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Peter Hermanverfal, better known as Party Pete, is a character who appeared as the main antagonist in the episode "Party Pete", which is revealed to be his clone as of his first actual appearance is in "Party Re-Pete" as a protagonist. His clone also appears in "Exit 9B" (Only in his inflated disco form.)


He is likely Austrian, judging by his accent. By the time he was kidnapped the Underground Party Cloning organization after the party remained unknown.

His clone runs a partying service that charges $50 an hour, which includes a promotional ice sculpture of him posing. Mordecai and Rigby hire him to revitalize their "tanking" party. However, they only have $8, so he offers them ten minutes of partying, and an ice sculpture of a urinal. When his time is up, Mordecai offers him a can of RadiCola, which he accepts enthusiastically. Party Pete ends up drinking way too many sodas, which causes him to become bloated, start floating, and eventually explode.

When the Park Workers find Benson in the Underground Party Cloning base, Party Pete, along with two other imprisoned Party Hosts, are freed by the park workers and escape from the cloning base together. However, they are ambushed by the underground party cloning guards, but managed to fight back until Vince and Tommy kill the remaining two party Hosts. Once Benson destroys Pete's clone and the cloning base, Pete, along with the Park Workers, Vince and Tommy survived, same time when the police found the base so quickly as they apprehended Vince and Tommy for cloning the Party Hosts. During a celebration of Benson's return, Party Pete (Who now goes by his real name) attempts to leave the scene, but Mordecai stops him from leaving and offers for him to go back to being a party king. However, Party Pete tells him that he would rather try to successfully complete a sudoku puzzle and notes that he can't possibly be party king, as Benson has already assumed the true role.

According to Calvin Wong, he was based on Europop singer, Günther, singer of "Ding Dong Song". It was played often during the episode's production.

Pete makes a cameo in "Caveman" while Gregg was watching television. It was a minor appearance, though.


He has brown, shaggy hair and golden glasses. His face has very striking features such as cheek bones, big full lips, a dimple on his chin, and a brown mustache. He wears many rings. He also wears a white suit with a purple-looking shirt underneath that has sequins on it. He also sports mahogany shoes.


  • In another Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time, the episode "Belly Of The Beast ," there is a bear (though not similar to Party Pete in any way except for their similar name and love of partying and drinking soda) who is named Party Pat, although he is named after creative director Patrick McHale of Adventure Time. JG Quintel said that the minds of Regular Show and Adventure Time are similar and he had never heard of Party Pat until this was brought up. And in another episode, there was also a paper creature named Paper Pete, but he isn't similar to Party Pete.
  • His name may be a reference to Party Pete in RuneScape, who runs the Party Room in Falador. Besides hair color, they bear little resemblance.
  • Party Pete's clone's death in the episode "Party Pete" was a reference to the death of Thunder, one of the Three Storms in Big Trouble in Little China.
  • He narrates the commercial for Regular Show: Party Pack.
  • He was one of the judges of Battle of the Bands in the episode "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys."


"Party Pete"


"Party Re-Pete"

"The Thanksgiving Special"

"Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys"