This page is the transcript for "Pam I Am".

(The episode began at the dome-sealed Park. Benson was walking with a clipboard in his hand.)

Benson: Need to get the carousel winterized. Also check into- -

(Then he bumped into a brown haired female scientist, Pam.)

Benson: Oh! Sorry about that.

Pam: No, I'm sorry. I just got so caught up in my work.

Benson: Me too. (picks up his and Pam's clipboard) Hey, wait a sec. I have the exact same (looks at Pam) clip... board...

Pam: (takes her clipboard back) You're Benson.

Benson: How'd you know?

Pam: I've been watching you. Er, not in a-a creepy stalker way. It's my job.

Benson: Right...

(It was an awkward pause for a split second before Pam spoke up again.)

Pam: So... how's that fax working out?

Benson: Oh. It's okay.

Pam: Well, I think it's really cool.

Benson: Yeah, I get a lot of important messages from Langer and the dome big wigs. And in an emergency, got the old speed dial here. If you hear this baby ringing- -

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