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Rich Fulcher (born November 18, 1968)[1] is a comedian, writer, improviser and a voice actor on Regular Show.[2] He is well known for his role as Bob Fossil on The Mighty Boosh.[3] He provided the voice of the Answering Machine in "Butt Dial" and "I Like You Hi."

Early life

Rich Fulcher was born on November 18, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois.[1] His father was in the Air Force which resulted in him and his family moving around a lot.[3][4] Fulcher's original intention was to be a layer, so he attended law school.[4] However, he quickly started to dislike it but nonetheless graduated.[4]


After college he decided to become a comedian and enroll at Second City and became a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade.[4][5] He portrays Bob Fossil on The Mighty Boosh.[1] He has also released a book, entitled Tiny Acts of Rebellion.[6]

Voice credits

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Season 3

Season 5

Personal life

He divides his time in Los Angeles, California and London, England.[2]

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