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(Scene opens at Pops's House. There is a party, and everyone is dancing. Thomas is the DJ, and Benson is dancing with Audrey.)

Audrey: Wow, Benson! You can really dance.

Benson: Ha! I'm just getting warmed up!

(Benson unties Audrey's bandana and ties it around his own forehead. He then proceeds to dance with her.)

Mordecai: Whoa! He's getting loose!

Rigby: I didn't know he had it in him.

(Skips skips over to Mordecai and Rigby)

Skips: Yeah, Benson finally asked out Audrey on a date, and she said yes.

Mordecai: Oh, that explains it.

Rigby: We should get him to ask Audrey out more often.

(Benson is hopping around excitedly)

Muscle Man: Benson, you're going off! Bow to the party king!

Crowd: Benson! Benson! Benson! Benson! Benson! Benson!

(Two men in suits take pictures of Benson.)

(We skip to the next day. Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Muscle Man, and High Five Ghost are sitting on the steps, waiting for Benson to arrive. Remnants of the party from the night before are scattered all over the lawn.)

Skips: (Glances at his watch) It's a quarter-past nine. Benson's never late.

Mordecai: Cut him some slack, he was literally partying all night.

Muscle Man: Unlike someone I found face-down in the nachos. 

High Five Ghost: (Embarrassed) Dude!

(Muscle Man laughs until Pops comes through the front door)

Pops: Guys, come quick!

(The guys run inside and see a commercial on T.V. The advertisement is similar to the commercial in Party Pete.)

Voice: Is your party just not getting started?

(Benson pops up with a couple of ladies)

Party People: Party Benson!

(The words PARTY BENSON appear, along with a robotic-sounding voice that announces his name)

Guy: Awesome party, man.

Party Benson: (Looking toward the camera) I know. Don't wait! (Number appears on screen) Call Party Starters and ask for Party Benson!

Logo Voice: Party Benson!

(The guys are shocked)

Pops: Oh, my!

Skips: Something real strange is going on. We better go check up on him.

(Cut to Benson's Apartment. The guys are heading to his room.)

Mordecai: (Starts knocking on Benson's door) Benson? (Door opens) Huh? Benson? Are you home?

(The place looks deserted)

Rigby: Benson?

Pops: Oh, no!

Skips: He's not here!

Mordecai: Wait, what's that?

Rigby: (Picks something up off the floor) It looks like one of those paper tongue-looking party favors or whatever they're called.

Mordecai: (Gasps) Dude! Don't you remember what Benson told us?


(Mordecai and Rigby are obnoxiously blowing into paper tongue party favors. They continue to do so, acting as if they are having a conversation. The camera zooms out as the duo laughs, which also reveals a pile of leaves they forgot about raking. Benson walks over with a clipboard, looking annoyed.)

Benson: Hey, what did I tell you about those paper tongue party favor things or whatever they're called? I hate having those things anywhere near me. If you ever see one in my house, you should probably assume I've been kidnapped or something!

(The flashback ends. Everybody is heard gasping in remembrance.) 

Skips: Yeah! (He points at the party favor) Let me see that thing.

(Mordecai hands him the paper tongue party favor. Skips unravels it, revealing the name of the company that made it. He notices that it belongs to the same company that sent Party Benson.)

Skips (continued): Huh. Looks like we should pay these guys a visit.

(We skip to later in the day.The park groundskeepers are standing outside the entrance of the main building of the Party Starters Co. Mordecai presses a button on an intercom, looking frustrated.)

Mordecai: Come on, just let us in!

(Elevator music is heard. Mordecai and Rigby throw up their arms and groan in response.)

Rigby: We've been at it for half an hour, they're never gonna let us in!

(Skips points at something offscreen)

Skips: What about those guys?

(The camera pans over to two business men, who appear to be amused about something. Mordecai turns around to talk to them.)

Mordecai: Hey, do you guys work here?

(The business men look at him angrily before bursting out laughing)

Vince: Uh... double duh!

Tommy: (He points at Vince) We got the Vince!

Vince: (He points back at Tommy) We got the Tommy!

