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"Play Date" is the twenty-seventh episode in Season 5 (and one hundred forty-third episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on June 5, 2014.


Mordecai and CJ have to babysit Thomas on their date.


We begin with Mordecai in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Rigby comes in to remind Mordecai about the plans (or the man plans, the "mans") he planned with Mordecai: eating pizza and prank calling Benson. Mordecai declines, insisting on his date with CJ, frustrating Rigby.

Mordecai greets CJ on the porch with an awkward hug. She takes note of this and mocks him (calling him "a real move maker today"). Mordecai blushes and discusses the date plans with CJ, who agrees to see how far they get in a whole list of activities. As they leave the porch, a portal opens with Death, his wife, and his son Thomas bursting through in their van. Mordecai tries to get CJ away but Death stops them before they can leave. After a brief introduction, Death orders Mordecai to babysit Thomas. Although CJ comes to Mordecai's aid, Death reminds him he has a favor to owe. Hoping to get out of it, Mordecai calls Rigby to babysit Thomas (leading to a humorous exchange with Rigby confusing him with the goat Thomas). Rigby declines, stating he already has plans. Eileen's voice is then heard, and it's revealed that Rigby is spending the day at her house. Mordecai tells CJ he can't get out of babysitting Thomas, but CJ tells him they don't have to cancel their date and she'll help him babysit. Death then leaves Thomas with Mordecai and CJ, but warns them that he's going through a bit of a "phase." After Death and his wife leave, Thomas greets Mordecai, surprising CJ, which leads Mordecai to explain that Thomas is really 300-years-old. Thomas mocks his relationship with CJ, with Mordecai awkwardly explaining they're not a couple just yet as they both blush. CJ makes an insulting comment to Thomas that angers him to the point where his eyes begin to glow red, but before it escalates Mordecai chides in, asking where he wants to go. Thomas demands to go to the playground which CJ thinks is a good idea and it will be fun, but Thomas warns them of the "fun" he'll have.

Mordecai and CJ take Thomas to the park playground, Thomas, used to the underworld playground, asks where's the fire, the brimstone, and the overall loss of hope. He wants to go to the underworld playground, but CJ tells him to give it a chance. Mordecai takes him to the swings and pushes him. While Thomas is still upset about the inferiority of the playground compared to the underworld, Mordecai hears an ice cream truck. He and CJ abandon Thomas to get ice cream. Before Mordecai and CJ could eat their ice cream together, Thomas interrupts and demands to be taken to the underworld. When Mordecai refuses, Thomas' eyes glow red again and he throws a tantrum that causes a minor earthquake, the ice cream truck and the ice cream they were about to eat to catch on fire. Mordecai exclaims he'd take him if he knew how. Thomas calms down and tells him he knows how to get there.

Mordecai, CJ, and Thomas take a taxi to Death's place. Thomas tells them they can use Death's motorcycle with a side cart attached to it. Although Mordecai doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle, CJ offers to as she has a motorcycle license. Thomas mocks at Mordecai's emasculanity in that "the female he is trying to impress" can do something he can't. They get on the motorcycle, kick it to 7th gear, and drive through a portal into the underworld, terrifying CJ (to which Mordecai replies with stoneface "you get used to it"). 

Arriving at the underworld playground, CJ comments on how dangerous it looks. Mordecai suggests they sit on the swings while they watch Thomas play. Mordecai thanks CJ for helping him babysit Thomas and CJ replies she's having a lot of fun hanging out with him. Just as they're about to kiss, Thomas interrupts them to tell them he wants to be pushed on the "elder boy" swings.

While CJ leaves to use the restroom and Mordecai and Thomas heads to the bigger swings where a giant female praying mantis is pushing her child on the swings, Thomas laughs at Mordecai telling him he and CJ will never connect because as he's been purposely getting between him and CJ.. When Mordecai tells him they're going home, Thomas makes thing worse for Mordecai by letting the praying mantis think Mordecai is using him to hit on her while his date is in the restroom. The other parents overhears this and are disgusted. When CJ returns, a Minotaur, who is the husband of the praying mantis, angrily approaches them. Mordecai tries to explain, but matters are made worse by the misunderstanding. As CJ rearrives, she, Mordecai, and Thomas flee as the other parents pursue.

While they head towards the motorcycle, the Minotaur throws a playground spring rider at them which messes up CJ's ankle, preventing her from driving the motorcycle. CJ has her sit in the sidecar with Thomas while she teaches Mordecai to drive. Mordecai struggles driving the motorcycle, he thought CJ said it would be easy but CJ confesses she was trying to look cool in front of him. Once Mordecai figures it out, Thomas demands they go faster. Mordecai blames him for causing this messes and CJ comes up with an idea to go faster by planning to drop Thomas out. Thomas wants to be put back in but CJ ask him why should she since he's been trying to get between her and Mordecai. Thomas denies it but Mordecai calls him out on it. CJ said to Thomas that she's been looking forward to this date for a long time and she's sick of him messing it up which makes Mordecai happy to hear say that. Thomas throws another that cracks the ground and subdue three of the parents leaving the Minotaur still chasing them. As Mordecai jumps the large crack, the Minotaur tries to jump it but doesn't make it. As he plummets to the bottom, he yells out that he's the victim here, that Mordecai hit on his wife and he was just playing with his kid. Once Thomas calms down, Mordecai and CJ reveals they tricked him into thinking they were going to drop him.

While they drive through the portal, Thomas gets mad that he's been tricked that fire comes out of his mouth which throws the bike off course causing them to lose control once they leave the portal leading back home which they crash through Death's garage. After they recover, Thomas plans on telling his dad what happens. While Thomas laughs while banging on the wall, a bowling ball rolls down the shelf which Mordecai shushes CJ to allow the ball land on Thomas knocking him out. When Death arrives back home, he's happy to see Mordecai handle the job well that he jokingly said he might make him a full-time sitter and tells them to get out of his garage and he leaves with Thomas. CJ asks if he gets paid for this and Mordecai tells her that Death only lets him live. CJ thanks Mordecai for getting them out alive and how awesome he is for learning how to ride a motorcycle so quickly. Mordecai tells her he was trying to look cool for her. CJ tells him she understands wanting to impress his date and she tells him he doesn't have to impress her because she already thinks he's cool and Mordecai thinks the same way about her. Mordecai ask her if she was really looking forward to this date for a long time which she replies yes and they both kiss. Mordecai offers CJ a lift on his back while they hail for a cab which she accepts and they laugh as they leave.


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  • Mordecai and CJ start dating.
  • CJ is a former motocross biker.
  • This is the second and final appearance of Thomas.

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Production Notes[]

  • Starting with this episode, new episodes of Regular Show air on Thursday nights.


  • It's suggested Death lives on Earth, but in the episode "Guitar of Rock" and "Dead at Eight" he is shown living in the underworld.