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RGB2 is a television set who starred in Mordecai and Rigby's favorite 80's sitcom, That's My Television. He appeared in the episode of the same name. He is voiced by Sam Marin.


RGB2 is a celebrity from a 1980s sitcom. He desperately wished to escape, but the greedy studio executives refused to let him out of his contract. At a DVD signing, Mordecai and Rigby win the autographed DVD set, and learn of RGB2's tale. They vow to help him escape and get to the Pine Mountains. After a thrilling escape from the executives (deputizing government agents) and crazed fans, they make it to the Pine Mountains, which turns out to be a gas station. RGB2 thanks them for their help. They climb onto the billboard to view the sunset, and RGB2 asks Mordecai and Rigby to let him see the view with his true eyes. They open him up to reveal a naked old man inside. He signs the postcard, thanking them, and pauses. Thinking he is dead, Mordecai closes his eyes. But RGB2 opens his eyes and says that he isn't dead and rests again.

He is later confirmed to have survived in "The Thanksgiving Special" and "Terror Tales of the Park III," where he was part of Rick Buckner's Thanksgiving song. He also attended Thanksgiving Dinner at the Park. Recently he appeared in a crossover with Carter and Briggs in the episode "Paint Job". RGB2 also had an appearance in the episode "Terror Tales of the Part V," from season 7. He is not actually there, but is a costume worn by rigby.


  • His name is a parody of R2D2.
  • The Naked old man inside him speaks using a slight New York accent.
  • The fact that he was really a human being this whole time was hinted early on when he revealed that he needed to breathe cans of air regularly or he would die, as it would not make sense for a television set to require oxygen to survive.
  • RGB2's background is very similar to real television stars' stories.
  • RGB is the abbreviation for red green blue the colors for TVs.
  • He received an RPGs anti-tank missile launcher from the Prime Minister of Russia as a gift.


Season Four

  1. "That's My Television"

Season Five

  1. "Terror Tales of the Park III"
  2. "The Thanksgiving Special"
  3. "Paint Job" (on TV)

Season Six

  1. "Maxin' and Relaxin'" (on a poster)
  2. "Lunch Break"

Season Seven

  1. "Crazy Fake Plan"
  2. "Win That Prize"

Overall: 8 Appearances


RGB2 signing the Box set. 😊