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"Portable Toilet" is the sixteenth episode in Season 5 (and one hundredth-thirty second episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 27, 2014.


Mordecai and Rigby get stuck in a portable toilet, thanks to a bet by CJ.


Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, and CJ are at the snack bar playing a game of "Would You Rather". CJ asks Mordecai if he would either live on a houseboat made of garbage or eat a sandwich in a portable toilet. Mordecai chooses the portable toilet as he thinks if you live in a houseboat made of garbage, all you get is wet garbage. CJ remarks to Mordecai that she "just so happens to" have a sandwich, and that there's a portable toilet behind him. Egged on by Rigby, Mordecai asks CJ if this is a dare she's asking, which she reaffirms. Mordecai decides to do it, and Rigby volunteers to go with him to make sure he really does it. They go in, and after commenting on the impressive interior of the portable toilet, Mordecai eats the sandwich while Rigby imagines a conversation between CJ and Eileen.

Just as Mordecai and Rigby are about to exit, Rigby finds that the handle is stuck and they can't get out. CJ and Eileen hear Rigby's cries for help and head over to the portable toilet, initially joking about their misfortune. But after trying the door, CJ realizes that they really are stuck. CJ and Eileen decide to go to the shed to find tools. When they leave, Mordecai questions why the door would be jammed when it was brand new. He reaches deeper and finds meatball gravy. Rigby admits he ate meatballs in the portable toilet, causing an argument. Afterwards, Mordecai suggests that they check the windows, but Rigby states they're firmly sealed. Out of options, Mordecai and Rigby decide to ram the door, but only succeed in making it fall over; Rigby is knocked out by the impact, and Mordecai is knocked out by a falling flower pot.

Meanwhile, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost converse about what they're going to do for the night. Muscle Man decides to spend some time in the portable toilet he ordered. However, as he's getting prepared, Muscle Man finds the knocked over portable toilet, unaware that Mordecai and Rigby are stuck inside. He calls in to the delivery company to send him a replacement. An army helicopter flies in the replacement toilet and takes the knocked over one, explaining to Muscle Man how the army takes old portable toilets and uses them for target practice.

Later, CJ and Eileen arrive with the tools and try to open the portable toilet, but only find Muscle Man in it (in a very compromising position). Confused, CJ tells him that Mordecai and Rigby were stuck in the portable toilet. Muscle Man now realizes what happened. CJ calls Mordecai and Rigby; Rigby answers, discovering that they're in midair, shocking him. While this happens, Muscle Man calls in to stop the delivery, but the automated machine misinterprets his request, sending him a second replacement. After hearing a clanging sound from outside, Mordecai regains consciousness and is able to state that they're at a military base. After the call, Muscle Man tells the girls about the military's plans for decommissioned portable toilets, sending them in a panic.

At the military base, a general uses a satellite laser to blow up portable toilets. A corporal asks the general why they use portable toilets for training. The general says the enemy and a portable toilet have two things in common: 1) they're both soulless and 2) they're "about the same size". The general proceeds with the laser launch, blowing up a distant portable toilet with Mordecai and Rigby there to witness it. They tell them to hurry, but the radio tower next to them is destroyed, cutting off their signal to CJ and Eileen.

The helicopter with the second portable toilet arrives at the park. Eileen tries to signal the helicopter down, but the pilot isn't paying attention, reading a magazine while scatting to himself. CJ's emotions begin to get the best of her as her body turns darker, frustrated that she and Mordecai just recently started new and now she's put him in danger. Eileen is able to calm her down, and hatches a plan to rescue them by jumping into the portable toilet the pilot is taking. CJ, back to white, jumps in with Eileen.

Rigby attempts to open the door, but it is useless as his strength is tapped from trying so hard for so long to open it. Mordecai and Rigby start fighting as they blame each other for getting the other stuck in the first place. CJ and Eileen land the military base in another zone of the area. A corporal sees the girls and tries to warn the general, but is dismissed. Another corporal is allowed to speak, and makes a humorous remark regarding how much testing they can do, stating that the president says each blast costs $3 billion. The general flatly states he doesn't care and continues the testing.

Having witnessed a blast, Eileen and CJ search frantically for the toilet Mordecai and Rigby are in. They meet each with no luck on finding the toilet. Rigby finally gets their attention, showing that Eileen and CJ are just in front of them. They try to open the door, but to no avail. Eileen grabs a crowbar and attempts to open the door once more. However, at this time the general proceeds to test out the "humongous explosion". As the door still won't budge, Mordecai insists that they open the door together. In a simultaneous 3 count with Mordecai and the general, Mordecai and Rigby are freed just as the general begins the blast, and they run away from the "humongous explosion"

In the base, the general tells the four how they were lucky they were found because of their heat signatures, as they were able to distinguish the four from the debris. A corporal comes in and tells the general that the president is on the line. Mordecai thanks Eileen and CJ for rescuing them. Eileen tells of how CJ jumped into a moving helicopter, impressing Mordecai. CJ playfully jokes with Mordecai about not getting stuck in toilets anymore, with Mordecai rebuttling that it was her bet. Now bored, CJ and Eileen decide to go play with the "space laser", the corporals agreeing to let them use it. Rigby comments that CJ is "pretty cool", and Mordecai, in semi-realization, agrees. 




Production Notes[]

  • This is Owen Dennis and Toby Jones's first episode they storyboarded together.
  • Mordecai's line, "Easy-peasy, no big deasy!" was written by Sean Szeles.[1]
  • Owen Dennis and Toby Jones recorded an unofficial commentary track for this episode which can be found here .