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(Episode opens at the City Power Tower. Mordecai and Rigby are lifting weights, but they're actually holding ping pong paddles, because they're playing ping pong.)

Mordecai and Rigby: Ping pong!

(They start playing with Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost)

Hi-Five Ghost: I got it! (He hits it with his paddle)

Muscle Man: Nice!

(Mordecai hits it with his paddle, then Muscle Man hits it with his paddle, then Rigby hits it with his paddle)

Mordecai: Oh, Rigby...

(Muscle Man tries to hit it, but missed it)

Muscle Man: Aw, come on!

Rigby: You gotta go long with the ping pong!

(The guys laugh)

Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost: Ping pong! Ping pong! Ping pong! Ping Pong! (They laugh again)

(A muscular man named Dale hears them, drops the weights, wipes his face with a towel, and throws the towel on Muscle Man's face)

Muscle Man: Augh! What's your problem, bro?

Dale: Muscle Man?

Muscle Man: Oh. Hey, Dale.

Mordecai: Muscle Man, you know this guy?

Dale: Yeah, he knows me. We used to be in bodybuilding contests together.

Rigby: Really?

Dale: Yeah, he used to be hot stuff. Now he's just a hot mess! And we don't allow hot messes like you guys to play ping pong in our gym, so get outta here!

Mordecai: It's a free country, man, you can't tell us what to do.

(Dale picks up the Ping pong ball, placed it on his chest, and destroys it with his abs)

Muslce Man: You leave us alone, Dale! (He throws the towel on Dale's face)

Dale: (growls) What? Do you think you're tough now, bro? Look at you. You don't even deserve to be called Muscle Man no more, Mitch. (He closes up to Muscle Man)

Muscle Man: Nobody calls me that except for my girlfriend, and also the guy at the airport who checks my driver's license, but that's besides the point, I've got more muscles now than you'll ever have.

Dale: Oh yeah?! Okay, then, the Power Tower Biceptennial is this weekend. (He points at the poster) It's the biggest bodybuilding contest around. If you can beat me, then you and your little ping pong posse can come here and play whenever you want. But until that day, I don't wanna to see any of your faces anywhere near the Power Tower! Do I make myself clear?!

Muscle Man: Oh, you're clear alright. You're clearly gonna lose to me at the Biceptennial, and me and my friends are gonna play ping pong here whenever we want!

(A clock transition changes to the guys at his trailer at the park)

Mordecai: Dude, you don't have to do this, you know.

Rigby: Dude, that guy is super ripped. There's no way you can beat him.

Mordecai: I thought the whole reason you were called Muscle Man was to be ironic, anyways.

Rigby: Yeah, 'cause you're so out of shape, you know.

Muscle Man: Hmm. How's this for out-of-shape?

(He hands Mordecai and Rigby a picture of himself with muscles at the Biceptenial)

Mordecai and Rigby: Wooaahh....

Rigby: Man, you weren't kidding.

Muscle Man: Yeah, bros. Back then, I was the real deal. I was the Muscle Man. (Flashback begins with Muscle Dad placing his camera and posing behind the City Power Tower) I really got into bodybuilding through my dad. (Scene then changes to a young Muscle Man sitting and watching Muscle Dad lifting weights) Everyday I go with him to the Power Tower and watch him lift weights. He may not had the most rip body, but he was as strong as an ox, until one day...

(Muscle Dad's arm bent and the weights lifted down on his chest)

Young Muscle Man: Muscle Dad! (He runs up to him and lifted the weights off him as muscles grew on his body which it ripped his shirt off.) What?

Bodybuilder 1: Huh?

Bodybuilder 2 and 3: Huh?

Bodybuilders: Woah, check it. It's pretty cool, man. Awesome. He's ripped.

(The body builders and Muscle Dad walk right up to Young Muscle Man)

Bodybuilder 2: Hey, kid, what happened?

Young Muscle Man: I don't know. I was just sitting over there, and my dad was lifting over here, and I lifted the weights up off of him. (He starts posing)

Bodybuilder 3: His posing is perfect.

Bodybuilder 1: Your boy's a natural, Muscle Dad.

(The bodybuilders chat, and Muscle Dad smiles at him as Young Muscle Man smiled as well)

Muscle Man: Then I was finally ready to compete in the Power Tower Biceptennial.

(Everyone cheers for him)

Muscle Man: I had it all. Muscles, technique, the total package.

