a "Challenge Mode" was added in addition to the endless mode. This mode involves completing separate levels (called "miles" in the game) instead of running endlessly. Otherwise, the gameplay is mostly the same. There are 20 levels in the challenge mode.  At the end of a level, the player is awarded with a rank of 1-3 stars and will earn extra points depending on how they did in the level.

Power Ups

  • Green Can: Replenishes Rigby's energy.
  • Yellow Can: Summons the Baby Ducks, which will carry Rigby to the sky, helping him avoid obstacles.
  • Black Can: Summons The Power, which destroys obstacles.
  • Blue Can: Makes Rigby bounce high in the air a number of times.
  • White Can (iOS version only): Summons Starla, who destroys all obstacles in front of Rigby.
  • Purple Can (iOS version only): Summons the Unicorns who destroy all obstacles in front of Rigby with their go-kart.
  • Brown Can (Challenge Mode, iOS version only): Summons one of The Guardians, who destroys obstacles in the way.


  • Stay Cool: Score 40,000 points without losing health
  • Keyboard Solo: Activate The Power of Keyboard
  • Quack Attack: Fly with the Baby Ducks twice
  • Three Jumps High: Jump over three black tubes
  • Never Quit: Score 60,000 points without missing a can
  • Can-Do Attitude: Mystery badge (300,000 without missing a can)




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