S6E27 The Park

A view of the Park.

The Park is the main location of Regular Show. It consists of a playground, a field, a water fountain, a Snack Bar, Pops' House, and Skips's House. During Season Seven, a dome was played on top of the park by the dome scientists where they converted the park into a ship and the park, along with the main characters, are sent into space, along with other parks on Earth in the finale. In Season Eight, the park functions as a space ship.

In the series finale, the park goes back to its rightful place three years after its sudden departure from Earth. Twenty-five years later, Mr. Maellard joins his son in the afterlife and it is assumed that Benson is now also Mr. Maellard's successor as the owner of the Park now. It is also the place, all the characters celebrate 25 years of park reunion.





  • Mr. Maellard (deceased)
  • Curtis Montgomery (founder of the park, deceased)




  • Susan (fired/deceased)
  • Leon (quit/deceased)
  • Pops (acts as groundskeeper) (deceased)

Assistant Managers

  • Suit (temporary/deceased)




  • Benson (when Susan was manager)
  • Chad (quit)
  • Jeremy (quit)
  • Biggs (quit/deceased)
  • Johnathon Kimble (deceased)
  • Pops (manager) (deceased)
  • Hi Five Ghost (fired briefly twice/left)
  • Muscle Man (fired briefly three times/left)
  • Mordecai (fired briefly five times/left)
  • Rigby (fired briefly seven times/left)



Park Locations


Image Name Occupants Episode Debut
S6E02.001 Morning Park Meeting House "The Power"
Skip's House Garage "Caffeinated Concert Tickets"
Screen shot 2011-02-21 at 8.09.44 PM Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost's Trailer "Rage Against the TV"

Park Buildings

Image Name Episode Appearances
Snack Bar Snack Bar
Party Tent
S4E07 The Park Restroom Building Restroom Building
S5E14.045 New Year's Masquerade at the Parkside Lux Parkside Lux Ballroom
S5E19.048 A.V. and Climbing Equipment Rental A.V. and Climbing Equipment Rental
S7E31.193.5 Observatory Observatory


Image Name Episode Debut
The Lawn
S5E19.005 At the Crash Pit
S6E02.175 Muscle Man and Hi-Five Laughing
Crash Pit
S5E34.147 The Statue is Returned Statue of the founder Curtis Montogomery
S6E02.119 Muscle Man Takes a Short Cut Devil's Run
S6E02.130 Eagle's Rock Eagle's Rock



The Park's Chores

  • Picking up the Special Entertainment.
  • Lots and lots of cleaning, including Mr. Maellard's limo, windows, sweeping stairs, etc.
  • Painting the house's sides (appears briefly in "Benson Be Gone").
  • Lawn mowing, there are very strict guidelines even up to 1 inches in order to prevent lawsuits on games in grassfields.
  • Cleaning the fountain.
  • Cleaning the gutters.
  • Transporting rocks to available storage space.
  • Cement laying around square areas.
  • Raking the leaves, hedgeclipping, picking up litter.
  • Pouring water over many masses of dirt or leaves that make things filthier than it needs to be.
  • Setting up the chairs.
  • Snack Bar duty.
  • Driving away someone who thinks he's a knight who made a fortress out of mattresses and refuses to leave the park.
  • Clean up anything that was damage of property.
  • Cleaning up graffiti.
  • Picking up roadkill.
  • Cleaning up the Golf Cart.
  • Hosting concerts.
  • Getting rid of the possums in the attic.
  • Raking the sand in the park rock garden.
  • Fixing the cart (accomplished by Skips).

Park Events


  • The park employees are constantly raking up fallen leaves despite the trees appearing green in every episode.
  • The park is either demolished or severely damaged by Mordecai and Rigby, which is a running gag throughout the entire series.
  • As the full view of the park indicates, the park seems to be in the center of town.
  • The size of the park is constantly changing throughout episodes, ranging from being a small square area within the town to a large valley-like expanse of land complete with forests.
  • The Park's address is Park AV 300.
  • The entire lawn is in constant need of cutting, as most episodes that feature any of the park employees maintaining the park and has at least two of them mowing the lawn.
  • Despite the park having many locations, there are rarely visitors at the park. This is possibly because there are many unusual events happening at the park, so no one wants to get hurt or involved.
  • There was, at one time, a raffle held every year. It may still occur.
  • East Pines is the park's rival.
  • The Park has been lifted off the ground 3 times in the series, once in "Saving Time", and once in "The Real Thomas", and in "Rigby's Graduation Day Special"
  • There is a running gag that whenever the park is being destroyed or attacked, the fountain is usually broken.
  • A majority of the former park workers are deceased.
  • Although, it's the main setting of the series it has no name, but East Pines is a recurring setting and it has a name.
  • In the finale, Rigby stated that he and Mordecai had worked in the park for six years.



Areas of the Park

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