Recap Robot is a recurring character on Regular Show who made his debut in Season Eight. He works with the park workers at the Space Tree Station along side with Chance Sureshot and Toothpick Sally


He is a robot with a green face, has a radar dish on the back of his head, has the space tree logo on the left of his chest, and has triangular tread tracks







  • Recap Robot is the first character to be shown as a robot working for the Space Tree.
  • In the Halloween episode, he is seen with a fear-counter.

Episode Appearances

  1. "Cool Bro Bots"
  2. "Welcome to Space"
  3. "Space Creds"
  4. "Lost and Found"
  5. "Ugly Moons"
  6. "The Dream Warrior"
  7. "Can You Ear Me Now?"
  8. "Operation: Hear No Evil"
  9. "Space Escape"
  10. "Terror Tales of the Park VI"
  11. "Meet the Seer" (on security camera)
  12. "A Regular Epic Final Battle Part 2"


Season Eight

"Cool Bro Bots"

"Welcome to Space"

"Space Creds"

"Lost and Found"

"Ugly Moons"

"The Dream Warrior"

"Can You Ear Me Now?"

"Operation: Hear No Evil"

"Space Escape"

"Terror Tales of the Park VI"

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