Regular Show Wiki

This page lists the guidelines and rules that are enforced on the Regular Show Wiki. All users are expected to follow these policies, regardless of what privileges they may hold.

Site Purpose

  • This is an encyclopedia for the Cartoon Network television show, Regular Show. Every article on this site must be related to the show.

General User Behavior

  • All users are expected to be respectful of one another. This means that in chat, on articles, in edit summaries, in forums, in comments, and on talk pages, you, the user, are expected to treat every user with respect, regardless of your personal feeling towards them. Hate speech (one that attacks a person and/or group based on their race, religious beliefs, sex, disability, sexuality or gender identity) is also not tolerated, and if one persists such behavior after warnings, will result in a block from the wiki and/or ban from the chatroom.
  • Comments, forum posts, and talk posts are expected to be appropriate. No inflammatory, irrelevant, or insulting posts are allowed. 
  • Insulting or harassing other users is never permitted. This includes general statements about groups of people. Insulting or harassing others will lead to swift and severe blocks. This includes the chat.

If You Are Blocked or Banned

  • If you have been banned or blocked here, you may appeal it using your own or an admin's message wall. If you are unable to do so, you may contact any admin using their wall on Community Central Wiki.
  • If you are blocked or banned here, it is NOT appropriate to follow any admin to another wiki to complain. This will result in an extension of the block or ban here, and likely a block on the wiki in question.
  • If you are blocked on another wiki, it is NOT appropriate to follow an admin here to complain.

Your Message Wall

  • Do not remove, or otherwise try to obscure, any thing that others post on your message wall. Exceptions to this are vandalism or any message that violates the policies. In this case, you may either remove the message yourself or ask an admin to remove it for you.



  • Vandalism is not tolerated. This includes adding gibberish, nonsense, false information and blanking pages or sections. Vandals' edit(s) will be swiftly undone and will be blocked.


  • Do not add new categories to the Wiki. Please, get an admin's permission for this.
  • Only add relevant categories to each article.

Fluff Edits

  • A fluff edit is any edit that has no effect on the appearance of a page. This includes changing minor code, or adding or removing whitespace (blank lines). Fluff edits are not tolerated, and may eventually lead to blocks.

Speculation and Trivia

  • Trivia in general is allowed. However, please present the trivia in a neat and organized fashion. The following is used for different types of notable trivia:
    • Production Notes: Behind the scenes information about the story.
    • Worldbuilding: In-universe information revealed in said story. This can be about anything, from characters, locations, entertainment, etc.
    • Continuity: If the story in question references a previous one, or is referenced by a later one, it should be placed under this section.
    • Pop Culture References: References to pop culture.
    • Adaptions: If a story has been adapted into another form of media, place that information here.
    • Goofs: Any animation errors found within an episode are to be placed here.
      • For expanded media, please use the Errors subheading instead.
    • Deleted Scenes: Any information on initially planned scenes which did not make it into the final story should be placed here. Please back this up with a source.
    • Alternate Versions: Information on censorship within stories should be placed here, and given an addition subheading for the countries which are affected.
    • Official Releases: Information on where an episode was released either digitally or physically should be placed here.
  • Do not use speculation in articles. If you add a claim that is questionable (e.g. unsourced claim of a pop culture reference) it may will be deleted. Please provide a citation to the information to confirm the claim.
  • Counting trivia is only allowed to indicate that something happens for the first time. It is unnecessary to include data for any other time a certain thing happens.

Character Sections

  • "Main character" and "Antagonist" must be sorted in their respective sections within a story's infobox template. Do not add this information to the page's characters section.

Gallery Sections

  • Please do not add any gallery sections, as there will already be a link to the gallery in the page's infobox.
    • An exception is made for minor characters with a small number of appearances throughout the show. In this instance, a gallery page is not necessary and may be added at the end of the page.

Image and Video Policies

  • Images and videos must be related to Regular Show. No fan art is permitted, with the exception of on the forums.
    • This means that uploading images and videos for your user page is not permitted. You can still hotlink images from whitelisted sites (such as another wiki, photobucket, or imageshack) by using the image's direct URL. (If you have questions about this, ask Utter solitude and she will walk you through it)
  • Any images that are not related to the show will be swiftly deleted.
  • All images must be put into galleries. If a character appears within an image, then it must be uploaded to their respective gallery too.
  • Images must be licensed, and no image may violate any copyright. This means that you must have permission from the source to display an image here. Just because an image is on the Internet does not mean it can be used on the Wiki.
  • Do not upload images with letterboxing (black bars).
  • Do not upload images that are already on the Wiki (duplicates).
  • Do not upload gifs.
  • Do not upload low-quality or small images.
  • Do not upload images with watermarks or logos. This includes the TV-PG symbol.
  • Do not upload episode images without using the accurate naming for them. For stills from Regular Show episodes, please format them as::S#E##.### Descriptionofimage.png. (# is used in place of numbers)
  • Users will be warned if they upload unrelated images. If the behavior persists, they will be blocked.


