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Places of the World is a song by Mordecai and Rigby, used in USA! USA! It is about many countries in the world.


Both: USA! We're here to stay! But today,
we're goin' on a quick vacay to Canada!

Mordecai: Can't get no tan-ada
Rigby: A pan-ada in Canada?
Mordecai: No man-ada

Both: It's China!
Nothing could be fine except their twice-cooked pork
No fork! Chopsticks!
Irish! Sheep are fleecy

Rigby: France is just chill, 'cause they take it easy
Mordecai: Hey Mexico, you're a dang fine neighbor
Rigby: And Australia's founders were doin' hard labor

Both: Fun lingo, mingle, with a dingo

Rigby: In Japan, the sumos throw down and get paid
Mordecai: Watch it! Germany's the place where sausage gets made
Rigby: Don't watch it!

Both: Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm!

Mordecai: Brazil's biological diversity

Both: Rivals what Dubai has got

Rigby: Talking vertically!

Both: Speaking of up, we're up in Switzerland
Matterhorn! Matter-honk! You're made of rocks and boulders
Rigby: The penguins in Antarctica have got no shoulders
Both: Where'd your shoulders go? Did you lose them in the snow?
Got no shoulders! Penguins got no shoulders!

Penguin: [honk!]

Both: New Zealand!

Mordecai: You give me fuzzy feet and fuzzy..

Both: .. feelings

Same with England, Iceland, Greenland, all the lands.

Rigby: South Korea! Great to see ya!

Both: Live la Vida in Costa Rica!

Mordecai: You got the best beaches!
Rigby: Indonesia! You got the best beaches!
Mordecai: Puerto Rico!
Rigby: Ditto on the beaches
Mordecai: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines!

Both: So many beachin' beaches!
Teach us how,
to milk a cow!
India, we're into ya
Chile and Peru!
Stay true as the illest Portug-illest!
Places in the world!

Rigby: Italy's language is mega mellow! Check out the ceiling dude
God: Aw, buon giorno!

Mordecai: Singapore's got!
Rigby: What?
Mordecai: Singapore's got!
Rigby: What?

Rigby: A fish?
Mordecai: No.
Rigby: A lion?
Mordecai: No.
Both: How 'bout both?

Rigby: Trinidad is not so bad, let's kick it with a turtle!
Mordecai: I saw a castle in Slovenia, wrote it in my journal

Both: I wanna, I gotta
I'm gonna get to Ghana

Rigby: Some crazy looking bird, can you give me the skinny?
Mordecai: From the Independent State of Papua New Guinea

Both: Mada-Madagascar! OOOOOOOOOOHHHH!



  • The song was first heard at San Diego Comic Con 2014.
  • In Asia and the UK, the line about Australia is changed: Instead of saying "And Australia's founders were doin' hard labor", Rigby says "Australia, you'll need a translator".