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Principal Party Horse is the principal of Party Horse Public School and he appears in "Party Horse" and "The Return of Party Horse". He is the archenemy of Party Horse.


Principal Party Horse first appears in a flashback where he makes the Party Horses take a US History test in order for them to become real Party Horses, however, Party Horse 42699 escapes to Earth.

He then follows Party Horse to Earth, where he threatens to blow up Earth if Party Horse doesn't take his test, but gives Party Horse an hour to study.

When Party Horse comes to take the test, he makes a video of Party Horse to show students on their home planet, knowing he'll fail.

Towards the end of the test, Party Horse's pencil breaks, and Principal tries to stop Rigby from handing him a sharpener.

When Party Horse completes the test, he makes the Principal not blow up Earth, whatever the result. He accepts, but is then revealed Party Horse tricked him, and he follows Party Horse back into space.


He is a brown humanoid horse with white hair, mustache and tail. He wears a blue suit, with a white shirt and green tie.


  • He threatened to blow up the planet Earth if Party Horse didn't pass his history test.


Season Six

"Party Horse"

Season Seven

"The Return of Party Horse"