(Vince throws his hands up in the air while Tommy excitedly fist pumps behind him)

Tommy & Vince: We're the best presidents of par-tay!

(They fist bump)

Vince: (To Tommy) Epic dude, epic. (Tommy nods in agreement)

Mordecai: We're looking for our friend Benson. Have you seen him?

Tommy: (Who crosses his arms) We don't know any Benson. But if you're looking for Party Benson, you'll have to call the hotline like everyone else.

Skips: Well, can we talk to Party Benson, then?

Vince: (Shrugs) Yeah, can't help you gramps. We don't know you.

Tommy: Now step aside. Our 24/7 partying requires sush fuel.

Pops: (Who is confused) Sush?

Vince: (Pinches the bridge of his nose) Sushi, the Chinese food! (Throws his head back in disgust) Augh!

Tommy: We're done with you harshmellows. Now go back to the park before we kick you out ourselves!

Skips: (Points at Tommy accusingly) Wait. How'd you know we're from the park?

(Tommy and Vince look on with surprised expressions on their faces. Vince quickly summons a pair of guards, who immediately take action and join the two business men.)

Vince: (Crosses his arms) Remove these dudes from the premises!

(The two guards angrily march up to the groundskeepers. One of the guards repeatedly snaps at Mordecai and points him in the direction of the park, forcing him to leave along with everybody else.) 

(A clock transition shows everybody arriving back at the park house, looking dejected)

Muscle Man: Augh, those guys were such jerks!

Mordecai: Yeah, something weird is going on.

Muscle Man: Yeah, Benson wouldn't abandon the park. Not even to keep the party going! (Quickly puts his hands up in defense) Which, I'll admit, is a respectable life choice.

Mordecai: (Who is deep in thought) There's gotta be a way to reach Benson!

Rigby: (Throws his hands up) Uh, hello! The lame-os in the suits told us what to do.

(We cut to Rigby using the house phone. He dials the number for Party Starters and turns to face the others as the dial tone chimes. Everyone watches in anticipation as Rigby begins to speak into the phone.)

Rigby: Hello, Party Starters? Yeah, it's an emergency. I'm a helpless loser with no friends and I can't get the party started. My name? (Smirks) Mordecai.

(Mordecai punches Rigby in the face, causing him to shriek in agony. The camera shows Mordecai with a pissed off expression. Rigby then continues to speak into the phone, although it sounds like he's in great pain.)

Rigby (continued): Huh? No, I'm fine. I uh... fell down the stairs. Anyway, I'll need your hardiest partyer. Yeah, Party Benson; that's the one! Fifty bucks? Sure, send him over!

(He hangs up the phone and crosses his arms victoriously)

Rigby (continued): Hmm, hmm. (Quickly loses his cocky attitude) Anybody got fifty bucks?

(The doorbell rings. Rigby quickly runs out of the kitchen and answers the door. As soon as he does, music is heard playing in the background. The first thing we see is Party Benson's excited face, equipped with yellow sunglasses. The camera then proceeds to zoom in on Party Benson's outfit, along with a pair of genuine leather boots. He "pelvic thrusts,"/ and the camera pans up to show him standing in between two ladies from the Party Starters company. The music stops as soon as Party Benson asks a question.) "" = In the UK, the scene is changed to him being frozen due to it being a sexual thrust.))

Party Benson: (Holds his hand out) You got the fifty dollars?

(Rigby scurries back into the living room, along with Party Benson and the Party Starters girls)

Mordecai: Benson! There you are!

Pops: (Clasps his hands together) Oh, thank goodness!

Party Benson: Alright, let's get this party started!

(He proceeds to put a tape into a boombox and clicks the play button. He begins dancing with the Party Starters girls. The park groundskeepers look at each other in concern. Party Benson unties the one girl's bandana from around her neck and ties it around his head, similar to what he did before with Audrey. He dances with her, and the other girl joins in as well. Having had enough, Skips skips over angrily.)

Skips: Alright, enough! Benson, this isn't you.

Party Benson: Of course it's me! Party Benson, just like you ordered.

