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This page is the transcript for "Pops' Favorite Planet".

(Episode begins with a flashback to the Park in the 1900s. A young Pops is at home with Mr. Maellard, looking at the telescope.)

Ooh. Lovely. Papa, I just saw the most beautiful planet in the sky.

Calm down. It's just a planet. And don't touch that telescope. It's family heirloom. We're gonna sell it soon.


Yes, papa.

That planet should be visible any minute now.


There you are, Jack.

It's pops.

I need you to come down to the tikihut with me. I got to convince some investors that I'm a family man. Hop in.

Yes, daddy-o.

Young Pops: All right, planet, this time it's just you and me. The telescope's ready, the door is locked, and papa is at a business retreat in bora bora. Nothing can stop me now!


Sorry, son. Didn't know you were in there.

Young Pops: What about bora bora?

Bora boring is more like it! Besides, I wanted to get some work done around the house.


Maybe next time.

Okay, so that's about it for assignments. So how about some announcements, huh? So wait. Where's muscle man? I need to tell everyone that Is that from the dome guys? What do they want this time? Everybody just calm down. Let me check it. "Be at the meeting soon. " Got held up in my own morning meeting, if you know what I mean. "Sincerely, muscle man. " Hey, Benson, did you get my fax? Did you get what I meant? That's what I wanted to tell everyone. It's nothing to be concerned about, but the house is infested with an aggressive strain of termites Uh that are just a little bit poisonous. Anyway, because of security reasons, the dome guys have arranged for the exterminators. They're coming today, and the house will be tented tonight. So, pops, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but you won't be able to sleep here tonight. I beg your pardon? But we've got a reservation for you at sleep lodge. They've got a pool, on-call masseuse, Frankly, I wish I was staying there. What about us? Where are we gonna sleep? Yeah, you got to leave. Aw, come on, Benson! Yeah, that's not fair! Excuse me, but pops and I were having a conversation! Benson, I can't. Tonight, I have an appointment at the park with an old friend. Really? Who? Well, I don't know her name exactly, but she's visible via telescope once every 25 years. She's pink and made of rock and is hundreds of thousands of miles wide. Who is this giant, magic woman?! A planet. He's talking about a planet. My favorite planet. I felt a strange connection to her my entire life. If I miss her tonight, I might never see her again. Can't we "reshedule"? Sorry, pops, there's no way to reshe reske dang. Reschedule. There's no way to reschedule. Oh, you know what we haven't done in a while? Try to make triple-fried corn dogs? No, dude. Camping. How fun would it be if the three of us camped out tonight and looked at that planet with pops? That sounds like an enchanting idea. So You don't want your hotel room anymore? No. Okay. I'll take it then. Roughing it will suit us just fine, thank you. Now, if you all don't mind, I've got a date with that 24-hour breakfast bar.

Stars yeah we're looking at stars yeah so many stars how many do you think there are? Millions? Billions? Probably trillions but I'm bettin' it's zillions floating in the Milky Way millions of light-years away what is a star, anyway? They're big balls of gassss Gas balls.

Yes, stars are great. But now back to what I was saying before you interrupted me with that really long song. The universe is filled with billions and billions of stars. Mankind has been looking to the skies for generations and noticing beautiful pictures known as constellations, like ursa major, ursa minor, and Orion's breakfast.

Whoa! Normally I hate learning about stuff, but this is pretty all right, pops. Well, boys, I'd say it's about time we set up the telescope. Whoa. That's awesome. This is like a real telescope. Yeah. We had no idea you were so into astronomy. Yes, I really do love it. You know, it's quite amazing. With this simple device, you can see planets and stars too far away to reach on your own. And that viewing experience can help you put things in perspective. Totally. I've had a fascination with this particular planet since the first time I saw it. It should appear right there. I can't wait to show her to you. And now for the final and arguably most important piece of the viewing experience. Oh, dear! What's wrong? It seems I've misplaced the eyepiece. It must be in my room, where I was cleaning it in preparation for tonight's viewing. I'm afraid without the eyepiece, the telescope is useless. Aw, man! Well, we'll just have to flutter on in like a murder of crafty crows and bring it back to our nest. So we're just going to your room to get the eyepiece? Precisely! Hmm. Maybe we should check with Benson, see if it's okay. Waitress, more butter. He didn't answer, so I guess it's fine. Whoa. Those must be some crazy termites. Yeah. I don't think we're getting in there. I guess the dome guys are fixing the porch? Hey, pops, is that the planet? Yes, it is. We only have an hour before she fades away for another 25 years. What?! I didn't know we only had an hour. What are we gonna do? Hmm. Perhaps skips will have an idea. Doesn't seem likely, but it's worth a shot. Ah, here we go. Thank you, skips. I knew you would Oh, wait. This is just an electric nose-hair trimmer. Oh, bother. Sorry, pops. I thought I had an old eyepiece in here, but I can't find it. Great. How are we gonna see pops' planet now? I guess we just have to wait another 25 years? Hmm. I should be free. Thank you for looking, skips, but there must be something else we can do. Well, there's that abandoned observatory deep in the park. It's been out of commission for quite a while, but there's no reason we couldn't make it work. I'm pretty sure I know the way there. Smashing! We'll be modern-day astronomers in no time. And I really mean no time, because the planet will be out of view soon Very, very soon. Man, that dude does not break. What do you mean? He's always super positive. Do you know anyone more positive than pops? Benson? But seriously, think of all the stuff that should've set pops off, but he totally kept his cool. Yeah, you're right. Like, if Benson kicked me out of the house, I would've been furious. He did kick you out. And I was furious. But pops has been a trooper this whole time. As a guy with a lot of rage just below the surface, I'm really impressed. How does he do it? I don't know. Just a pops thing, I guess. We're here. Oh, what a wonderful telescope. Quickly, skips, let's set it up. Whoa! Quit messing around! Sorry. I've got it! The telescope's ready! Aw, yeah! Time to look at the planets time! Oh, no! Wha? Aaah! Aaaah! I can't move. What is this? We got to break that mechanism somehow. Maybe we can call for help. But that will take too long. She's almost out of sight. Sorry, pops, but as long as that globe is still on, we're definitely gonna miss seeing your planet. It's not fair. Uh, I don't know what to tell you. We're really sorry? I'm not going to wait another moment. We're going to see my planet. Dude, pops, it's just a planet. Huh? What the? Hello again, old friend. I've missed you. Fellows, come have a look. It's glorious. What Just happened? I Have no idea.