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This page is the transcript for "Over the Top".

(The episode begins at the hospital. Rigby is lying dead on a stretcher, and Mordecai, Pops, Skips and Benson are standing around him.)

Doctor: [shuts Rigby's eyes and pulls sheet over him] I'm sorry. There was nothing we could do.

(Mordecai, Pops and Benson bow their heads. Mordecai looks at Skips.)

Mordecai: (spitefully) You couldn't let it go. Well, I hope you got what you wanted.

(They all leave, while Skips looks after Rigby. Flashback begins at McHooligan's.)

Benson: Hey. Let me tell you guys something. This guy, this guy right here is so strong. He could take any one of you out in arm wrestling.

Skips: Nah nah. (laughs modestly)

Benson: Skips, Skips. I am your boss, and as your boss, I order you to arm wrestle me.

(Everyone chants 'Skips')

Skips: Alright, alright, if you insist. (slams Benson's arm)


Benson: What did I tell you, what did I tell you?

Pops: Oh, oh, me, me!

(Skips slams Pops' arm. Pops giggles)

Mordecai: Set 'em up Skips, you can't take none of this. Yeah, yeah yeah yeah!

(Skips slams Mordecai's arm)


(Everyone chants as Skips slams Hi Five Ghost. Skips slams Muscle Man. Everyone chants 'Skips')

Rigby: Now me.

(Everyone laughs)

Rigby: C'mon Skips, set 'em up.

Skips: Okay, I'll go easy on you. (clasps Rigby's hand)

Benson: This is gonna be hilarious. Okay, ready, go!

(Rigby slams Skips)

Rigby: Haters gonna hate!

(Everyone laughs)

Skips: Enough! We're going again, I wasn't ready.

Rigby: Maybe. Or maybe you're just getting weak in your old age, gramps.

(Skips and Rigby clasp hands)

Benson: Okay, ready, go!

(Everyone chants 'go'. Rigby slams Skips)

Rigby: Yeah, yeah yeah! Who's the strongest now? Two in a row!

(Everyone cheers and leaves. Skips stays behind)

Mordecai: That was awesome, man.

Rigby: It's all in the wrist. And also it's in the muscles.

(Cut to Skips sitting on the front steps. Pops sits next to him)

Pops: Hi, Skips. You sure did a bang up job at arm wrestling yesterday. You were beating everyone.

Skips: I didn't beat Rigby.

Pops: Yes, he's quite the arm wrestler, isn't he?

Skips: I'm not the strongest anymore.

Pops: Balderdash! You are the strongest person I know. You were just having a bad day. You should go up to Rigby and demand a rematch. Then you'll see who the strongest is. [giggles and walks away]

Skips: Thanks, Pops.

[Cut to Mordecai and Rigby inside playing Guitar Dudes Reunion Tour.]

Mordecai: Here comes the power move! [presses a button on guitar]

[Character on screen starts shredding his guitar]

Mordecai: [laughs] Dude, this is just like playing real guitar!

Rigby: Check this out! [plays guitar behind his head]

[Buzzing sound plays]

Rigby: No!

[Character on screen starts being pelted with bottles]

Mordecai: Dude, dodge the bottles! Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right!

[Skips blocks the television.]

Mordecai: Aww, what?

Rigby: Come on!

Skips: Rigby! Me, you, rematch.

Rigby: No.

Skips: I said I want a rematch!

Rigby: I'm busy.

[Skips rages and breaks the console in half then exits.]

Mordecai: Dude, not cool.

Rigby: Eh. He'll get over it.

[Cut to Skips working out in his room. Benson knocks.]

Skips: Come in.

[Enter Mordecai, Rigby and Benson]

Benson: Skips? Skips did you break their video game?

Rigby: Yes, yes he did! I already told you!

Benson: I want to hear it from him.

Rigby: Grrrr!

Skips: Yeah.

Benson: What? Wow, uh, I'm sorry Skips, but, you're gonna have to pay for it.

Rigby: Hmm, hmm.

Skips: Oh I'll pay for it. After Rigby gives me a rematch.

Benson: What? That's what this is about?

Skips: You wouldn't understand.

Benson: [scoffs] Yeah, I guess I wouldn't understand.

Rigby: I understand. You just want to lose again. Let's go.

[Skips sets down a chest and puts his arm on it.]

Skips: Set 'em up.

[Rigby clasps his hand with Skips'.]

Benson: Ready? Go.

[Rigby slams Skips' arm. Skips makes a noise of surprise.]

Benson: Make sure you pay him by the end of the week.

Skips: Yeah, I will.

Rigby: What was that? I couldn't understand you. I don't speak second place. Make sure you pay me by the end of the week.

[Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson leave. Skips smashes the chest. Cut to night time, everyone about to leave for 'McHooligan's']

Muscle Man: Aww, yeah! McHooligan's, round two! [slides down banister]

Hi Five Ghost: [goes with Muscle Man] Shotgun!

Benson: [walks down stairs] I hope you guys got your drink tickets 'cause the drinks are on me! Up to a dollar fifty value!

Pops: [walks down stairs] Splendid, I can't wait to get an aguarita!

Rigby: [walks down stairs] I'm gonna get me an ice on the rocks, woo!

Mordecai: Aww, man, my drink ticket!

Benson: Hey, Mordecai, let's hustle!

Mordecai: I'll be back in a sec, guys.

[Cut to Mordecai and Rigby's room, Skips is going through Rigby's drawer.]

Mordecai: Aww, what, Skips? What are you doing?

Skips: Uh, nothing. Uh, going through Rigby's stuff. Rigby, the strongest. There's gotta be a trick.

Mordecai: Dude, Skips, I can't stand to see you like this. Listen. Don't tell him I told you this, but Rigby's been pranking you.

Skips: What!?

Mordecai: [picks up drink ticket] Two words: "Playco Arm boy". [exits] Look it up.

[Cut to Skips using the computer. He watches the Playco Arm boy commercial. A father and his son are arm wrestling]

Father: So, you think you can take on your old man? [slams son and laughs] Easy!

[Son frowns, Playco Arm boy appears and son smiles]

Announcer: How to use Playco Arm boy! First, put on Playco Arm boy, Second, conceal Playco Arm boy, Third, sign our legal Playco Arm boy waver!

[Father and son are arm wrestling again]

Father: Ready for round two, eh?


Father: [yelps] Aww! That really hurt, son...

Other Announcer: A subsidiary of Yoshimoto Cybernetics!

[Commercial ends, Skips becomes furious. Montage of Skips training himself and leaving his room. Cut to McHooligan's]

Benson: Hey, Mordecai, what ever happened to Skips?

Mordecai: Uh. He had stuff. To do.

Rigby: Hmm, hmm! Probably resting his old man bones.

[Door slams, Skips appears]

Rigby: OHHHHH! Look who's back for thirds!

[Skips sits down next to Mordecai]

Benson: Don't do it, Skips.

[Skips props his arm up]

Rigby: [props arm up] Say goodnight, gramps.

(Things then run in slow-motion Skips pulls out Rigby's Playco Armboy and arm wrestles again. He then grabs Rigby's arm, lifts him and smashes him down the table. The flashback then ends.)

Skips: I'm sorry, Rigby. I'll make it up to you.

Death: [laughs] Well, well, well. If it ain't old Skips.

[Portal appears and Death rides through on his motorcycle and gets off]

Skips: Death.

Death: [laughs] You haven't changed a bit. So, what's the occasion here, Skips? Is that your buddy there? Finally killed someone, eh?

Skips: I want him back. Let's arm wrestle for him. If I win, I keep him. If you win, you can take me instead.

Death: Aww, big old Skips finally coming in for some old fashion arm wrestling, eh? 'bout time. You've been dodging me for years. Now I get to beat you and take your immortal soul?

[Skips nods]

Death: Deal.

[Death and Skips shake hands. A table appears]

Death: I've been waiting for this day. [takes off jacket to reveal an arm as muscular as Skips' and kisses it] Set 'em up.

Skips: Hmm.

[Death and Skips clasp hands. A referee appears]

Referee: Ready? Go!

[Death and Skips arm wrestle. Sparks appear from their combined fist and the table rises in the air. A whirlpool appears in the ground]

Death: [laughs] Your soul is mine! [laughs and almost slams Skips' arm] Any last words, Skips?

Skips: Two words! Playco Armboy!

Death: Huh?

[Bright white beam emerges. Skips slams Death's arm. The room clears]

Death: No! How is this possible?

Skips: Death, I won. Bring Rigby back, and take a hike!

Death: Skips! Mark my words. [get in motorbike] Someday, I will have your immortal soul. [makes a portal in the wall and spits Rigby's soul into Rigby's mouth]

[Rigby coughs and wakes up. Death rides his motorcycle into the portal]

Skips: Listen, Rigby, sorry for, you know, killing you back there. It was unprofessional.

Rigby: Huh? [turns and sees stitches in back] You know what? Water under the bridge. So you ended up cheating death, huh?

Skips: I learned from the best. [lifts up Playco Armboy]

Rigby: Ohhhh!

[Skips and Rigby laugh]

Skips: Seriously though, you shouldn't cheat. I only did it to save your life.

[Cut to Rigby and Skips walking in the hospital hallway]

Rigby: So, everybody thinks I'm dead?

Skips: Yep.

Rigby: Dude! We gotta prank 'em!

Skips: Uh, you know Rigby, I think I've had enough pranks for today.

(End "Over the Top")