Muscle Man: Don't you know us, bro?

Party Benson: (Puts his arms up) All I know is... it's party time!

(He starts dancing again, and the ladies follow his lead. Skips grabs his shoulders and shakes him.)

Skips: Snap out of it!

Party Girl 1: Hey! Hands off, man!

(The other Party Starters girl pulls Skips away from Benson)

Mordecai: (Puts a hand to his forehead) Augh. This is hopeless! Just let him go; the party's over.

Party Benson: Did you say the party's over? Then my job here is done.

(The camera zooms out as Party Benson explodes into rainbow colored confetti. Everybody coughs as the smoke begins to clear.)

Mordecai: Benson? (Coughs) Benson!

(The camera zooms into a pile of leftover confetti and Party Benson's discarded boots)

Pops: (Horrified) Oh, no! Benson blew up! (He begins to wail like a frightened child)

Skips: Pops, there's gotta be an explanation!

(While Skips is saying this, Rigby bends down to pick up some of the confetti)

Rigby: What is this? Confetti?

(The camera zooms into the confetti in Rigby's hand)

Mordecai: Wait, where are the Party Girls?

(The camera shows the Party Girls making a getaway outside. Rigby runs over to the window and points.)

Rigby: There they are!

(The Party Girls nonchalantly get into their Party Starters van and drive away)

Mordecai: We gotta follow 'em.

(The Party Starters van is then shown heading to an unknown location. The park workers follow close behind in the golf cart. The camera zooms in to the groundskeepers, who all have determined looks on their faces. The van pulls into the parking lot of the Party Starters Company's main building. The Party Girls get out of the van and head inside, just as the park workers pull up in the golf cart. Mordecai looks around cautiously and motions for the others to follow him inside. Pops closes the door as quietly as he can behind them. They begin to walk around and take in their surroundings.)

Rigby: So many party options!

Skips: There's some kind of elevator up ahead.

(The park groundskeepers reach the elevator. Rigby takes a device off the wall and presses a green button. The camera zooms into Mordecai and Rigby's feet as the ground rumbles beneath them. The camera zooms back out as everyone murmurs in surprise. The elevator takes them underground, with the exception of High Five Ghost floating along behind them. The elevator stops at what appears to be some sort of secret underground lair. All sorts of machinery is scattered throughout the room.)

Rigby: Whoa, what is this place?

(They begin to walk around and stop to examine a group of cylindrical glass cases. Muscle Man wipes some dust off of one of the glass containers, revealing a girl who looks dressed up for a disco dance.)

Muscle Man: (Confused) Party Zoe?

(Rigby does the same thing with another glass case, and an eighties-looking robot is revealed)

Rigby: (Confused) Party Robert?

(Mordecai wipes the dust off of a third cylindrical case and looks on in complete shock)

Mordecai: Benson! 

(He pushes a button beside of the container, and Benson is finally released. He opens his eyes and groans, slowly stepping out of the case. Mordecai and Rigby bend down to help him up.)

Mordecai (continued): Benson, are you okay? What happened?

(Benson continues to groan and steps away as everyone else rushes over)

Benson: I'm okay, I'm okay. It all happened after the party.

(A flashback begins)

Benson (continued): I remember saying goodnight to Audrey, and then I walked to my car.

(Benson waves as Audrey drives away in her car. He then proceeds to walk over to his own vehicle. He opens his door as two business men approach him.)

Benson (continued): That's when two guys wearing suits stopped me. They said they liked my partying and asked me if I wanted to go pro.

(The two business men are shown talking and gesturing for Benson to join them)

Benson (continued): I said "no." 

(Benson is shown actually mouthing the word 'no' to them)

Benson (continued): Then they said they'd at least like to induct me into the partying hall of fame.

(The two men in suits are shown asking the question together. Benson looks at them with a smile on his face.)

Benson (continued): I said "sure."

(Flashback Benson does just that. A van is then seen pulling into the parking lot of the Party Starters building. Benson and the men in suits get out of the van.)

Benson (continued): They showed me their cloning equipment and explained that they cloned the best partyers in the world to keep the party going.