  • Keep images in chronological order.
  • Do not add captions to gallery images.
  • No fan images should be in any gallery.

Forum Policies

  • Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions.
  • Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.
  • Off-topic conversations will be deleted.
  • Impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned.
  • Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned.
  • Do not ask for links to illegally stream the show.
  • Advertising is allowed within the forums, but the content or product being promoted must be related to Regular Show.
    • Additionally, all content and products advertised must be original. For example, do not advertise a product if it has a stolen design from somebody else, or repost a clip from the show which has not been officially endorsed by Cartoon Network.
  • AI generated content must not be posted anywhere on the forums.
  • Do not necropost. All threads will be locked after 60 days of inactivity.

Blog Policies

  • Blogs are a privilege, not a right, and they can be turned off. Blogs are meant for discussions and announcements. Do not use blogs to discuss topics completely unrelated to Regular Show or the Wiki.
  • Do not use blogs to create fanons (see the fanon policy), or use blogs to make your own "series".
    • You can use blogs to announce these things, but do not host the whole thing here.
  • Blogs will be locked from comments after 30 days of inactivity. This means 30 days after the last comment.
  • Do not recreate deleted blogs.
  • Blogs will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity.
    • The exception to this are essential blogs, which are in the "Non-archived blogs" category. You may ask an admin to have a blog added to this category.
    • This is done automatically by a script.

AI Generated Content

  • AI Generated content is not allowed on the wiki. This includes posting AI generated images in the forums.
  • Generative AI must not be used for writing articles, as this can cause inconsistencies and irrelevant data to be implemented with our content. An AI detection software will be utilized on any pages where AI usage has been suspected.
    • The one exception for AI tools is using certain software, such as Grammarly, to check spelling, punctuation and grammar. This is the only acceptable usage of AI on the wiki.

Protected Pages

  • If for any reason, you believe that some additional information should be added to a protected page, please either use the page's respective talk page, or message one of our admins to suggest the change.
    • All pages for transcripts will be protected once they have been fully complete and reviewed for the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
    • All pages for galleries will be protected once they have been fully complete with policy-abiding images.
    • All pages for credits will be protected once they have been fully complete and reviewed for the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Fan Fiction Policies

  • Do not post any type of fan fiction, including as blogs. All content on this wiki must be based on officially licensed Regular Show media.
  • Users who do so will be warned, and blocked as necessary.


  • Swearing in general is allowed. However, swears directed at others, such as "Fuck you, bitch", are clearly meant to insult, and therefore are not allowed in that case. Saying the same swear multiple times in one sitting can also be a form of spamming, which is also not allowed. Read the spamming policy to fully understand what spamming is.
  • Swearing is allowed within articles on the occasion that a quote includes profane language. In this case, please add the following warning to the top of the page: "Please be aware that this transcript contains strong language which would otherwise not be found in Regular Show."


  • Sockpuppeting is the creation and/or use of an additional account to get around a block or chat ban. Sockpuppeting is not permitted on this wiki. The second account will be blocked infinitely, and the original account's block or ban will be extended at moderator discretion.
  • You may, however, create another account for yourself if used for other purposes, such as losing your password on your original account or simply feeling the need to start off fresh. Another exception are bot accounts. Currently, this applies only to utter solitude and her bot, Bot of Solitude.

Expanded Media

  • Whereas the main series is what most fans consider "canon", we allow pages for all officially licensed Regular Show content. This includes games, books and comics. Wiki content based on this media is allowed in all capacities, including adding information about characters from official comics.


  • Any information provided from outside the show and its expanded media (including credits) must be backed up with a legitimate source. We remind you that this is an encyclopedia about Regular Show, and not a place to theorize or add false information.
  • Any in-universe information must also be backed up with a source to the appropriate page it relates to. For example: "Benson previously had a dog, who went missing due to Mordecai and Rigby's irresponsibility." <"ref">Out of Commission<"/ref"> (Do not use the speech marks within "ref")


  • Violations of these policies will results in warnings, and, when necessary, blocks. The length of a block will vary, and depends on the severity of the offense, any previous bad behavior, and the blocking mod's discretion.
  • Severe offenses may not get warnings, but skip straight to blocks. This is to be decided at admin discretion.