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"Over the Top"
Season 2, Episode 21
Production code: 221
Premiere date: May 23, 2011 (USA)

October 19, 2011 (UK)

Directed by: Mike Roth
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Over the Top" is the twenty-first episode in Season 2 (and thirty-third episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on May 23, 2011. It received 1.957 million views worldwide.


In a flashback, Skips accidentally kills Rigby during an arm-wrestling match. In the present, Skips arm-wrestles with Death to bring Rigby back to life.


Mordecai, Benson, Pops, Skips and a doctor were in the hospital looking at the corpse of Rigby on a stretcher. Then, the doctor closes Rigby's eyes and covers him with a blanket. Mordecai, Pops, and Benson frown sadly, and Mordecai says to Skips "You couldn't let it go. Well, I hope you got what you wanted", and all except Skips leave.

Then, Skips has a flashback, in which Benson is complimenting how Skips is the strongest at McHooligan's as almost all of them arm wrestle him and lose and that is when he Rigby asks for a challenge. Rigby beats him using a prank called the PlayCo Armboy (which is revealed by Mordecai later in the episode), which only Mordecai knows about so far, leaving Skips furious; he demands a rematch and loses again.

The next day Pops comforts Skips telling him he just had a bad day, then Skips thanks him and goes off to face Rigby. After Rigby refuses to wrestle, he breaks the duo's game system. Later in his house, Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson walk in and Benson tells Skips he has to pay for their game system which Skips says he will after he faces Rigby, which he does but still loses; later, they are all going back to McHooligan's expect Skips. When Hi Five Ghost "calls shotgun." Mordecai then realizes he forgot his drink ticket and walks into his room when he finds Skips looking through Rigby's stuff which makes the former tell Skips that Rigby was just pranking him with a device called the "PlayCo Armboy." Skips looks it up on the internet and finds out Rigby's secret.

When they are all at McHooligan's, Skips enters, challenges Rigby, and reveals the PlayCo Armboy; then, Skips arm wrestles Rigby without the PlayCo Armboy and smashes him against the table (which the force of him going through the table kills him).

Now, Skips is looking at Rigby's dead body back at the hospital when Death enters and they arm wrestle with a ghost being the referee; if Skips wins, Death has to give him Rigby's soul back so Rigby can come back to life, but if Death wins, he gets Skips' soul in exchange. The table starts floating up in the air and spinning wildly. Just as it seems like Skips is about to lose, he ends up winning, thereby getting Rigby's soul back. After Death leaves on his motorcycle, Rigby comes back to life after his soul reenters his body.

Skips apologizes to Rigby for what happened, which Rigby accepts and forgives him for. Skips reveals that he had used the PlayCo Armboy to beat death and get Rigby's soul back, which Rigby appreciates and seems impressed by—but Skips briefly lectures Rigby about not cheating at stuff, admitting that while he did it, he only did it to save Rigby. Rigby ultimately acknowledges that Skips has a point in what he's saying.

As they're leaving the hospital and Rigby realizes that the others still think he's dead, he suggests playing a prank on the others. However, after everything that's happened over the course of the episode, Skips refuses, claiming that he's had enough with pranks for a while.


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  • In the UK and Italian version the first scene was cut out. So the episode starts with the flash back when the group having a night out.
  • Another part was cut of High Five Ghost calling out "Shotgun" when they home out the second time.

Pop Culture References

  • The title of the episode is a reference to the 1987 movie classic "Over the Top" starring Sylvester Stallone as truck driving single father who enters an arm wrestling contest to win a new truck.
  • When Mordecai and Rigby are playing their video game, Mordecai instructs Rigby to use the combination 'Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right', this is the first half of the famous Konami Code.

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