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(The episode starts in The Coffee Shop. Mordecai and Rigby sing a breakfast rap.)

Rigby: (beat-boxing)

Mordecai: (raps) Eggs and sausage. Hot sauce and ketchup. Now that's what I call a healthy big breakfast! (beat-boxes)

Rigby: (raps) Worried 'bout your thighs? Put the mayonnaise on the side. I said mayonnaise on the side. Why you starin' at my thighs?!

Mordecai: On the side I keep my mayo. All my people say heyooooo!! (both laugh) Yeah, I hate mayo.

Margaret:  (on phone) No, it's cool, it's fine.. yeah, no, no I'll figure it out. Okay bye. Uugh... (sits on the chair)

Rigby: Dude, Margaret, this eggs are good! Got any extra mayo?

Mordecai: What's wrong?

Margaret: My friend Tania just bailed on me. She was supposed to give me a ride to the airport.

Mordecai: Wait, you're going on a trip?

Margaret: Yeah! Didn't I tell you? It's just this... I'm going to check out this University of States... well, I'll probably never even get in, but...

Mordecai: Wow, a university.

Rigby: I thought you're already in school?

Margaret: Yeah, the Community College! But I'm just getting my general studies out of the way, so I can transfer and focus on what I really wanna do. Hey sorry, I gotta figure this out. My interview with the university is first thing tomorrow so, I can't miss my flight tonight.

Mordecai: Hey Margaret, I can take you.

Margaret: Really?

Mordecai: Yeah sure, I'll give you a ride.

Margaret: (hugs Mordecai) Oh my gosh! Thank you! You're a life saver!

Mordecai: Baaaaahh... pfft...

Margaret: Wait, are you sure you want to give me a ride? And not because you bet someone you could or...

Mordecai: Pfft! What, come on! When have I... (Rigby wanted to say something) Be quiet! Look no bets, no nothing, I just wanna help you out.

Margaret: Cause' I just need a simple ride to the airport. We leave early, get there with plenty of time, no getting off-track, no craziness.

Mordecai: Trust me, I got it.

Margaret: Okay! Heh... sorry... thank you so much! This is really nice of you Mordecai.

Mordecai: No problem.

Margaret: Pick me up in front of the main building at six o'clock.

Mordecai: Six o'clock. I got it.

Margaret: I'm going to see if there's any old cinnamon rolls left for you.

Mordecai: Yeah-yuh!

(The scene changes to Pops's House with Benson talking to Mr. Maellard on the telephone in Benson's Office.)

Benson: (on phone) ......Yes Mr. Maellard, I'm sorry sir.

Mordecai: (knocks the door) Benson?

Benson: Absolutely, I'm working on it right now. Of course sir, I-. (sighs) What is it Mordecai?

Mordecai: Uhh.. are you redecorating here? Ahah.. I knew it! New poster right? Ha.. really cool. (low voice) can I borrow the cart?

Benson:  What? Shouldn't you be working? (writing and using calculator) I thought I told you to rake the leaves?

Mordecai: Oh.. yeah, yeah! I finished that.. ahah.. (low voice) can I borrow the cart?

Benson: What?!

Mordecai: (low voice) Can I borrow the cart?

Benson: Look, I'm busy! What do you want!? SPEAK UP!

Mordecai: (sighs) Can I borrow the cart?

Benson: No. But you can borrow my car.

Mordecai: Really?!

Benson: My car is in the shop getting some work done. Calm down, it's just being detailed. Anyway if you go pick it up, you can borrow it.

Mordecai: I can totally do that! Thanks, Benson! You're the best!

Benson: Meh.. saves me the trip (writes something on the note) Here's the address. (hands it to Mordecai)

Mordecai: Downtown?! How am I supposed to get all the way over there?!

Benson: (answers the phone and covers it with his hand) I hope you got good walking shoes...! (on phone) Yes, Mr. Maellard.

Mordecai: Ugh! (The scene changes to Downtown with heavy traffic and Mordecai asking a guy in a newsstand) (holding a note) Hey, excuse me, is there a quick way through mid-town?

Newsstand Guy: Uhh.. sure, the pass is way through 7th....

Mordecai: Cool, 7th. Thanks!

Newsstand Guy: But... I wouldn't go through that part of town...

(Mordecai walks through the creepy-looking 7th Street and his phone rings)

Mordecai: (on phone) Hello?

Margaret: (on phone) Mordecai, what's up?

Mordecai: (on phone) Margaret, hey, hi! How's it going?

Margaret: (on phone) Goooood! Just headin' in my class.

Mordecai: (on phone) Oh yeah. (looks at the guys sitting on the trash bin)

Lee: Hey, hey! Where are you going man? Hey is that a cellphone?!

Nate: No cellphones man, can't you read?

Mordecai: Don't have any change, man. (on phone) Sorry, just some dudes yelling something.

