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"Power Tower" is the eleventh episode in Season 5 (and one hundred-twenty seventh episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 18, 2013.


Muscle Man wants to win the bodybuilding competition at his gym.


The episode begins with Mordecai and Rigby at the Power Tower. They appear to be lifting weights and working out, but it is then shown that they are actually playing Ping-Pong with Muscle Man and High Five Ghost. They start a round that Mordecai and Rigby win. They all start laughing and chanting Ping-Pong. Meanwhile, a very strong guy is lifting a weight and then he drops it and throws a towel at Muscle Man's face. Muscle Man gets mad at him and then realizes that this is a guy he used to know named Dale. Dale gets mad at them for playing Ping-Pong at the gym and tells them to leave, but Mordecai tells them that they have every right to be there and they shouldn't have to listen to him. Dale tells Muscle Man the he should no longer be called Muscle Man anymore because he is no longer strong and muscular as he used to be. Dale challenges him to "The Power Tower Biceptennial" which is a masculinity contest. If Muscle Man beats him. he and his friends will be able to play Ping-Pong at the gym, but if he loses, he will be restricted from going there forever. Muscle Man accepts the challenge and says that he will win.

The next scene shows Muscle Man, Mordecai, High Five Ghost, and Rigby standing outside of Muscle Man's Trailer. Muscle Man is training so that he can become stronger. Mordecai doesn't believe that Muscle Man was muscular like Dale said he was, but Muscle Man proves him wrong by showing him a picture of back when he was muscular to Mordecai and Rigby's astonishment. Muscle Man tells the story of when that picture took place.

A flashback begins and shows Muscle Man watching his Dad at the gym. He said that he went there every day to watch him and his dad was very strong despite him not having any muscles. One day when he was watching him, his dad's hand slipped and the weight he was lifting fell on him and almost crushed his chest. Muscle Man quickly ran up to him and tried pulling the weight off of him. As he did, he suddenly started growing huge muscles and his shirt began ripping off. Everyone else at the gym stops what their doing in shock of his muscles, they ask Mitch what happened and as he explains the other bodybuilders notice that he's unconsciously doing perfect body building poses. They congratulate his dad on having a son with muscles like that. Then, he entered the Biceptennial and won first prize. He said that after that, it was time he stepped away from the body building scene, but now he was going to go back in there and beat Dale. Muscle Man grabbed the rope of a tire swing and pulled on it causing the tree to break and fall apart. Then he suggests they go back to the Power Tower.

Back at the Power Tower, Muscle Man is working out with High Five Ghost helping him. Mordecai and Rigby go to play Ping-Pong hoping that Dale isn't there. They begin playing but then Dale suddenly jumps in the way and smashes he Ping-Pong wall with his abs. He tells them to continue playing. Mordecai throws another ball and Dale jumps on the way and destroys it again with his back. He encourages them to play again and when they do so, he crushes the ball with his legs. Muscle Man steps in and tells him to stop. They both break out into a flexing fight and they both start violently flexing their muscles at each other in anger until High Five Ghost and some other muscular man break up their fight. Muscle Man says that be must beat him by using technique. A montage begins with Muscle Man going through a vast variety of multiple exercise videos. Muscle Man still remains out-of-shape as he keeps messing up on all of the exercises to the point where he gives up and throws the box of tapes in rage. One tape at the bottom of the box manages to fall out that reads "For Muscle Son, Love, Muscle Dad". He opens the case and it contains a tape and a note in it. The note was written by his father telling him to watch the tape so he can win a contest with someone.

Mordecai, Rigby, and High Five Ghost walk in as Muscle Man watches the tape. The video shows a clip from a previous Biceptennial in 1976 with a contestant named Dom Dinunzeo. He is said to be attempting a move called "The Shredder" It is as well said that there are two possible outcomes of preforming this move. The first being him "shredding" all of his competition if done correctly, and the other being that he will shred all of his muscles causing his death is he messes up in even the slightest of a way. Don attempts to do it but unfortunately he messes up on the hand clasp and explodes which ends up interrupting and ending the video. Mordecai, Rigby, and High Five Ghost are paralyzed in shock along with a very unimpressed Muscle Man who thinks that doing the shredder will be an easy thing to do. The others try to discourage him from doing it and tell him it's not worth it just to play Ping-Pong. Muscle Man denies them and says that he'll do it anyway so they can stick up for themselves.

The next scene shows Muscle Man backstage at the Power Tower getting himself ready for the Biceptennial. They announce the names of Muscle Man and Dale and they begin the first challenge. Despite Muscle Man's lack of muscles, he is still shown to be very good at what he's doing. The other competitors all get eliminated and the two finalists are Muscle Man and Dale. Dale starts off going ahead of Muscle Man and intimidates him, making him a nervous wreck and causing him to fall behind. Muscle Man attempts to do the shredder so he can win. His friends are in great fear over him dying. Muscle Man comes very close to failing until he pulls himself together and perfectly completes the position. He begins glowing very brightly and literally shreds Dale and the other people watching. Muscle Man ends it off perfectly and remains safe and alive and is officially declared the winner of the Biceptennial. He sees the ghost of Muscle Dad along with previous failures of the competition congratulating him. Dale rewards him by giving him a big box of Ping-Pong balls. Mordecai, Rigby, and High Five Ghost all want to play Ping-Pong but Muscle Man's muscles are causing him too much pain and the episode ends.




  • Power Tower Gym
  • Park
    • Muscle Man's Trailer


  • This episode reveals why Muscle Man is called Muscle Man.

Pop Culture References[]

  • This episode's title is similar to the Teen Titans Go! episode, "Tower Power."

Production Notes[]

  • On its debut airing, the episode had an excessive amount of animation problems [1] with the final shadings and backgrounds not yet being finished, alongside unfinished details, resulting in unusual brightness and odd coloring.[2] J.G. Quintel confirmed on Twitter that he will try to find out the problems of the episode as soon as possible.[3]
    • The episode re-aired on the Thursday of the same week, with its animation corrected the way it was supposed to be seen.
  • This is the lowest ranked episode of Regular Show on IMDb with only a 6.0/10 rating as of December 2018.


  • During the 1976 Power Tower Biceptennial, a younger Muscle Dad, without his mustache, can be seen in the background when it cuts to one of the announcer asking what "The Shredder" is. However, in the present Biceptennial, one of the spectators in the audience looks exactly like younger Muscle Dad but with white skin.