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"Party Re-Pete" is the thirty-sixth episode in Season Four (and one hundred-fifteenth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on August 5, 2013.


Mordecai and Rigby finally see the real Party Pete face-to-face and must save Benson from his evil party company after them and the others find out what happened to him.


The show starts off with Benson partying and he's apparently happy because he finally asked out Audrey and she accepted. Then two guys in suits start to take pictures of him. The next day Skips realizes that Benson's late to work, something he's never done before. Mordecai says to relax and let him have his moment because "he literally partied all night". Pops then calls everyone inside to watch a commercial similar to Party Pete's but instead has Party Benson. The gang decides to scope out Benson's apartment to question the commercial but realize he's not there. Rigby notices that there's a party horn on the ground and both him and Mordecai have a flashback: they're in the Park playing with party horns and Benson comes by and says that he hates party horns and to note that "if they ever see one in his house that they should assume he was kidnapped or something".

Realizing this, they panic and check the label on the horn which says "Party Starter". They run to the place and aren't allowed entrance. Two guys in suits approach and Mordecai asks them if they work there to which they reply, that they don't and describe their whole title. Mordecai and Rigby, ignoring their title, ask them if they have seen Benson. The guys say that they don't know who Benson is but "if they're looking for Party Benson, they should call the hotline like everyone else." Skips asks them if they know how to get to Party Benson and they reply with the same hotline answer. The gang and the suit guys continue talking until the conversation hits a really interesting and strange point: the suit guys start to defer questions and it comes to a point where one of them tells the gang to go back to the Park; however, since they are strangers they shouldn't know where they live. Once Skips asks them how they know that he Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle ManHi-Five Ghost, and Pops live at the Park, the suit guys suddenly call for security and Skips and the guys are escorted away from the building.

Soon they decide to call the hotline and get Benson to the Park but he doesn't remember any of them. Mordecai calls the party off and Benson explodes into confetti smoke, much to Pops' dismay. Skips suggests to Pops that there has to be an explanation. Mordecai sees the girls walking to their car and the guys follow with the Golf Cart to the Party Starter place. They discover a bunch of party items and walk into a room with a bunch of cylinders. Once Rigby gets close to them he wipes the glass and realizes there are people in them, Party Zoe and Party Robert. With help from his friends, he finds a button to push and unleashes all of them including Benson and the original Party Pete (whose real name is Peter Hermanverfal) while Benson gives a flashback of how he ended up getting dragged into a trap and got cloned. Rigby also manages to unleash Party Pete's clone and together they all leave. When they get to the elevator, the guards meet them and a fight breaks out. They defeat the guards and try to get to the door to escape but the Party Pete clone intercepts them and out come the girls that were with Party Benson AND Party Pete and two guys in suits - the same guys at the Park party and that met Mordecai, Skips, Rigby, Fives, and the rest earlier outside the store.

A fight commences and soon Party Zoe and Party Robert that were in the cylinders with Party Pete and Benson are exterminated due to their outdated party style. The fight continues and Benson finds a huge RadiCola soda can with full content and asks the Pete clone if he wants one. He nods and with that Benson uses a hose to spray all the soda into him, causing him to bloat, float, and explode. The police spot the explosion and come "really fast", as pointed out by Rigby. One of them finds the suit guys who are inferred to have been on a Most Wanted type list as he quickly noticed they were holding a company of underground party cloning. They are arrested with vows from the criminals that they will be back for Benson. Benson, sad from realizing he has to get back to his boring job, gets a celebration party thrown for him courtesy of Skips, Rigby, and Mordecai.

Back at Pops' House, Benson is seen once again partying with Audrey and Mordecai starts to talk to Party Pete (now goes by his real name) and tells him that he can go back to being a party king. Pete tells him that he would rather try to successfully complete a sudoku puzzle and notes that he can't possibly be party king as Benson has already assumed the role. They look at Benson, who is getting spoon-fed by Audrey and Mordecai ends the episode saying "Yes, he is."






  • The original title of the episode was "The Return of Party Pete".
  • The Party Pete seen in the debut was a clone, and the original (Peter Hermanverfal) was actually being held captive the whole time.
  • This is the first time we see the real Party Pete.

Episode Connections[]

  • This is a sequel to the Season 2 episode "Party Pete".

Pop Culture References[]

  • The red shirt with the yellow lightning bolt graphic worn by Party Robert belongs to Skeeter from the Nickelodeon/Disney series Doug.


  • "Sushi" is referred to as being Chinese food, when it's actually Japanese food.
    • It's possible the guys in suits didn't know this.

Alternate Versions[]


  • The shot of Benson crotch-thrusting was frozen.