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Regular Show (originally titled Normal Show) is an American animated series created by JG Quintel, and produced by Cartoon Network Studios for Cartoon Network. The series originally premiered on September 6, 2010 and ended on January 16, 2017.


Two best friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a brown raccoon named Rigby, work as groundskeepers at a park, spending their days trying to entertain themselves (occasionally by perfecting useless skills during work hours,) while trying to deal with their by-the-book boss, Benson, a high-tempered gumball machine. They work with many other strange people, such as Skips, an immortal yeti, Pops, a lollipop man, Muscle Man, an overweight, green man, who likes to make jokes about his mom, and Hi Five Ghost, a ghost with a hand extending from the top of his head.

During high school, Mordecai and Rigby wanted to go to "College University" together, but Rigby did not get in. Frustrated at his friend being accepted, Rigby changed Mordecai's acceptance letter to say that he was rejected. To get accepted, the two finish their Science Teacher's time machine to tell their past selves to get better grades. However, they explode the science lab, resulting in both of them being expelled and unable to go to "College University". Mordecai went to Art School while Rigby, who did not graduate high school and therefore did not go to college, stayed in his dorm, until Mordecai dropped out.

For awhile, a goat-intern named Thomas was in the park for "school credits", however, on his last day of his 2-year internship, he was revealed to be a Russian spy who wanted to steal the park. This almost happened, but didn't. As of then, Thomas has been on the run, but has still met up with the park workers a few times: at weddings, parties, and other various reasons. Mordecai has several romantic storylines throughout the series. He used to have a crush on a robin called Margaret but after she moved to a far-away college, he became depressed for awhile. He later got over it and then dated a cloud girl called CJ, who he had met previously. However, Margaret returned from college to work at the news station and ended up having a few incidents with Mordecai, making Mordecai and CJ break up at Muscle Man's wedding with his wife, Starla.

In the earlier seasons, Rigby used to dislike Eileen, a mole who had a crush on him, but they start dating a couple of months before Muscle Man's wedding. In the episode "The Eileen Plan", Eileen shows a list to Mordecai, Rigby and Margaret that details all of the things she wanted to do before she turned 25, all of which she now views as a joke. Rigby is upset to hear that Eileen wanted to marry a smart man, so he goes back to high school to pass science, foreign language, and Phys. Ed. class.

During his return to high school, a dome is placed over the park, and once Rigby had graduated, the park gang, alongside Eileen, were sent into space for a mission. During this time, Pops is revealed to be the "key to the universe", and that he must fight his evil twin brother, Anti-Pops, on his home planet of Lolliland in order to keep the universe from being erased. Pops does this but ends up deciding that love is more powerful than fighting, so after Anti-Pops kills all of Pops' friends aside from Mordecai and Rigby, Pops hugs his brother and flies into the Sun, killing them both and reversing everybody else's death. The park then returns to Earth after three years of being in space. Mordecai reunites with his parents, Rigby reunites with his parents and Don, Benson reunites with his pet pig, Apple Sauce, Skips reunites with Techmo, Muscle Man reunites with Starla and discovers that he is now a father, and Hi Five Ghost reunites with Celia. Mr. Maellard is upset about Pops' death.

Twenty-five years later, statues of both Pops and his late father are built in the park to remember them. Everybody, apart from Skips and Benson, have left the park. Mordecai is now a successful artist, and has found the perfect woman, a bat-girl named Stef, whom he has married, and has three kids with. Rigby has married Eileen and now has two children. Benson still works as the park manager, and is now married to one of the dome scientists, named Pam and now has his hair back and still owns Apple Sauce, and four cats. Skips is still the same, but he now wears shorts. Muscle Man and Starla have six more children, who all follow his dirty traits. Hi Five Ghost and Celia move to Prague in the Czech Republic, becoming successful DJs together, and also have a son together. The series ends with Pops watching it in heaven, calling it a "Jolly Good Show".


  • Regular Show consists of some characters from JG Quintel's old college films and sketches mashed together in one show.
  • Pops, Benson, and Mordecai are the only 3 main characters that are in JG Quintel's college films and sketches.
  • This show premiered on Cartoon Network alongside another show called MAD (although unlike Regular Show, the latter ended three years later).
  • Regular Show episodes containing violence are rated TV-PG-V.
    • This is the first Cartoon Network animated comedy to be rated TV-PG-V.
  • Regular Show is the first Cartoon Network original series to begin airing a seventh season.
    • It is also the first to get an eighth season, along with Adventure Time.
    • In some countries, Regular Show seventh season was aired after Adventure Time's seventh season and also, this show's eighth season was aired after Adventure Time's eighth season.
  • According to creator, JG Quintel, this presumably takes place in the early 90s. However, there is modern technology such as smartphones and computers used throughout the series.
  • Though it is said by JG Quintel that the show takes place in the 90s, there is a part in the ninth episode of Season 1, "Prank Callers", where Mordecai and Rigby were sent to the 80's, the time traveling sequence shows a series of number that were meant to be years. The highest number seen in the moment was "2015", so Season 7 of the series could have possibly taken in that year.
  • Unlike most Cartoon Network shows, this show uses licensed music, like "Forever Young" in "Skips' Story", and "Mississippi Queen" in "Weekend at Benson's".
  • A extended version of the show’s credits theme plays at the end of half hour specials like “Exit 9B”, “Skips’ Story”, “The Dome Experiment”, “Rigby’s Graduation Day Special”, and “A Regular Epic Final Battle”.
  • In the Indonesian version, many Regular Show characters were dubbed by more than one dubber (there were several times dubber replacements and the start of replacement is different for each character), and only Mordecai and Pops whose the dubbers never changed.
  • According to Mordecai's license plate, this show takes place in California.
  • Regular Show only remains the most number of episodes aired so far in Cartoon Network history until it was overtaken by Adventure Time with the 262nd episode "Abstract" since July 17, 2017.
  • After production on the series wrapped up, several of its crew members continued to work with JG Quintel on his latest series, Close Enough.
  • The show was originally called "Normal Show" and it was about Mordecai and Rigby are going to be the zookeepers at a zoo taking care of humans, but this setting is changed, so they work as a groundskeepers in a park, and the original name is renamed to Regular Show.

Names in other languages

  • English/European Portuguese/Italian/French/Dutch/Swedish/Danish: Regular Show
  • German: Regular Show – Völlig abgedreht
  • Spanish: Historias Corrientes (Spain)/ Un Show Más (Latin America)
  • Hungarian: Parkműsor
  • Polish: Zwyczajny Serial
  • Turkish: Sürekli Dizi
  • Romanian: Un Show obisnuit
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Apenas um Show
  • Bulgarian: Пaрк шoy (Sometimes known as Обикновено шоу)
  • Russian: Обычное Шоу (Sometimes known as Обычный Мультик)
  • Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan Ver.): 天兵公園 (Creation of the Park)
  • Filipino: Pangkaraniwang Palabas
  • Korean: 레귤러 쇼 (Regular Show)
  • Japanese: レギュラーSHOW〜コリない2人〜 (Regyurā shō 〜 kori nai 2-ri 〜, lit. Regular Show -2 Without Stiffness-)
  • Vietnamese: Chương trình thường nhật (Regular Show)
  • Arabic: العرض العادي (Normal View)
  • Hebrew: רגולר שואו (Regular Show)

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