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"Picking Up Margaret" is the twenty-second episode in Season 4 (and one-hundred-first episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on April 15, 2013.


Mordecai offers to give Margaret a ride to the airport, but runs into trouble with a technophobic street gang along the way.


The episode starts when Mordecai and Rigby do a breakfast rap. Then Margaret is seen speaking to someone on her phone.  She explains that her friend 'Tania' bailed out on her since she's visiting the University of States.  Mordecai offers to take Margaret to the Airport; yet suspicious of it being another bet (like in "Do or Diaper"), she happily accepts and tells him to pick her up at six.

Mordecai goes to Benson (who is speaking with Mr. Maellard), and asks if he can borrow the cart. While Mordecai is unable to use the cart, Benson does allow him to use his car which is being repaired for unknown reasons.  When Mordecai attempts to take a shortcut, he talks to Margaret on his phone, and receives a warning from The Wickets to turn it off, and after hearing Mordecai's name over the phone, they warn him to never turn it on again as long as he's on their turf.

After leaving the alleyway, he finally reaches Raymond's Auto. However, Raymond refuses to give Mordecai the car, as he states that the "rules" are that the owner must pick up the car himself. Mordecai must then use his cell phone to call Benson, who, after unsuccessfully suggesting to pick up the car the next day, tells Mordecai to put him on speaker so he can talk to Raymond. As Benson and Raymond start arguing, Mordecai begins to hear the eerie voices of The Wickets, and finds that they have followed him and have found him with his phone. They jump out at him and the mechanic, and (almost) successfully trap Mordecai under another car. However, Raymond then comes out with a flamethrower and holds The Wickets off, sparing Mordecai enough time to grab the car and make a run for it.

After Mordecai reaches Margaret, she tells him that she has made a mistake; the plane actually leaves at 6:30, so she has 15 minutes to get to the airport in order to make it to her flight. Yet the Wickets continue to pursue Mordecai. When Margaret sees this, Mordecai reveals - in a state of panic - that the car is really Benson's. Margaret attempts to call the police, believing Mordecai has committed grand theft auto, failing to do so when the Wickets take and destroy her phone, and then proceed to trash the car.

After a few minutes of pursuit, Mordecai finds an incomplete bridge. Urging Margaret to "trust him", he seems to drive for the cliff; however, he turns back and drives into the railing, driving off the side of the bridge. The Wickets are unable to turn, however, and drive off the bridge into a billboard, causing their car to be destroyed. Benson's car has also suffered severe damage.

Mordecai and Margaret finally make it to the airport in the nick of time, as boarding is just about to close. The two rush to the gate just in time, and luckily Margaret is able to hold the gate before the plane leaves without her. Before she leaves, Margaret thanks Mordecai for always being there for her, and being able to trust him since she can't trust that many people. Mordecai attempts to say something to her multiple times, but is too nervous to say it. Finally, Margaret - with a sigh - grabs Mordecai and kisses him passionately just before getting on the plane. Mordecai exits the airport rejoicing, but his victory is interrupted by the sight of Benson's car being towed.





  • Mordecai and Margaret share their first kiss in this episode (not counting the one they had in season 3 (TV: Bad Kiss), because when Mordecai goes back in time and recreates that scene, he finds his wallet and doesn't kiss Margaret).
  • This is Rigby's first minor role.
  • Margaret has been shown to own a car in the past, and it is not explained why Mordecai cannot use that car to drive her to the airport.
  • No matter where Mordecai goes, The Wickets are still on to him continuing to follow him around still giving him the no cellphones rule not wanting to mind their own business leaving him alone even after as to whether or not he is far off from their turf. It could be possible that they made the whole city their turf.
  • This is the first time Benson's car gets destroyed.
    • This episode begins the running gag of Benson's car getting destroyed.

Episode Connections[]

  • When Margaret ask Mordecai if he's driving her to the airport only for a bet as Mordecai denies, before he hush's Rigby, Rigby was probably going to recall the event from "Do or Diaper."
  • This is the second time Mordecai and Margaret kiss, the first being "Bad Kiss." Only this time it's for real.

Pop Culture References[]

  • While Mordecai is on the phone in Raymond's Auto, the leader of the Wickets appears in a car clinking 3 balls on his fingers and singing in increasing pitch, "Mordecai, put your phone away." In the 1979 movie The Warriors, the main antagonist is shown taunting the protagonist while also sitting in a car, clinking 3 bottles on his fingers, and repeatedly singing "Warriors, come out to play."
  • The members of the Wickets' character design was inspired by various characters of the movie "The Warriors."
    • The female member's design is instead inspired by the movie "Back to the Future: Part 2".
  • The song "We Are The Champions" (by Queen) plays as Mordecai dances after being kissed by Margaret in the airport.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 3.005 million views, making it the third episode in Season Four and the series to reach 3 million views.


  • At the beginning of the episode during the duo’s breakfast rap, Rigby has eggs despite his egg allergy though this could be after Eggscellent that his allergy was cured.