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"Park Managers' Lunch" is the twelfth episode in Season 6 (and the one-hundred and sixty-fifth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 15, 2015.


The gang gets worried about Benson when he goes to eat lunch with Gene.


Everyone is on the porch when Benson mentions that they have a free day, and that he is going to be having lunch with Gene. Everyone gets worried and tries to talk Benson out of the luncheon, but he refuses. Later, when going into his car, everyone pretends to have accidents as a distraction for Hi-Five Ghost to put a tracking device on him. After this, everyone goes to the back of the house while Benson drives away. They all get in Skips' truck to follow him. They hear everything he says and wonder if they should stop. They arrive at the place, and listen to them. After getting tired, they lose the signal, and discover that Gene inadvertently damaged the tracking device by patting Benson on the back. They go inside the restaurant, while reluctantly ordering something. They try to creep away after Benson notices something strange. They are then discovered by Benson, telling them to go away in whispers. The gang goes into the van, filled with guilt for disturbing Benson. They then see Benson being kidnapped by Gene and the other park managers. They follow them to a secret "Park Managers Lodge". They enter in disguise, and see Benson about to be killed. They take him and take off, with Rigby grabbing a pizza sub at the last second. They are chased by Gene and the other park managers back to the park.

At the park, everyone rejoices Benson's safe return, except for Benson himself. He explains that they were not going to kill him, but to cut off his chains and accept him into the club. Gene is very disappointed in Benson and decides he should not be allowed to join. Benson claims he does not want to join anyway since his employees were only trying to protect him. However, Gene says that this was a test, and offers Benson a place in the club. Benson then accepts, shocking everyone.


S6E12 Park Managers Lunch Credits
  • Steffen
  • Male Park Manager
  • Female Park Manager
  • Boscoe's Waitress


  • A running gag in this episode is Rigby being hungry, particularly wanting a pizza sub.
  • The day "Thursday" is mentioned twice in this episode, and it is the day that it aired: this means they broke the 4th wall at the same time.

Episode Connections[]

Cultural References[]

  • While the park employees spy on Benson there is a bottle of McHenny's Tabasco Sauce on the table, which is great on Chicken and Waffles. The name McHenny's is a parody of the real-life tabasco bottle, which reads McIlhenny Co. Pepper Sauce.


  • While everyone listens to Benson on the radio, he says he should've shaved before he left, although he doesn't have any hair.
  • By the time Benson drives off after being angry at everyone for leaving the leaves on the ground, the leaves mysteriously have disappeared.