Margaret: (on phone) Hey, so you're still cool to pick me up later, yeah?

Mordecai: (on phone) Yeah! We're all set.

Margaret: (on phone) Awesome. (a croquet ball rolls towards Mordecai. He bends down to pick it up. As he bends back up, he sees that a gang has appeared and is staring at him. He gives the ball to their leader) You know, I really appreciate this. If you believe in coming to a ride to the airport, those are the most important people in your life.

Mordecai: (on phone) Yeah, exactly!

Margaret: (on phone) I mean, I don't know why didn't I just asked you in the first place?

Mordecai: (on phone) Yeah.. I.. know, hey can you hold a sec? (covers the phone mic) Heey, guys, what's up?

Wicket Leader: Didn't ya here my boys earlier?! No cellphones!

Mordecai: What? Why not?

Wicket Leader: Nobody talks back to "The Wickets"!

Mordecai: The "Wickeds"?

Wicket Leader: Wickets! (Holds up a croquet wicket) Wickets! Don't you play croquet?!

Mordecai: Okay! The Wickets! I'm sorry!

Barranca: Actually, "The Wickeds" kinda sounds tougher, really!

Thompson: Well, would it be "The Wicked Wickets" that sounds pretty cool.

Wicket Leader: Quiet! We'll discuss it in our next general meeting! (talks back to Mordecai) I guess you're not from around here but, this is our turf! And nobody uses cellphones on our turf!

The Wickets: Yeah!

Margaret: (on phone) Mordecai? Who's voice is that?

Mordecai: What? Uhh... just... nobody!

Wicket Leader: Ohh... he thinks we're nobody's!

Mordecai: Look guys, I'm just trying to get to the mechanics!

Margaret: (on phone) Mordecai, are you in trouble?

Mordecai: (on phone) Hahah.. what? Trouble? No.

Wicket Leader: You don't want trouble? Then don't break the rules!

Mordecai: What do you got against cellphones?!

Gaston: They're rude! (smashes a cellphone on the ground)

Mordecai: (on phone) I gotta go, I'll see you soon!

Margaret: (on phone) See you at six!

Mordecai: (on phone) Bye!

Wicket Leader: Smart kid... Let this be a warning to you, Mordecai! (shouts) No cellphones in our territory, got it?! Nobody crosses "The Wickets"! (echoing)

(Mordecai runs out of the alley then pants and saw the autoshop)

Mordecai: (panting) Finally... (walks closer on the Mechanic)

Raymond: Can I help you?

Mordecai: Yeah, I'm picking up the wagon. Is it all set?

Raymond: Yeah, the key's on it. (looks at Mordecai) You're not Benson!

Mordecai: No, I'm Mordecai. I work for Ben-

Raymond: Only owner can pick up car.

Mordecai: What? But Benson sent me!

Raymond: Rules are rules.

Mordecai: Dude, come on! I have to get this girl a ride to the airport and I'm already running late!

Raymond: I wish I have girl problems.

Mordecai: Uuuugh! (calls Benson) Benson, I'm at the mechanics, he won't let me take your car cuz' I'm not you!

Benson: (on phone) Fine, I'll just pick it up tomorrow.

Mordecai: (on phone) No! I need to borrow it now, remember?

Benson: (on phone) (sighs) Put me on speaker.

Mordecai: (puts the phone on speaker) Hey, Benson wants to talk to you.

Raymond: Hello?

Benson: (on phone) Listen Raymond, can you please just give Mordecai my car?

Raymond: Benson—rules is rules!

Benson: (on phone) Look, I'm too busy to go down there. Some of us have REAL jobs!

Raymond: Oh what, Raymond don't have real job?!

Benson: (on phone) If the cover all's fit!

Mordecai: Oh jeez.. (facepalms then hears something)

Wicket Leader: (hidden) Mordecai, put your phone away. (Mordecai looks around then sees him. He is bumping 3 croquet balls on his hand) Mordecai, put your phone away! (Mordecai gasps) (still bumping 3 balls on his hand) (deranged tone) Mordecai, put your phone away! (looks at the "The Wickets" Leader on the car) (a bit louder) Mordecai, put your phone away!! Mordecai, put your phone away!! Mordecai, put your phone away!! ("The Wickets" started appearing everywhere in the autoshop) (shouting) Mordecai, put your phone away!!!

Raymond: (Argument with Benson ends when he sees "The Wickets") The Wickets.. AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! (runs away to his office)

The Wickets Leader: We've warned you, Mordecai!

Mordecai: Look, leave me alone! Go back to playing mini-golf!

Wicket Leader: It's croquet! Raaaaaah! (attempts to hammer Mordecai but he dodged it)

Mordecai: Aaahh! Got to go Benson!

Benson: (on phone) Wait?

