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"Party Horse" is the twenty-first episode in Season 6 (and one-hundred-and-seventy-fourth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on March 19, 2015.


The guys are determined to help Party Horse pass his U.S. history test.


The episode begins with Mordecai and Rigby buying hamburgers for lunch. Benson angrily shows up, telling them to stop slacking and fill up a pothole in the park. Rigby creates an excuse promising they will do it after they eat. Benson reluctantly agrees and leaves. Before they take their first bites, Rigby says "Nothing on earth will stop me from eating this burger" and coincidentally an anonymous object falls from the sky creating an even larger hole. The two investigate an egg-shaped spacecraft, before it opens up revealing a humanoid horse that is unconscious.

The camera switches to the horse's eyes opening up in the park house. The horse questions where he is, confused. Rigby explains that he is in the U.S. (the land of the free) on planet Earth. After hearing this, the the horse gets extremely nervous, smashing a picture of George Washington, while exclaiming he hates U.S history. Mordecai inquires and the horse is revealed to come from a planet where horses party all day, except in school. They learn U.S. History in school, and have to take a U.S. History test. The horse explains that he escaped by using the "I have to go the bathroom" excuse.

Mordecai and Rigby use various options to help the "party horse". They attempt to use the internet and the library, however, the party horse finds ways to fool around. They take him to a savannah-like area, where he cannot party. Party Horse gets bored and upset, asking to take a quick lunch break. Ironically, Mordecai and Rigby respond that its a terrible excuse. Party Horse apologizes and promises to study after a quick break.

Back at the house the three are playing video games. After Rigby states "Nothing on earth can stop us playing video games", another spacecraft falls from the sky. The principal horse than appears, after finding the Party Horse's location. He threatens to destroy the earth if the Party Horse does not take the test in an hour. 

After studying for an hour, the Party Horse is ready for the test. He is given an hour to take the test, and begins it. Benson bursts in, demanding answers about a horse taking a test, and Mordecai immediately shuts his mouth, explaining the situation. Benson reluctantly believes them when he sees the bomb on the principal's desk. Time passes by and Party Horse's pencil tip breaks. The principal is pleased, while Rigby desperately runs to a sharpener. He makes it past the principal, who is trying to block his way. The test ends, and Party Horse gives a heartfelt speech, apologizing to the principal, pleading for him not to blow up Earth, no matter what he got on the test. The principal agrees, and examines the test. It is revealed that Party Horse tricked the principal, leaving the Principal to be boiled with anger. Party Horse runs to his spacecraft and escapes (with the principal following) the earth is saved once more. Benson never forget to tell Mordecai and Rigby about not filling in the pot hole, warning them to cover it.


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  • There is a running gag throughout the episode whenever Rigby says "nothing on earth can stop us", a spacecraft falls to the ground right after his sentence.
  • After the death of Archie (LaserDisc Guardian) in "Format Wars II", the library has a new archivist.
  • It is revealed Mordecai and Rigby have mix tapes for various montages.

Episode Connections[]

Pop Culture References[]

  • Party horse quotes Doc Brown's line in "He found me. I don't know how but he found me." from the 1985 movie Back To The Future.
  • Party Horse's ship is likely a reference to the egg-shaped spacecraft from the 1978 TV series Mork and Mindy. Either that, or the Saiyan space pods from Dragon Ball Z.


  • Party Horse broke the photo of George Washington after he woke up and Rigby told that it was in the USA. But the photo is attached again on the side of stairs behind the chair Party Horse sat on with Mordecai and Rigby when he played a video game just before the principal came.

Alternate Versions[]


  • "Jerk Horse" was changed to "Dork Horse".