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Season 4, Episode 16
Quips Title
Premiere date: February 18, 2013 (US)
November 4, 2013 (UK)
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Do or Diaper"

"Quips" is the sixteenth episode in Season 4 (and the ninety-fifth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on February 18, 2013.


Skips' cousin, Quips shows up at the park for game night, cracking bad jokes to the groundskeepers during his stay.


Benson announces that the gang will be spending game night doing "drawsome". Skips tells the groundskeepers Quips would be invited to game night along with Gary and Reginald. The groundkeepers moan because Quips is really annoying and always telling bad jokes. Soon Quips comes and tells bad jokes which are bad and mean. After getting exhausted by Quips' bad jokes, the guys tell Skips to convince Quips to stop.

At Skips's garage, Quips would tell Skips he would come back and be funnier than ever. The setting turns to night, and the groundskeepers tell Skips it is time for game night, only to be interrupted by Quips, who seems to tell more jokes. The others decide to leave because they refuse to play with Quips because he keep telling bad jokes. But Skips forces Mordecai and Rigby to stay because they owe Skips for saving them from the multiple things they do. Soon Gary and Reginald come in, and brought along some dip. They start playing "drawsome" but Quips keeps telling more and more bad jokes and it really starts annoying everybody. While Reginald draws a fire engine, Quips keeps on guessing bacon and Reginald gets angry when Quips insults him with jokes and for not taking the game seriously. Reginald traps Quips and Skips inside a cube.

While Reginald is making the cube smaller and making Quips listen to his own jokes, Quips keeps telling more jokes which angers Reginald even more. Finally, Skips tells Quips that he's not funny and nobody likes his jokes and Skips breaks the cube. They got out of the cube and Skips tells Quips that he understands Quips wants to be a comedian, but it's just really annoying when he tries his jokes on them. Quips apologizes to the others saying he had no idea they didn't like his jokes and wishes they'd told him sooner. He promises to stop telling jokes, but Skips says he has a better idea. Quips is now a clown and the children laugh at his jokes. 




  • When Mordecai and Rigby try to get Skips out of the cube trapping him and Quips, the cube is not shrinking.

Pop Culture References

  • The line uttered by Pops "I brought my pencil, give me something to write on man," is a line from the Van Halen song "Hot for Teacher".

Episode Connections

  • Skips references the events of Don, by saying "Nobody got rid of your brother, Don, when he visited!" to Rigby, who admitted he tried to get rid of him since everyone loved him.
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