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Park Avenue (a.k.a. Park Ave.) was a minor character and the main antagonist in "Under the Hood".


Park Avenue was first seen when he was trying to re-paint the wall that Mordecai and Rigby were trying to cover up. Park Avenue was chased all over the park by Mordecai and Rigby until the duo lured him into a trap. However, Park Avenue managed to escape into a portal, with Mordecai and Rigby giving chase. Park Avenue then decided to sick his Graffiti Monsters on Mordecai and Rigby.

The duo managed to escape from the monsters and headed into Park Avenue's invisible house. Park Avenue was eventually forced to confess to Benson, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost (who were framed for it) that he was the one that painted all over the park, and Benson threatened to call the police on him. Park Avenue attempted to escape through a portal, but he got stuck halfway through while Benson dialed up the cops. He was presumably arrested for his crimes.


Park Avenue is particularly sensitive toward art, praising his own work while dismissing other works as atrocious and lacking class. He exhibits a large amount of pride in himself throughout the episode. The episode also shows that he is a good graffiti artist and very rebellious.


He wears a black hoodie with white straps, gray pants, and a knapsack that goes around his chest. He wears his hood over his head for the most part, but under the hood, his head is a spray paint can top where the nozzle moves to mimic facial expressions. The can that holds his paint is mostly covered by his hoodie.

Episode Appearances


"Ay' yo, stop it!"

"Come on man, not the coffee table!"

"No, no, no, don't! What's the matter with you?!"

"Yeah, but it's different you know, that's what I do!"

"My stuff looks good!"

"You, you just, you're making a mess!"

"Augh, alright, alright! Just take it easy, I'll quit painting the park, just stop messing with my place!'"


"So what?!"

"Later ya bourgeois sucka!"

"Aww Man!"

"I've been pulling this scam all over the country."

"Ugh, no class."


  • His growling sounds similar to Benson's from "More Smarter" and "Cool Bikes".
  • All of the furniture in his house is white.
  • His name may be a reference to Indie music mogul Connor Oberst and his first band, Park Ave, an influential piece of "hipster" culture.
  • The Alleyway Spray Painter in "Access Denied" is seen spray-painting over a piece of graffiti by Park Avenue.
  • He made the Graffiti Monsters.
  • He got arrested when he got stuck in a hole he made and when Benson called the cops.
    • Because of this, Park Avenue is one of few villains in the series that is not killed by any means.
  • It's unknown if his hands are actually gloves or if there are a part of his body.
  • In one issue of Regular Show, the sleeves on his hoodies were rolled down, revealing human arms. This shows that his hands are a part of his body, rather than gloves.