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The Police Officer
Police Officer
Biographical Information
Occupation: Police Officer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Steve Blum
First appearance: "2 in the AM PM (unofficial)

My Mom (official)"

Latest appearance: "Busted Cart"

The Police Officer is a minor character who first appears in "My Mom" as one of Muscle Man's friends. He is shown letting Muscle Man break the law and then spinning out. A police officer also appears during "2 in the AM PM", who turns out to be a monster secretly. Also, some police officers are seen arresting Doug during ""Temp Check"." The cop stops Rigby from egging a house in "Terror Tales of the Park", but he seems more unfriendly. However, this could be because he's Muscle Man's friend. Another police officer appears in the episode "Busted Cart", where he pulls Benson over to take a DUI test. He is also shown in "2 in the AM PM" coming in for a midnight snack. He buys chips and after stating they are stale, expands his head and seems to vacuum them up through his mouth.


"Hey, Muscle Man, you know how to break the law in all the right ways." ("My Mom")

"You're having raw eggs for a snack on Halloween?" ("In the House")


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