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Peeps is a giant eyeball featured in Regular Show. He was first seen in the episode "Peeps".


Peeps is a giant light-green eyeball who spies on all the groundskeepers at the Park. Peeps has multiple eyes that he usually keeps hidden. Peeps was hired by Benson to keep an eye on Mordecai and Rigby, but he ends up abusing his role and invasively spying on all the groundskeepers instead. Benson tells Peeps he is creeping everyone out and asks Peeps to leave. Peeps refuses to go because of the contract Benson signed to bring him to the park. Mordecai challenges Peeps to a staring contest and orders Peeps to leave if he loses. Peeps agrees, adding another stipulation that if Mordecai loses, Peeps gets to take everyone's eyes in a very painful way (by using an ice cream scooper and a needle), to which Mordecai reluctantly accepts. After an unspecified amount of staring, night falls and the two opponents have yet to blink. After almost blinking, Peeps brings out his extra eyeballs and uses their moisture to lubricate his main eyeball and to keep it from blinking. Rigby protests Peeps' actions, citing cheating, but Peeps refutes his claims. Rigby steps up and blinds all of Peeps' multiple eyes with a laser pointer. Peeps protests Rigby's actions, citing cheating, but Rigby refutes his claims. After all of his extra eyes are blinded, Peeps blinks and thereafter loses the staring contest. Rigby then shoots at Peeps' eye and sets it on fire, sending Peeps flying into a river. Afterwards, Peeps is hauled out of the river and taken to the hospital. The last thing Peeps says infers he was blind at that point. It is not confirmed whether or not he has permanently lost his sight, nor was he seen again after that.


Peeps is a giant floating eyeball with a red iris. His outer layer is a crusty green color. He also has dozens of small tentacles with eyes that can come out of him, which support him for extra eyes.


Peeps is obsessed with his job and constantly monitors the employees of the part non-stop. He has no apparent regard for their privacy, as shown when he watched Pops in the shower and interfered with Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost's TV time. However, he is shown to be willing to leave if he loses a staring contest, a contest he eagerly and smugly accepts. He is also shown to be sadistic, as evident by his willingness to remove the park employees' eyes if he wins and was apparently delighted at the prospect of doing so.


  • Levitation - Similar to Hi-Five Ghost, Peeps can hover above the ground and never gets tired of doing it.
  • Teleportation - Peeps can disappear and reappear at will, as shown when he was chasing the cart.
  • Technology Manipulation - It appears that Peeps is able to manipulate electronic devices to some extent. He appeared on the TV while Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost were watching it. And he seemed to be controlling Benson's computer when he signed the Peeps contract (which he seemed to make the computer produce) and appeared on all of the monitor screens.
  • Object Materialization - Peeps can make objects appear and disappear at will. This is shown when he makes his contract paper appear and disappear twice (once in Benson's office and again when he was confronted outside the house). He also produced spoons and needles seemingly from nowhere (though he may have stored them in his body).
  • Tentacles - Peeps can produce small tentacles with an eye on the end of each one and manipulate them. The eyes on the tentacles can be used to moisturize his main eye. Peeps can produce dozens of these tentacles (precisely how many he has is unknown).
  • Staring - Peeps can keep his eye open for hours at a time without blinking.


  • He blinked twice after some of his eyes get shot by Rigby's laser, but it is unknown why the contest continued after he did.
    • One possible reason is that the regulation of the contest is to declare the one who blinks all of their eyes as the loser. Peeps still had some of his lesser eyes opened when Rigby shot him, and fairly lost the contest when he blinked after only his main eye remained in the contest.
  • He bears a striking resemblance to Beholder from the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.
  • He also resembles Zero and Dark Matter from Kirby's Dreamland 2 and 3.


  • "All I see is darkness..."
  • " I'm taking your eyes. All of your eyes."
  • "That's cool. I made copies."
  • ''This isn't regulation, you know..."
  • "Mordecai, your eyeballs are mine."