(Everyone cheers again)

Chaz McAllister: The winner, Muscle Man!

(Muscle Dad smiles at him, as Muscle Man posses with his trophy)

Everyone: Muscle Man! Muscle Man! Muscle Man!

(Flashback ends and fades back to Mordecai and Rigby still holding the picture)

Muscle Man: After a while, I kept winning every match and I got bored. So I decided to step away from that whole bodybuilding scene. But now I'm ready to get back into it so I can win the Biceptennial and beat Dale. (He pulls a rope, but the tire swing and the tree fall down.) Let's go back to the Power Tower.

(A clock transition changes back to the City Power Tower. Muscle Man is doing some weights)

Hi-Five Ghost: One more! One more! (Muscle Man lifted the weights on top. Fives clapped) Let's take five.

Rigby: Dude, are you thinking what i'm thinking?

Mordecai: What? Oh, ping pong?

Rigby: Ping pong!

Mordecai: Haha, yeah. Wait, what if Dale's here.

Rigby: It's just one quick game.

Mordecai: Okay, but let's hurry before he sees us.

(He and Rigby go to the ping pong table and start playing. Mordecai tries to hit it to Rigby, but Dale destroys it with his abs again while dust falls on the table)

Dale: Go ahead, keep playing.

Mordecai: Really?

Dale: Yeah, keep playing.

(Mordecai picks up another ball and tries to hit it to Rigby again, but Dale destroys it again with his back abs)

Dale: Keep playing!

Mordecai: But we barely have any...

Dale: Come on!

(Mordecai picks up another ball and tries to hit it to Rigby again, but Dale destroys it again with his legs. Mordecai screams)

Dale: What's up?

Muscle Man: What did I say, Dale, huh?! Leave us alone!

Dale: I told you guys not to come here, Mitch!

Muscle Man: I told you not to call me that!

Dale: (bump chests Muscle Man) You wanna go?!

Muscle Man: (bump chests Dale) Yeah! Let's go right now!

(They took off their shirts and stars flexing, but Fives and the bodybuilders break up the fight)

Hi-Five Ghost: Alright, alright, break it up!

Dale: You don't stand a chance, Mitch!

Muscle Man: Whatever, man, you're so going down! Aaaahhhh! I got to face facts, I'll never be able to get buff in time for the Biceptennial.

(Mordecai, Rigby and Hi-Five Ghost look at each other.)

Muscle Man: There's only one way to beat him....technique.

(Scene cuts back to Muscle Man's trailer in a montage of Muscle Man doing instructions of flexing his muscles in different VHS recordings of the Biceptennial until the montage ends)

Muscle Man: Augh! This is hopeless! I'll never gonna win the Biceptennial! (He flips the table and a box of VHS tapes on the ground until a red VHS tape case fells out of the box) Huh? What's this? (He picks up a VHS tape that saids "For Muscle Son Love, Muscle Dad" opens it picks up a note which Muscle Dad wrote and his thought bubble of Muscle Dad writing the note appears as he reads.)

Muscle Dad: (voice-over) Son, if you're reading this, I've passed away and you're about to enter the Power Tower Biceptennail, which you need to win so you can beat some jerk and let your friends play ping pong. This takes a gains a pose that will guarantee victory, or very painful death. Good luck, son, I believe in you. Love, Muscle Dad.

(His thought bubble disappears, then Mordecai, Rigby and Hi-Five Ghost went into Muscle Man's trailer)

Mordecai: Muscle Man? Hey, Muscle Man, are you ready...?

Muscle Man: Shhh. My ghost dad sent me this ghost tape from beyond the grave. It's gonna help me win the contest.

(The guys watch a clip from the 1976 Power Tower Biceptennial)

Chaz: Up next, in the '76 Power Tower Biceptennial is reigning champion, Don Denunzio!

Muscle Man: Oh, my dad told me about this guy!

Chaz: Denunzio will finish off with the Shredder!

Judge: Remind me again what the Shredder is, Chaz.

Chaz: The Shredder has two meanings. For one, if done correctly, it shreds all of the competition. Two, if you falter in the slightest, it will literally shred all of your muscles, leading of course to an instant angonizing death.

Judge: Talk about a double-edged sword.

Chaz: Oh, he's going behind the head for the hand clasp. I think he's gonna do it! I think he's...

