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"Pie Contest" is the fourth episode in Season Four (and the eighty-third episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on October 22, 2012.


When Mordecai and Rigby become the judges at the annual Pie Contest, they are afraid to tell their friends what they really think of their pies.


The episode starts with the gang outside of the house. Benson tells them that today is the yearly pie contest. Benson tells Skips that he's on podium duty, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost have to set up the booths, Pops is in charge of the decorations, and Mordecai and Rigby would just have to pick up trash, which they dislike. Then, they ask Benson if they can judge, which they really wanted to do, and even jumping on the top of Benson's golf cart as he leaves riding it just to convince him. With the duo being so desperate on having the job that they risked their life, Benson finally passes down the judge job, but he tells them that if they quit, they're fired.

At the pie contest, the first pie they tasted is Pops' and they love it, but Pops thinks that since his pie is good, he should get the blue ribbon right away. He already won 9 ribbons. But they tell him he can't have it yet since there are more pies to judge, which upsets him. Next, they try out Starla's pie, but Muscle Man tells them that if Starla doesn't win, he's going to put them in the hospital, which frightens them. Starla says, "OH MITCH!" Then they start kissing as Mordecai and Rigby leave.

Then, they see a burned, disgusting pie, which turns out to be Margaret's, and when they taste it, they try to hide their reactions. After, Mordecai and Rigby go inside the judges' tent and realize that if they give somebody a bad score, they're going to hate them, with Benson's appearance only making it worse. But then, they hear a voice from the trash can which turns out to be coming from a talking pie. The pie says he can help them, but they denied the offer. Then, Rigby decides to give everybody a 10 no matter how bad their pie is. So every pie they judged is given a 10, but Benson tells them that if there's a tie the judges would have to declare a winner; live and in front of the contestants. However, they can't decide, so they ask for the talking pie's help. The pie grows arms and legs, tells Mordecai and Rigby not to look if they hear anything, and leaves the tent.

Mordecai and Rigby hear screams, so they look outside, despite the talking pie's instructions. They see the pie eating all the contestants. As the pie picks up Pops, ready to eat him, Pops asks why his pie was so terribly bad that they couldn't judge it, Mordecai and Rigby say his was the best and doing so, Pops is thrown out of the giant pie's belly. Benson tells them that they have to tell the truth about everybody's pie to free them, so Rigby tells Starla that her pie was gritty and it tasted like a sack of butt cheeks, Skips should wear a hair net while cooking, Death should stick with killing instead of baking, the Dude with Pie Glasses' pie is more tasteless than his glasses, and Scabitha's pie was soggy and Rigby found a bandage in it. Finally Mordecai says that Margaret's pie was the worst pie he's ever seen, it was somehow burned and raw and it tasted like barf. Then, in the end, Mordecai and Rigby give the blue ribbon to Pops and threw the talking pie at a garbage truck. Benson then gets upset, but Mordecai and Rigby say that he's just upset that they didn't quit. So instead, Benson tells them to clean up the mess they made. After Benson leaves, Rigby wonders if there's some pie left.




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Episode Connections[]

  • Scabitha makes her second appearance since season three. (TV: Cruisin')


  • When we first see Promise Pie, he has six holes on his face. After he sprouts his arms and legs, they disappear for the rest of the episode.