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Biographical Information
Occupation: Entertainer
Species: Yeti
Gender: Male
Hair color: Creamy-White
Relatives: Skips (cousin), Monica Ellingson (wife as of Bachelor Party! Zingo!!),Unnamed little brother
Show Information
Voiced by: Matt Price
First appearance: "Quips"
Latest appearance: "Terror Tales of the Park V (cameo)"

 Quintin "Quips" Q. Quippenger is a minor character introduced in the episode "Quips". He is a yeti, like his cousin Skips.


Quintin Q. Quippenger [1], better known as Quips, is Skips' cousin. After losing his job as a stand-up comedian at a comedy club, he decides to spend the weekend at Skips' to regain his confidence and try out new material. Unfortunately, Quips is not funny and most of his "jokes" only annoy those unfortunate enough to hear them. Nevertheless, he believes himself his jokes are funny. He also has a hard time taking anything seriously; he nearly kills himself (and Skips) after angering Reginald, one of the Guardians of Eternal Youth, during a game of Drawsome at Skips' house. After consistently heckling the giant baby, Reginald places Quips in a shrinking box with Skips. After a while, Skips told him he wasn't funny and he realized the truth about why he got fired. Thanks to Skips, Quips manages to find a new job as the replacement clown at Special Entertainment. 

He later becomes engaged to Monica Ellingson, who apparently finds his jokes funny.

He and Monica are both present at Muscle Man's wedding in Dumped at the Altar.


Quips is similar in appearance to Skips, though he isn't as muscular. He wears a yellow shirt and light brown pants. He has a long hairstyle with the top straight up. In the Bachelor Party! Zingo!!, he also wears a red shirt, with a yellow collar, saying "Skips is my best man!".


  • "Quips" is revealed to be just his nickname. He used to think that he was called Quips because his last name is "Quippenger."
  • Matt Price, the voice actor for Quips, is a writer for the show.
  • Quips may have eternal youth, due to him being his cousin (or a very long descendent).
  • He is claustrophobic.
  • His catchphrase is "Zingo!", which he says at the end of his jokes.
  • He is married to a woman named Monica Ellingson.
  • He reveals that he doesn't have any friends.



"The Thanksgiving Special"

"Bachelor Party! Zingo!!"

"Dumped at the Altar"



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