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Party Horse #42699
Party Horse
Biographical Information
Home: Party Horse Planet
Occupation: Party Horse
Species: Alien Horse
Gender: Male
Hair color: Light Brown
Show Information
Voiced by: Adam Pally
First appearance: "Party Horse"
Latest appearance: "A Regular Epic Final Battle Part 2"

Party Horse 42699 is a minor character in Regular Show. He is an alien horse from Party Horse Planet who appears in the episodes "Party Horse", "The Return of Party Horse", and "A Regular Epic Final Battle".


Party Horse is a large white alien stallion with a light brown mane who stands on his hind legs. He wears a magenta-colored tank top along with a pair of blue shorts that have wiggly stripe patterns on them. On his head he wears a yellow and aqua cap and a pair of green novelty glasses that say 3003.


Party Horse is an immature and irresponsible alien who loves to party and goof off at all times, a trait that is shared by all the youths of his species. He detests studying and doing school work and would much rather dance, play video games, and eat junk food, which makes him seem like a bit of an airhead. Because of his particular fear towards his US History class, he tends to buck anything related to US history. His hatred of studying and taking tests was so intense that he was willing to travel across the galaxy and let planets get blown up by Principal Party Horse, although he does seem to regret this. However, he appears to be a bit clever, being able to take advantage of his principal's honor to ensure he would not blow up Earth.

But his nicer side comes in at episode "Return Of Party Horse". In the episode his girlfriend wanted him to stop partying (or that's what he thought). So begging on Mordecai and Rigby to help him he fails do basic, simple things to get her back, showing how selfish he can be but at the end of the episodes he shows he really cares about her and removes the party out of him, but then she tells him it was ok to party, she just wanted it to be less intense so drinking the party essence that was taken out of him he spilled a bit out to kick it down a notch showing that he cared for once.



Party Horse first appears when he crashes to Earth in an egg-shaped spaceship. Mordecai and Rigby discover him unconscious and take him to the house where he wakes up and explains that he is from a planet where everyone parties, and everyone had to take a US History test to become real Party Horses.

After explaining his back story, Mordecai and Rigby volunteer to help. After being distracted by the internet and at the library, they take him to a field. However, he quickly gets bored and says a snack break will help him study better. Mordecai and Rigby agree, but they all end up slacking off.

After their "snack break", Principal Party Horse comes to Earth and threatens to blow up Earth if Party Horse doesn't take the test. However, Mordecai manages to make the Principal give Party Horse one hour to study.

After studying, the Principal gives Party Horse one hour to complete the test, and knowing that he'll fail, makes a video of him to show Party Horses on their home planet.

With ten minutes of the test remaining, Party Horse's pencil breaks. However, Rigby manages to hand Party Horse a sharpener, and he completes the test in time.

After completing the test, Party Horse tells the Principal not to destroy Earth if he fails, and the Principal accepts. However, he then reveals that he just made a drawing of Principal Party Horse titled "Jerk Horse" and quickly returns home, with the Principal following him.


  • His glasses are likely based on the 2002 New Year's Glasses.
  • He says that US History is a touchy subject for him.
  • He believes love is hard for him to handle sometimes.


Season Six

"Party Horse"

Season Seven

"The Return of Party Horse"

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