(When Don misses the hands, he explodes and then a colorful Please Stand By sign appeared. Mordecai, Rigby and Hi-Five Ghost, except for Muscle Man are shocked)

Muscle Man: Easy! Don't worry, bros, I totally got this.

Mordecai: What?! Are you crazy?

Rigby: Yeah, man, don't risk your life so we can play ping pong.

Muscle Man: It's about more than just ping pong. It's about sticking up for ourselves. And if I want to win the Biceptennial, then I say it's shredding time!

(Scene cuts to the Power Tower Biceptennial. Fives shaves his hair off, puts on muscle musk, Muscle Man putting on hair gel, and putting on workout underwear)

Muscle Man: Time to win this thing.

(He and Fives go up to the stage while Mordecai and Rigby are sitting on a couch, looking shocked about the Shredder)

Chaz: This is Chaz McAllister, coming to you live from the Power Tower Biceptennial. 

Judge #3: Next up to the stage, we have Dale the Daletard Decico! (Everyone cheers as he comes on stage. He hi fives a bodybuider.) And making his return, we have Muscle Man!

Man: Yeah! I remember when he was a kid, he spotted his dad! (When Muscle Man comes out, he and the guys look unhappy at his appearance.)

Mordecai: (clapping) It's okay, Muscle Man!

Hi Five Ghost: Yeah, you got this, bro!

Judge #3: And we'll now be commencing the competition with the first pose: Abdominals and Thighs!

(All the bodybuilders, including Muscle Man, do the pose. The crowd cheers.)

Man: Oh, man! Did you see that technique?

Judge #3: The Crab Most Muscular!

(Muscle Man flexes his breasts as the others do the pose. Everyone, including his friends, cheers. The judges are relally impressed. The bodybuilders continue posing. The fifth bodybuilder gives a double thumbs-up.)

Chaz: Hey, we got a two thumbs-up pose! (The fourth bodybuilder gives a double peace sign.) Ooh, there's a peace sign! (The judges are not pleased.) And it looks like the judges don't seem too convinced by these poses. (We see the bodybuilders giving excellent poses.)

Judge #3: Unbelievable! This is shaping up to be a true clacial styles! (raises hand) The judges have reached a decision. The two contestants moving on to the sudden death round are: Dale the Daletard Decico...

Dale: Yes!

Judge #3: ...and although his body is very very out of shape, we all agree that his technique is immaculate. Muscle Man!

Muscle Man: Yes!

(The crowd cheers, including Muscle Man's friends.)

Dale: Alright, Mitch. Time to show the world who the real Muscle Man is!

Muscle Man: Yeah! They're all gonna see that it's me!

(Dale growls and the two begin posing. Muscle Man soon begins to tire out.)

Dale: You're looking kinda tired, Mitch. Why don't you give up, and go play ping-pong with your flabby friends? Ha ha ha!

(Muscle Man starts whimpering.)

Hi-Five Ghost: We believe in you, Muscle Man. (echoes) Man. Man. Man.

(When Muscle Man hears the echoes, he starts to go for the Shredder)

Chaz: Oh, what's this? I think Muscle Man is going for the Shredder.

Rigby: (gasps) Not the Shredder!

(Muscle Man wravels himself and is about to go behind the head for the hand clasp as he's almost reaches for his hands.)


(Muscle Man finally clasps his hands together and begins to glow. Dale stops laughing as he notices this. Muscle Man glows an even brighter light, startling the bodybuilders. His Shredder start to shred the whole competition.)

Judge #3: Perfection.

(The Shredder continues to shred.)

Guys: Woah!

(Muscle Man stops glowing as he unwravels himself. The crowd cheers for him.)

Chaz: The winner of the Power Tower Biceptennial, Muscle Man!

(The crowd cheers as he receives the Biceptennial trophy and poses. His friends join him and chant.)

Mordecai, Rigby, and High Five Ghost: Muscle Man! Muscle Man!  Muscle Man!

(Muscle Man sees some familiar ghost faces.)

Muscle Dad: You did it, son. I'm proud of ya.

Denunzio: Si, as am I. You did what I could not.

Dale: (approaching Muscle Man) Hey! I'm so sorry I doubted you bro. You always were number one, Muscle Man. (clasps hands with Muscle Man and pulls out a box) Here, these are for you guys.

Rigby: (takes box, opens it and gasps) Ping pong balls!

Mordecai: Aw, yeah! Game on!

Muscle Man: Uhh, maybe later, bros. My muscles are killing me.

(End of Power Tower)