(Benson is seen walking around with the business men, admiring the equipment)

Benson (continued): By the time I realized there was no partying hall of fame, it was too late.

(Benson is shoved into one of the glass containers. His hands are cuffed to the wall, and Tommy walks over with a triumphant grin on his face.)

Tommy: (Laughs) I can't believe you actually thought there was a partying hall of fame. Clooooooone!

(Tommy pushes a button beside the container, and a clone of Benson is immediately formed. It proceeds to do the worm and mockingly dances in front of the real Benson, to his dismay. The real Benson screams in terror.)

Benson (continued): Noooo!

(The flashback ends in a wisp of smoke)

Benson (continued): I'm just glad you guys were able to save me.

Rigby: Looks like we solved the case of the missing Benson. Let's roll.

(He begins to walk away, but Benson stops him)

Benson: Wait. We gotta save the rest of these guys!

Pops: Oooooh, come quick!

(He motions for everybody to join him at another glass case, and they immediately run over. They all gasp at what they see.)

Mordecai: Party Pete!

(Rigby pushes a button, trying to release Party Pete. However, he only ends up creating another clone, much to Mordecai's dismay.)

Party Pete Clone: Party Pete in the house!

Mordecai: Rigby!

Rigby: What? The buttons are really close together.

(He then pushes the correct button, releasing the real Party Pete. He drops to the ground, looking exhausted. Party Pete's clone strides away happily.)

Mordecai: Party Pete, are you okay?

Party Pete: Yeah, but it's not Party Pete. It's Peter Hermanverful. Thank you for saving me. Now I can go back to doing what I really love to do: playing Sudoku!

Skips: Open those other tubes, and let's get out of here!

(Muscle Man releases Party Zoe, while High Five Ghost goes to release Party Robert)

Party Zoe: (Emerging) Oh... honey don't like that.

Party Robert: (Puts a hand to his head) What happened? Is the party over?

(He looks over at Muscle Man)

Muscle Man: Not yet, Ro bro! We gotta jet!

(He points in the other direction before running away. Party Zoe, Party Robert, and High Five Ghost follow in hot pursuit. The camera then shows everybody riding back upstairs on the elevator. Rigby, Mordecai, and Benson gasp as a group of people come into view.)

Rigby: Oh, no! Guards!

Guard: Don't let them escape!

Party Pete: There's only one way out! We have to party through!

(Party Pete, Party Zoe, and Party Robert all get into a fighting stance. Party Pete then proceeds to dance up to a guard and punch him in the face. Everybody charges forward, punching as many guards as they can. Rigby leaps onto a guard's arm, but is immediately punched off. Mordecai is seen wrestling with another guard until a blow hits him in the face, causing him to be pushed back. He groans softly before realizing that he has landed against a large container of soda.) 

Mordecai: Rigby!

(Punching is heard in the background as Rigby gets up off of the floor and runs over to Mordecai. He helps Mordecai rip open the box, and soda cans spill out. Mordecai and Rigby pick up a few cans and call out to the partyers.)

Mordecai (continued): Hey, party people! Drink up!

(He and Rigby toss three cans of soda. Party Zoe, Party Robert, and Party Pete abruptly stop fighting and catch the cans of soda. They quickly drink it, and a green glow forms around them.)

Party Pete: Someone's about to get soda-popped!

Party Zoe: Let's dance!

(Party Zoe uses her newfound energy to zap three guards with discoball-like beams of light. Party Robert does the robot and blasts two guards back. Party Pete spins around and points at a guard, zapping him with a bolt of energy. The guard flies back onto a bouncy castle and is bounced right out of a window. Party Zoe uses some energy to send a guard flying through the air, and he comes to rest on the horn of a giant rhinoceros ice sculpture. Two guards corner Rigby, but he grabs a wiffle ball bat and knocks them to the ground. He then proceeds to use the bat to break open a pinata, stealing all the candy he can and running away with it. The park employees and Party Pete are seen trying to escape.) 

Mordecai: (Points) There's the exit!

Party Pete: Let's get out of here!

