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Richard Buckner is the main antagonist of The Thanksgiving Special. He is described as "the richest man in the world".   


Aside from being a rich businessman, Richard had a main purpose in life: to have Thanksgiving all by himself.

In The Thanksgiving Special, Richard wanted to win the prized turducken from the Thanksgiving Song Contest, so he entered the contest with a song he paid a lot of musicians to sing (although most of them weren't even musicians): Chewing On Freedom. Just as he was about to win the turducken, to his dismay, Mordecai and Rigby came in with their own Thanksgiving song: What Are You Thankful For? (Thanksgiving!). Richard was so disappointed that their song was better than his own, so he decided to steal the turducken from them since Farmer Jimmy wouldn't let him buy it.

When Mordecai and Rigby caught up to him, he revealed that he didn't want to win the turducken so he could eat  it, but so he could obtain the Golden Wishbone from inside it, due to the fact that it actually grants wishes. He said that he hired thousands of people to help him with his business, but no-one ever thanked him in return because they spent time with their families. So he planned to use the Golden Wishbone to have Thanksgiving to himself, and receive the thanks he always wanted.

Mordecai & Rigby wouldn't let him get away with it, so there was a quarrel between the three (with help from their friends). Finally. Mordecai and Rigby are kicked out of the blimp by Richard, who didn't know they had swapped the Wishbone with the spoons Rigby used for their performance. Richard realized he had been tricked, and he was killed when his blimp was destroyed after it crashed into a bridge.


  • He is thought to be a parody of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.
  • The words "rich" and "buck" are in his name, Richard Buckner.