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"Real Date" is the season finale and the thirty-seventh in Season 5 (and one hundred and fifty-third overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on August 14, 2014.


Mordecai and CJ want to go on a romantic date.


Mordecai, Rigby, CJ, and Eileen are playing Mineropoly (a mining-themed version of Monopoly) as part of their game night. After an unfavorable turn for CJ, Benson comes in with an armful of mail and demands that Mordecai and Rigby get rid of it. One package is Rigby's order from Trophy Discounters, and the rest are letters from "Couple Corral", the dating website that set up Mordecai and CJ. After being teased by the three for still being subscribed despite no longer being single, Mordecai says he just forgot and proceeds to delete his Couple Corral profile from his phone.

Eileen wonders how long Mordecai and CJ have been together, but CJ just says they've been "hanging out" for a month. Rigby and Eileen are disappointed that they haven't been on a real date. Mordecai and CJ realize they're right; in haste, Mordecai sets off to make a reservation, CJ sets off for a new dress, and they make the date for Saturday at 7:00 (leaving Rigby and Eileen alone).

On Saturday afternoon, Mordecai shows Rigby a surprise gift for CJ; a charm bracelet that he plans to give to CJ on their date. Each charm on the bracelet represents each activity he and CJ did together on the day they met, impressing Rigby (stating it's "the kind of thing that pros get their girlfriends"). As Mordecai wonders how to give the gift to CJ, Benson barges in once again with an armful of junk mail, angry that Mordecai and Rigby haven't gotten rid of it yet. Upon inspection, they realize that it's new junk mail, all from Couple Corral. Mordecai asks Benson for advice on how to give a romantic gift to a girl. Benson suggests having a waiter serve a gift box instead of dessert. Mordecai takes this idea to heart.

Meanwhile, Eileen serves coffee to CJ at the Coffee Shop, who's nervous about the upcoming date. CJ ponders about whether to get Mordecai a special dessert. When she spits out random things Mordecai is into (waffles and chocolate), Eileen mentions a new pastry shop that specializes in chocolate-covered waffle cakes. CJ, like Mordecai, takes this idea to heart.

That night, Mordecai and CJ enjoy their date at the Bistro en le Parc (under new management). In the middle of the date, a waitress comes for Mordecai who has a phone call at the front desk. On the phone, it turns out to be Matchmaker McIntyre, the CEO of Couple Corral. McIntyre, having noticed that Mordecai deleted his Couple Corral profile, tries to get Mordecai to rejoin. When Mordecai refuses, McIntyre appears in person behind him. McIntyre tries to get Mordecai to break up with CJ, but Mordecai once again refuses, saying he's happy with CJ. After more prying from McIntyre, Mordecai walks off frustrated, stirring McIntyre.

At the table, CJ calls the pastry shop L'Wafflerie to see if the waffle cake she ordered is ready and quickly puts her phone away when Mordecai returns. He asks her if she was ever approached by McIntyre after she deleted her Couple Corral profile and CJ, confused by the question, answers no. After dinner, Mordecai suggests dessert and calls over the waiter holding the gift box. In jeopardy of ruining her plan, she suggests they skip dessert and hastily excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Outside, McIntyre appears in his Couple Corral mobile to sway Mordecai, but he rebuffs him.

As Mordecai and CJ leave the restaurant, Mordecai secretly calls Rigby to tell him the dessert plan failed. He instructs Rigby to pick up the bracelet and bring it to the town square. He returns to CJ and suggests they cut over to Main Street. But CJ wants to stay on the block they're on since L'Wafflerie is right across the street. Suddenly, Mordecai challenges CJ to a race to the square. In a panic, CJ calls Eileen and tells her to pick up the waffle cake and bring it to the square.

After beating Mordecai in their foot race, CJ and Mordecai make a wish at a fountain. Mordecai secretly waves for Rigby to come over.. As his coin falls into the fountain, McIntyre's blimp flies over and he tells Mordecai to dump CJ. Mordecai and CJ hastily leave, messing up Rigby's motion. As Rigby grumbles, Eileen walks up with the waffle cake. They discover that they're each doing a favor for Mordecai and CJ and come up with a plan.

Next to the Koffee Kiosk, Mordecai and CJ both excuse themselves to call Rigby and Eileen, who tells them to come to the pier by the waterfront. When they get there, they find a romantic table setting with their presents on the table. They both realize this was why the other was acting weird all night and laugh, while Rigby and Eileen watch from a hiding spot.

In awe of their respective gifts, they lean for a kiss. Just then, something crashes into the pier, and McIntyre's submarine rises out of the water. McIntyre climbs out of the hatch and tells Mordecai he has one last chance to break up with CJ. Finally fed up, Mordecai ask why McIntyre are trying to break them up when it was his website that brought them together. McIntyre explains he's gone bankrupt because Couple Corral is "too good" and all his subscribers, now in happy relationships, have all unsubscribed and spend the money on his stuff. When CJ suggests selling his sell he stuff and he refused and told Mordecai to break with with CJ once again, Mordecai refuse because him and CJ are really into each other. McIntyre said he will break them up for him takes out a bazooka called The-Break-Up-U-Lator and fire the missile at CJ. Mordecai pushes her out of the way of the bazooka's missile and got hit inside. The explosion sends Mordecai flying off the pier onto the beach, knocking him unconscious.

With Mordecai seemingly dead, McIntyre offers CJ to rejoin; CJ, enraged, transforms into a massive storm cloud. Screaming at McIntyre to leave them alone, she strikes the pier with lightning, causing McIntyre's car to fall onto a gas tank. The bull horns-shaped hood ornament flies into McIntyre's blimp, and the blimp crashes onto McIntyre's submarine, killing him.

On the beach, a devastated CJ cries over Mordecai's seemingly dead body. When her tears splash on his face, he regains consciousness. His gift to CJ had shielded him from the missile's blast. As a result of the blast, the bracelet's various charms became welded into a crude-looking heart. CJ puts the bracelet on and says she loves it; Mordecai responds "I thought that you would.". They share a kiss as the sun rises.

Elsewhere, Eileen gives the recovered waffle cake to Rigby. Upon sampling the cake, Rigby says he loves it, and Eileen responds "I thought that you would."


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  • CJ is revealed to have had many different kinds of hairstyles, including one in a goth phase.

Episode Connections[]

  • After the events of "Fancy Restaurant", the Bistro en le Parc is under new management, as shown on the restaurant's sign.
  • The charms on the charm bracelet represent some of the things Mordecai and CJ did when they first met (TV: Yes Dude Yes). The charms on the bracelet that Mordecai is planning to give to CJ are: a shopping cart, a laser gun, a cloud butt, a roller skate, a video game controller, a grilled cheese sandwich, a go-kart, an alligator, and an air hockey mallet.
  • The rock polisher that Eileen showed Rigby (TV: Skips in the Saddle) appears when CJ called Eileen to help her on her date.
  • Benson calls CJ "Dodgeball girl", which is a reference to "Dodge This."

Pop Culture References[]


  • When Eileen picks up a Mineropoly game card, it reads Mineopoly instead, then when she shows the same card a second time, it reads Mineropoly correctly.
  • CJ's boots are drawn differently in the Coffee Shop scene.