(Before they can leave, however, Party Pete's clone steps in front of them and closes the door)

Party Pete's Clone: Hey, where are you going? (He starts dancing) The party's just getting staaarted!

(Vince and Tommy walk over, equipped with bazookas. The Party Girls follow suit.)

Vince: Yeah, thanks, Party Pete. We'll take it from here.

Party Robert: Step aside.

(He holds out his hand, threatening to blast them with a beam of energy)

Vince: What? You think we won't shoot?

Party Zoe: (Points) No way, man. You fools need us.

Tommy: Oh, yeah? Well, disco is dead!

(He fires a shot at Party Zoe, causing her to be blown into bits. Rigby and Muscle Man manage to dodge out of the way just in time. Party Zoe's head is the only thing that remains.)

Party Zoe: Aw, man!

Vince: And the eighties are so over!

(He fires at Party Robert. Benson shields himself from the blast. Party Robert is flung backwards, yelling "Ow!" in the process. As soon as he makes impact with the ground, he explodes.)

Vince (continued): No one's even ordered those two in years.

(The camera shows Benson and Party Pete looking on with angry expressions)

Vince (continued): You're our best sellers, and cloning is the future of partying.

(He gestures to Party Pete's clone dancing in the background)

Vince (continued): And that's why we're keeping you right here. Now back in the lab!

Benson: No! (He picks up a gigantic hose) Guys, take cover!

(Everybody gets out of the way. Half of them duck behind a big wooden structure, while the rest of them hide behind a wall of boxes.)

Benson (continued): My life's more important than your party.

(Tommy and Vince laugh at this)

Vince: You're kidding.

Tommy: You're an aging park manager with an anger problem.

(Ignoring their insults, Benson points to the gigantic can of Radicola behind him)

Benson: Hey, Party Pete! Think you can drink this whole can of soda?

(Party Pete's clone shoves Tommy and Vince out of the way in response)

Party Pete's Clone: Oh yeah, man! Lay it on me right here!

(The clone eagerly gestures to his mouth)

Benson: You got it, man.

(He turns the hose on full blast. Tommy and Vince scream out a helpless "No!" as Party Pete's clone starts drinking the soda. The business men and the Party Girls get out of the way as Party Pete's clone begins to expand. Benson continues to shoot soda into the clone's mouth, causing him to grow bigger until he eventually explodes. The Party Starters' building is destroyed. Everybody lays on the ground moaning as the police show up.)

Policeman w/Moustache: We came when we saw the explosion.

Rigby: You guys got here fast!

Policeman w/Moustache: Of course we did. We're the police!

(The camera then shows two other policemen, who have Tommy and Vince in their custody)

Blonde Policeman: Sir, these are the guys from that underground party cloning ring.

Policeman w/Moustache: Looks like the party's over.

(The policemen begin to take Vince and Tommy away)

Vince: (Angrily) We'll get you for this, Benson brah! (He gets in the cop car)

Tommy: Yeah, we just wanted to pay off our student loans!

(He enters the cop car, and a policeman shuts the door)

Big Chinned Policeman: Save it for the judge.

(The cops drive away)

Benson: Thanks for getting me out of there, guys. I should've known not to cut loose on a weekday like that. I guess I'll go back to sorting time sheets and multivitamins.

(He begins to walk away somberly)

Skips: Well, that's not gonna work.

Benson: Huh?

(Benson stops in his tracks, and Skips skips over to him)

Skips: This calls for a celebration, (He puts his arm around Benson) and we've got the best party starter in town!

(We cut back to the park house. Benson and Audrey are seen dancing together. Party Pete is about to walk away.)

Mordecai: Peter! Uh, I mean... Hey, Hermanverful! (Mordecai lightly grabs his arm) Why don't you stay and party with us?

Party Pete: (Shrugs) I'm all partied out! I want to see what it's like to complete a puzzle, or paint a pewter wizard. Besides, I'm not like Benson. (Points) He's the real deal.

(Audrey is seen giving food to Benson)

Mordecai: Yes, he is.

(End of Party Re-Pete)