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Quillgin is an evil elf, who made his first appearance in the Season 4 Episode "The Christmas Special". 


As Santa's lead toy designer, Quillgin spent his life working on a present that would give children whatever they wanted most. But unbeknownst to Santa Claus, he used dark magic as a key component. In testing the box, people turned evil, so Santa ordered his elves to destroy Quillgin's life work. Quillgin came back for revenge on Christmas Eve, but the gift, along with himself, were destroyed in the lava pit at East Pines.


  • He is the second antagonist in the show who actually uses a gun. The first one was the Capicola Gang.
  • He is voiced by Thomas Haden Church, who is known for voicing Dwayne LaFontant in Over the Hedge, and for playing Sandman in the 2007 Blockbuster Spider-Man 3