(Mordecai dodges more things then sled below the vehicle. "The Wickets" surrounded the car where Mordecai is under then Raymond left his office wearing a fire suit and  holding a flamethrower)

Raymond: Hey, Wickets! (uses the flamethrower at "The Wickets")

(Mordecai rans away from The Wickets and went to Benson's car)

Wicket Leader: Hey! (points at Benson's car)

Mordecai: (starting Benson's car and went to reverse then the muscled guy dived on the top of the car) Waaaaaaaahh! (The guy fell and drove to the main building to pick up Margaret then nearly goes outside the car) Hey Margaret! Let me help with your-...

Margaret: (Freaking out) No time! I messed up! My plane leaves at 6:30, not 9:30! We have like 15 minutes to get to the airport! Do you think you can drive fast?

Mordecai: (looks at the rear mirror and saw The Wickets driving towards him) Not a problem. (fastened his seatbelt and shifted to "drive" and drove away and saw The Wickets again on the rear mirror)

Gaston: (moving the hammer up and down) Mordecaaaai!

Margaret: Are those guys saying your name?

Mordecai: What? No, I don't think so!

(A girl in "The Wickets" sprays "WICKETS" on the side of Benson's car and threw the empty spray can on the side window)

Tambrya: Hahahahhahaaaaaaa!!

Margaret: (gasps) What the heck! (Mordecai and her looked behind. Benson's car is being bumped by The Wickets and Mordecai lost a bit of control but gets back on track) What's going on?!

Mordecai: Okay, don't freak out but, those guys kinda want to kill me for using a cellphone.

Margaret: What!?

Mordecai: I can explain!

Margaret: Now let me guess, you lost a bet, or did you hijack this car from some argyle wearing crime lord?

Mordecai: It's Benson's car!

Margaret: That's it! I'm calling the cops! (takes out her phone and dials "911")

Mordecai: NO! (tries to prevent Margaret from using the cellphone then The Wickets smash the side mirror and nab Margaret's phone)

Margaret: (screams)

Wicket Leader: I said no cellphones! (crushes Margaret's phone using his hand, "The Wickets" bumps Benson's car on the side and surrounded by whole gang, they hammered the vehicle everywhere)

Mordecai: Hang on! (turns the vehicle to a closed road then ramped on the side of the truck)

("The Wickets" on motorcycles attempted to dodge the rolling barrels but crashed on the side, leaving "The Wickets" on the car remain on trail)

Margaret: (looks on the broken side mirror then gasped.)

Wicket Leader: Come on, come on!

Margaret: Uuughh! This is hopeless! These guys won't quit!

Mordecai: I won't quit, either. (drives faster, and is about to drive through a dead end)

Margaret: (sees dead end of the road) Mordecaii!

Mordecai: Just trust me!

Margaret: Okay! I trust you!

(Mordecai turned the vehicle so they won't fly out the dead end and "The Wickets" ramped away and crashed on a cellphone billboard killing them and making platypuses extinct then Mordecai arrived on the airport and they both panted. They both hurriedly went to the airport)

Margaret: We're not gonna make it!

Mordecai: (Mordecai found a bag stroller) Jump on! (Mordecai pushed faster to reach the flight and Margaret hands the ticket to the lady)

Airport Lady: Boarding is now closed, thank you!

(Mordecai fell down the stroller after turning it on the side then Margaret quickly hands her flight ticket.)

Airport Lady: AHHH! (winces)

Margaret: Wait! Please! I need to go on this flight!

Airport Lady: (sighs and lifted the telephone) (agitated tone) Hold the gate please.

Margaret: Thank you! Thank you. (puts her bag away)

Mordecai: (puts Margaret's big bag away and a love song plays in the background) See? We made it!

Margaret: Yeah! Look, I'm sorry for all that stuff I said before. I was kind of freaking out. I never should've doubted you.

Mordecai: Psscht! Nah! Psscht! It's no big deal.

Margaret: I'm serious! You're always there for me. I guess.. I mean.. there's not a lot of people I can say that about.

Airport Lady: (interrupts and angrily) Ma'am!

Margaret: I should get going.

Mordecai: Yeah.

Margaret: Well, see ya!

Mordecai: Yeah.. uh.. I mean, see ya!

Margaret: Yeah, bye!

Mordecai: Uhh... wait! Guuhh... good luck!

Margaret: Thanks.

Mordecai: Uhh, nothing, sorry, see ya.

Margaret: (sighs, then walks back to and kissed Mordecai in the lip, and Mordecai is surprised by this. After the kiss, Margaret leaves for her plane) See you soon!

Mordecai: (looks traumatized at the kiss) Uhh.. bye.. (waves goodbye and leaves the airport. "We Are the Champions" starts to play while Mordecai jumps in joy, shakes a man, and then stops celebrating as he sees Benson's car being towed away.)

(End of "Picking Up Margaret")